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slipstream Office 2003 SP1 & rebuild CD


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Need help

I have used SP2 on all MS Office apps and when I run newsort2cabs.js I get the following error

sorting files...

md5sum: ..\FILES\PFILES\MSOFFICE\VISIO11\1033\SETUP.CHM: No such file or directory

Error: [object Error]

I have run the whole script without Visio2003 and it all works perfectly.

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OK... it's been a long time since I messed with doing this. I see now that the download for sort2cab.zip is broken. :(

I got newsort2cab.zip... but it isn't working for me.

I forget what the tabledirs.lst and xmlfiles.lst files should look like.

currently I have them both looking like this:


Is that correct?

I keep getting an error settings.ddf not found. :(

also... I am trying to add the 3 latest updates. I have allready used this method on my source. Is it possible I am having these issues because it is previously slipstreamed using this very method?

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I am having trouble getting this hotfix slipstreamed.

Update for Outlook 2003 (KB913807) (English version)

I have slipstreamed SP2 and these hotfixes in the following order

Security Update for Excel 2003 (KB905756)

Security Update for PowerPoint 2003 (KB916518)

Security Update for Word 2003 (KB917334)

Update for Office 2003 (KB907417)

Update for Outlook 2003 (KB913807) (English version)

Update for Outlook 2003 Junk Email Filter (KB917149)

When I have completed the installation of Office 2003 and run the MS Office update it says that the Update for Outlook 2003 (KB913807) (English version) needs to be installed.

Can some one point me in the right direction on this please.

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Great procedure marek722! After doing one CD I decided to help automate some tasks.

With a lot of googling and trial and error, I made some AutoIt scripts for the Orca parts.

I picked up Orca at Shark's file repository, Thanks Shark007!

For the last part of marek722's Step 3, use the attached Export_msi_tables.au3 script to create the subdirectories for every msi and it runs Orca to extract the 5 tables to the appropriate directories.

I run the following cmd file called start_script.cmd after Step 3:

@echo off
ECHO Copying the xml files from ..\FILES\SETUP\
COPY /Y ..\FILES\SETUP\*.xml .
ECHO Creating xmlfiles.lst and tabledirs.lst files
DIR /B *.xml > xmlfiles.lst
DIR /B /AD > tabledirs.lst
cscript sort2cabs.js
ECHO Copying the updated xml files to ..\FILES\SETUP\
XCOPY /Y /R /U /I *.xml ..\FILES\SETUP\
ECHO Now restore the backed up ini files in ..\FILES\SETUP\
ECHO and delete all files that were NOT originally on the office cd.

That covers steps 4 and 5 (don't need tabledirs.lst and xmlfiles.lst anymore because they're created automatically).

Use the AutoIt script called Update_msi_tables.au3 (attached) to run Orca and import the new tables into the msi packages (that covers step 6).

Now I need help with the js code to call this AutoIt script from marek722's sort2cabs.js where it pauses with: update MSI files with the new tables and press <enter> to continue ...

I also plan to use benase's fix for Max compression (Post #15) and tCP's batch to delete unwanted files (Post #20). With benase's fix for Max compression, we don't need the settings.ddf file anymore.

Note: The start_script.cmd file and AutoIt scripts go in the same "sort" directory as sort2cabs.js

Thanks for sharing everyone!



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When I have completed the installation of Office 2003 and run the MS Office update it says that the Update for Outlook 2003 (KB913807) (English version) needs to be installed.

Did you apply both msp's (OUTLOOKff.msp and OLKINTLff.msp) to OUTLS11.MSI ?

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Oh joy, I got the sort2cabs.js script to call the AutoIt script by copying some of marek722's existing code for oExec (don't understand it all, but) and adding an If statement.

(now I'm hooked on all this coding stuff but my wife's angry)

With AutoIt installed, all you have to do is right click on the "Update_msi_tables.au3" file and choose "Compile script". Now we can call the "Update_msi_tables.exe" file from marek722's script sort2cabs.js with the following modification:

In the "// main" section I added a variable declaration:

var oExec

and where he had the following two lines:

WScript.StdOut.Write("\nNow update your MSI files with the new tables and press <enter> to continue ...");


I wrapped the following code around it:

// update MSI files manually, or use compiled AutoIt script if available

arRun = "Update_msi_tables.exe"

if (fso.FileExists(arRun)) {

WScript.Echo("\nRunning " + arRun + " to update msi files");

oExec = wsh.Exec(arRun);

while (oExec.Status != 1) {

WScript.Sleep(100); // too large? ...

// following is simply sick! ... ReadAll produces buffer overflow ... Read waits for LF, too! ...

while (!oExec.StdOut.AtEndOfStream) WScript.StdOut.Write(oExec.StdOut.Read(40)); // >1 for faster looping

while (!oExec.StdErr.AtEndOfStream) WScript.StdErr.Write(oExec.StdErr.Read(1));


} else {

WScript.StdOut.Write("\nNow update your MSI files with the new tables and press <enter> to continue ...");



This doesn't break the existing functionality if you don't have the AutoIt script.

Attached is a version with these modifications plus the mod from post #15.

I'll be trying some more automation later this week (when the wife is asleep).

EDIT: 24 Sep 2006 - Modified sort2cabs.js again so that it uses cabarc (better compression) as first choice if it exists in %windir%\System32, otherwise use makecab and settings.ddf like marek722's original sort2cabs.js Added Veger's fix for md5sum also, Thanks.


Edited by beeker
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Can someone tell me how to do this for SP2?

