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  1. When I use it in 1903 the icons and image thumbnails are blank.
  2. hi johndoe74, could you please upload an italian version of this addon ? thank you very much in advance!
  3. johndoe74,could you please upload version 5.86.1 on a mirror ? it seems i cant download from easyshare: the file always stops at 3.1 mb and it's corrupted thanks!
  4. hi johndoe74, could you please make an addon of Windows Live Mail in Italian ? Also,do you know if Windows Live Mail need this patch: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/security/...n/ms08-048.mspx (kb951066) ?
  5. assuming that by "this file" you mean the english language addon, i've uploaded it to a few mirrors yeah,I meant exactly the english language addon.Thanks!
  6. can anybody please put this file on a mirror ? I'm unable to download from both Uploading.com and Friendlyfiles...
  7. both links are down.Could you please upload the addons again ?
  8. Thankyou Tomcat76 ! Sorry,I didn't explain well (english is not my 1st language): my question was not if WIC is needed by WMP11, but if the WIC components are included/superseded by WMP 11. So,I still need to know....
  9. so,if I would like to integrate KB885884 or KB908521, I'll have to extract the content of each hotfix,compress it to cab and manually replace the files in the I386 folder (or one of its subfolders) ?
  10. also KB885884 is a Windows XP hotfix and it replaces some system files,though MS says it's needed only if you have Office installed
  11. Does HFSLIP support these hotfixes/patches from MS: IE7-KB928089-WindowsXP-x86-enu.exe (1st IE7 hotfix) ENU_Q832483_MDAC_x86.EXE (is this needed for XP SP2?) wic_x86_enu.exe (Windows Imaging Component; is this needed even if I slipstream WMP 11?) KB885222 KB885884 (needed if you have Office XP on XP SP2) KB887710 KB889527 (needed if you have Kerberos server) KB893056 KB899587 KB902400 KB904706 (for DX 9.0c; is this needed even if I slipstream the latest DX from December 2006 ?) KB908521 (needed if you have Office 2003 on XP SP2) KB909095 KB912817 KB913446 KB917021 KB917537 (needed if you have IIS) KB926247 if they are not supported,is there some plan to implement the integration in next HFSLIP releases ? Also,have some of these hotfixes been replaced by others? I checked the various hotfixes lists listed on the HFSLIP site,but can't find any info about...
  12. is this problem also on non-english versions of WMP 11 ? I would like to integrate WMP11,but the fix is available only for english versions,as far as I know.....
  13. found it here: http://down5.flashget.com/fg180b1en.exe can anyone please make an addon (with the Yahoo Toolbar disabled ) ? Thanks!
  14. Do the 2 newly released hotfixes (KB927978 for MSXML 4 and KB927977 for MSXML 6) replace ALL the previous versions of MSXML 4 and 6 ?
  15. Does HFSLIP already support the WM format 11 Runtimes ? I've found them here: http://www.free-codecs.net/download/Window...a_Format_11.htm (direct link: http://www.freecodecs.net/files/wmfdist11.exe )
  16. a friend gave me a cd which should include all MS updates for XP after SP2 italian.The ones for msxml 2,3,4,6 are these: KB832414_MSXML2.5_x86.exe KB832414_MSXML4.0_x86.exe msxml2sp6-kb887606-x86-ita.exe WindowsXP-KB924191-x86-ITA msxml4-KB925672-ita.exe msxml4sp2-kb887606-x86-ita.exe msxml6-KB925673-ita-x86.exe msxml3.msi msxml6.msi msxmlitn.msi (=msxml 4 SP2 ita) so,if I understand correctly,I can remove these without affecring the HFSLIP integration: msxml4sp2-kb887606-x86-ita.exe msxml3.msi msxml6.msi msxmlitn.msi (=msxml 4 SP2 ita) but do I need msxml2.msi for the MSXML2.6 integration ? Where can I find it ? Do I need msxml 2.5 for my XP SP2 or not ? please help if you can.Thanks!
  17. can anyone please post again (here or on rapidshare) sort2cabs.js ? link is down,and the rapidshare link posted by colornokia has expired.
  18. oK,I've sorted out almost all the info I needed:just need a confirmation for Webfldrs-KB892211-ENU.exe Tomcat, where are you ? :-)
  19. thank you all ! @Super-Magician...are you sure that "WindowsXP-KB917344-x86-ENU.exe" is the one to delete and "WindowsXP-Windows2000-Script56-KB917344-x86-enu.exe" is the one to keep ? is the 2nd one an updated version of the 1st ?
  20. I'd be like to integrate these MS fixes into my XP SP2 : Webfldrs-KB892211-ENU.exe HMTCDWizard_ENU.exe UPHClean-Setup.msi WindowsXP-Windows2000-Script56-KB917344-x86-enu.exe (June 2006 patch) is there a way to do it ? Also,I'd like to integrate IE7 ,possibly over IE6 or after uninstalling IE6.Is it possible ?
  21. ok,thanks for the infos. Just wondering,does anyone know if the integration via Nlite works ?
  22. Hi, is there a way to install the Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility while installing Windows ? I know that you can extract the .cat & .inf files fom the compressed .EXE file by running the file with the switches: -a -a -p <path>. But then,is there a way to add them as drivers ? Maybe with Nlite ?
  23. I understand I have to edit the reg files,but I'd like to install all these extensions right when I'm installing windows. I was thinking to do as follows: - copy the exe files in /$OEM$/$$/System32 - edit the associated reg files to make them point to that folder and run them via CMDLINES.txt. Do you think this way will work ? Can I use the strings "$OEM$/$$/System32" (or "%SYSTEMDRIVE%/System32") in reg files?

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