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harddrive beep?!

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it is one beep

my concern is that when i bought my computer it had NO beep and then when i added/removed the harddrive it began to give me a beep i was just wondering if there was a way to remove it...jcalre already tryed his way and it didnt work..so i guess u cant remove it?

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not always jumpers are usually master-slave- cable select

the jumpers goes up and down

I fixed one where someone had the jumpers set side to side actually crossing 2 jumpers. Well the bios or cmos would see the HD or other IDE device but it would beeeeeeep registering an error till the jumpers were set correctly up and down in correct position

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I've got one Seagate Barracuda 40GB which seems to beep few times until initialized.... the drive works fine, only the sound is weird.

At least it sounds like beep. It is the only one drive that makes such sound. I can't explain why it does this.

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@hakeem i do think that ur drive is on its way out.well did u try testing the drive in sum other PC mite be some cable problem also

no its not, its just a normal system beep! the hdd isnt even making the noise and he was jsut guessing that from the outside of the case

@fireware-i have an 8gig hdd in a 7 year old dell that makes grinding noises too but it works fine, its just a crappy hdd

so is mine

thats why im getting a nice shiny 80gb (WOOHOO!!!) when i build my celeron 2.4

~ Fireware

I'm happy right now

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