I just got this SP2 version "Microsoft.Office.2003.Pro.SP2.English.AIO.5.in.1.DVD.v3-MANiacs.iSO"

4. Copy XML files located at X:\office2003\FILES\SETUP to X:\office2003\sort. Now edit X:\office2003\sort\tabledirs.lst and X:\office2003\sort\xmlfiles.lst to match your need. tabledirs.lst lists all directories containing the exported tables from the msi packages (existence is checked in sort2cabs.js) and xmlfiles.lst lists all xml to edit (correct md5sums).
I extract the ISO and I didn't see any XML files in \FILES\SETUP\, there's only 1 file and it's SETUP.INI
5. Open a command line (cmd) and change path to X:\office2003\sort. Start sort2cabs using folling syntax:CODEcscript sort2cabs.js

for successful completion md5sum.exe and makecab.exe should be placed in a directory listed in the path variable! ok, time for a cup of coffee

I'm using WinXP SP2, I put "makecab.exe" and "md5sum.exe" in C:\Windows\System32, but I got an error after runing sort2cabs.js


G:\MS\OFFICE03SP2\sort>cscript sort2cabs.js

Microsoft ® Windows Script Host Version 5.6

Copyright © Microsoft Corporation 1996-2001. All rights reserved.

directories found:

sorting files...

sorting cabs...


Replacing some CAB Files

Error: [object Error]


I successfully slipstreamed SP2 following marek722's tutorial but I still cannot install the two subsequent updates KB907417 and KB905648 either manually or from Office Update. Is anyone else able to install these?

Update: Ok, this has something to do with I'm installing Office 2003 on Windows Server 2003. I ran the same Office install on a vmware XPSP2 and had no problems installing all office updates. Just by quick inspection, I noticed in XP the service "Office Source Engine" is manual but started before doing the update from Office Update. With Server 2003 the service wasn't started but the updates still failed even after starting the service.

I was going to see if I could use Server as my workstation, but it seems not feasible for me because of this and a couple other minor issues. Anyway it was worth a try, back to XP...

jimanny, can you tell me how did you slipstream SP2?

I got some problems after Step4.

Thank you.

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If you downloaded my modified sort2cabs.js above, then you'll need cabarc.exe in your system path, otherwise you'll get the Error: [object Error] that NiGHTsC experienced.

If you don't want to use cabarc.exe then you can edit sort2cabs.js as follows:

// oExec = wsh.Exec("cabarc -m lzx:21 n ..\\" + i + " @" + i + ".ddf");

oExec = wsh.Exec("makecab /D CabinetNameTemplate=..\\" + i + " /F settings.ddf /F " + i + ".ddf");

I'm testing a fully automated "beef stew" SP2 + Hotfix update of the AIO CD right now using autoit. It's almost there but when I install the finished CD, Infopath stops because it can't find a file in a cab, all the other apps are ok though.

I can share another script for now. I used this script to copy the original setup.ini files from AIO CD to HD working directory and to remove folders and files that don't exist on the AIO CD. It asks for the location of your source CD and Destination working directory on your HD before continuing. There's a couple of message boxes before each step that you can just comment out if you don't want to be asked.


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First very nice guide marek722! It's working smoothly.

Second very nice AutoIT scripts beeker! Saves a lot of time when using them! Only need a script to slipstream the hotfixes and it's completely automated! :P

Would it also possible to enhance the cleanup script to have multiple cds (or cdimages)?

Some notes to help others who may experience the same kind of problems I did:

- When exporting the tables with Orca (2.0.3790.0) the filenames are truncated to 8.3 length. So make sure you rename them properly otherwise sort2cabs can't find them and error seen in post #71 will occur. Maybe this can be included in Export_msi_tables.au3?

- Not using an admin install as a base seems to work fine (with both office and visio combine onto 1 cd). While installing you still need to enter the PID code and the local cache seems to work fine. Only using Windows Update isn't working properly since the slipstreamed updates aren't recognised. This isn't a real problem since these updates can be hidden. Getting new updates from the site works fine.

- When the admin install isn't used, it seems to be possible to update your slipstreamed install with new hotfixes and run sort2cab again. But I haven't tested this thourougly yet.

Edited by veger
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I did some scripting after all to automate the process even more...

I've Export_msi_tables.au3 quite a lot:

- Finding orca.exe took some time since my Program Files is quite big. So it now will look for orca at the default intallation location. And after that it will scan Program Files like it did.

- Modified the _FileSearch() function since it always did recusive searching and would find a installer package in the FILES directory. This did break some things. The function can be used recursive or normal (using an extra argument).

- The dirs PRO11, OWC11, ... are created automaticly (or cleaned if running from an old setup)

- The files xmlfiles.lst and tabledir.lst are generated automaticly depending on the installer files found.

- The 8.3 filenames of the exported tables are converted to their realnames (only if they're in 8.3 format)

- Speed up the orca process by lowering the sleep times a little

Furthermore I updated sort2cab.js (beekers version) to solve a problem with calculating md5 sums. Sometimes the output wasn't grabbed correctly. To prevent this there's a check whether the output stream is empty instead of whether the md5sum.exe application status is changed. This also allows to remove the sleep() so calculating the sums is somewhat faster aswell. To find the problem I added some try...catch structures, these are still present to give a more readable feedback.

And finally I've create a nice bat file containing all updates and hotfixes. So the whole process is automated now, except for cleaning after sort2cab is finished. Haven't thought of a nice method to clean when office and visio are combined.


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