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  1. Yeah have seen this aswell nad it's kinda annoying, but I haven't come to a solution for it. I thought someone posted this as well and said it has to do sometihng with the windowsupdate.com not detecting updates correctly.
  2. Hi beeker, I created fix_tables_PTK.au3 to use the method described in Post #29 to solve problems with the directory table. (Some directorielocations are changed with the serive pack) Although the fix described wasn't correlty (I just remembered) since the missing files are stored somwhere else, so fix_tables_PTK.au3 isn't exactly the same as described in Post #29 but I modified it like this: directory: CWUBI86HelpMidFolder.3630F825_EED5_11D3_91FE_00AA0059F9F6 change defaultdir to: .:WUBI86 directory: WordBreakerFolder.31D1FCD7_F3CA_4A73_B34D_CA95CAEAB62E change defaultdir to: . (instead of WORDBRKR) Had forgotten about that, so i didn't mention it before... Hopefully it helps, Veger
  3. Hi all, I've been working on an automated slipstream procedure and I think I've created one (except for cleaning the working files at the end) The attachement contains my sort directory, it should be working on any path but I haven't tried. I used the same script for Office + Visio installation and for Proofing Tools. But other combinations should work aswell (except you have to create your own install_hotfixes batch file) When you follow these steps it might work 1 Copy files form installation cds to your harddisc (no need for admin install or the unhide the CABs) 2 Extract sort.zip to the sort directory 3 Compile AutoIt scripts. 3 Copy/download servicepacks and/or hotfixes 4 Extract them into a directory called 'unpacked' which should be next to the sort directory (in the directory containing the CAB files) 5 Change install_hotfixesXXX.bat for the forfixed you just downloaded 6 Change the PIDs in slipstreamXXX.bat (XXX depends on the program(s) you're going to slipstream) 7 Open a Command Promp and go to the sort directory 8 Type 'complete.bat' and check the syntax. (eg for Proofing tools I used 'complete.bat PTK "C:/Proofing Tools 2003"') 9 Drink coffee! Notes: - Proofing Tools needs a table alteration after slipstreaming the Serivce Pack. Therefore I created the script fix_tables_PTK.au3. This can be done for other 'post slipstreaming' purposes aswell. The 'PTK' in fix_tables_PTK.au3 is the first argument when complete.bat is called. So it's possible to create own scripts to run after slipstreaming everything. When no script is found it just gets skipped. - It's nice to have a big command prompt so you can review the process after you're done dinking coffee. So it's possible see errors and stuff, since the script don't stop when errors occur. I'm not likey to create a script to copy the files from the cd(s) to a directory or to create a script to clean the files afterwards. But eel free to change the scripts for your own needs, but please create a post here so other (including me ) can make use of them! I'll be around to answer questions if things won't work as they should! Bye, Veger sort.zip
  4. Hi, I accidently uploaded the original sort2cabs.js...The modified sort2cabs.js is attached now. Working on a complete script aswell (which runs the other scripts) for Office + Visio and Proofing Tools. But Proofing Tools needs some modifications in the directory table, so I've to try a little further before I can post it. Cheers, Veger sort2cabs.js
  5. I did some scripting after all to automate the process even more... I've Export_msi_tables.au3 quite a lot: - Finding orca.exe took some time since my Program Files is quite big. So it now will look for orca at the default intallation location. And after that it will scan Program Files like it did. - Modified the _FileSearch() function since it always did recusive searching and would find a installer package in the FILES directory. This did break some things. The function can be used recursive or normal (using an extra argument). - The dirs PRO11, OWC11, ... are created automaticly (or cleaned if running from an old setup) - The files xmlfiles.lst and tabledir.lst are generated automaticly depending on the installer files found. - The 8.3 filenames of the exported tables are converted to their realnames (only if they're in 8.3 format) - Speed up the orca process by lowering the sleep times a little Furthermore I updated sort2cab.js (beekers version) to solve a problem with calculating md5 sums. Sometimes the output wasn't grabbed correctly. To prevent this there's a check whether the output stream is empty instead of whether the md5sum.exe application status is changed. This also allows to remove the sleep() so calculating the sums is somewhat faster aswell. To find the problem I added some try...catch structures, these are still present to give a more readable feedback. And finally I've create a nice bat file containing all updates and hotfixes. So the whole process is automated now, except for cleaning after sort2cab is finished. Haven't thought of a nice method to clean when office and visio are combined. Export_msi_tables.au3
  6. First very nice guide marek722! It's working smoothly. Second very nice AutoIT scripts beeker! Saves a lot of time when using them! Only need a script to slipstream the hotfixes and it's completely automated! Would it also possible to enhance the cleanup script to have multiple cds (or cdimages)? Some notes to help others who may experience the same kind of problems I did: - When exporting the tables with Orca (2.0.3790.0) the filenames are truncated to 8.3 length. So make sure you rename them properly otherwise sort2cabs can't find them and error seen in post #71 will occur. Maybe this can be included in Export_msi_tables.au3? - Not using an admin install as a base seems to work fine (with both office and visio combine onto 1 cd). While installing you still need to enter the PID code and the local cache seems to work fine. Only using Windows Update isn't working properly since the slipstreamed updates aren't recognised. This isn't a real problem since these updates can be hidden. Getting new updates from the site works fine. - When the admin install isn't used, it seems to be possible to update your slipstreamed install with new hotfixes and run sort2cab again. But I haven't tested this thourougly yet.