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  1. Thanx for the reply omg omg omg omg x100 lol, it works!!, passed Key Ports as well!! Appreciate for the helps guys
  2. Appreciate for the help. Static to, failed. Plug into Modem directly, no router, failed Plug into Modem directly+Static to, failed. T_T :no:
  3. Clean MSN, no crack no MSN Plus! same error happens with 2009 build.14.0.8117.416 as well. Restart Router/Modem, done many times since it's been weeks it happent suddently Windows Firewall disabled, always no proxy in both IE8 and MSN removed anti-virus program tried both wire and wireless internets DMZ mode, On softpub.dll, Registered System time, Sync'd and Corrected uninstall Windows Live Communications Platform+MSN, reboot, reinstall MSN Control Panel->Programs and Features->Windows Live Communications Platform+MSN, Repair MSN->Tools->Options->Connection->TroubleShooter, Key Ports failed, said I have improper proxy/firewall settings and repair is not helping. This happens on our two Windows 7 64bit, but our WinXP SP2 works great, can log into any account perfectly and of course it's using the same router/modem as other two Please do not tell me to install 2011, I want to stay way from this 155MB as long as possible... Thank you in advance.
  4. Passware EFS Key Since both my bro and friend forgot to save the EFS key when formating windows, their encrypted files are not unable to open. So I found this program from Passware, EFS Key. Just wondering if anyone ever tried this program before? How long does it take to De-Encrypt an EFS file? Cause currently I'm using VMware so I can have multi-windows without touching my main windows and this program has been decrypting a TXT file for hours= = We are all using XP Pro SP2. Thank you
  5. "shell32.dll" is the first of first file I looked into and I'm sure it doesn't have that icon and here is a SS of "quartz.dll", same thing T_T http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?act=at...st&id=19961
  6. Hm, I'm using XP PRO SP2 and I can't find this icon in mplayer32 utility located in system32 folder
  7. I'm just trying to assign my video file with this icon.Usualy when I try to open a video file with MPC, it'll assign this icon on it automatically, but some doesn't, so I'm trying to assign them manually. Unfortunately, they don't give this icon. I already tried that icon and they are not the same I hope that's not true:( Just tried, this give the same icons as another mplayer32
  8. Hm, I doubt that one is the icon I'm looking one. Usualy, they should have a smaller icon, but I just can't find it
  9. This I have checked Media player and Media Player Classic v6.4.9.2 and v6.4.8.2, but they both don't have this icon. I got this icon when I assign my AVI to open with my MPC and I'm just wondering where is this icon comes from. Thank you.
  10. Hm, I believe it's fine to upload it on Youtube, I didn't ask the SWF creator, but I believe I can do that. Anyway, I finally used FlashOnTV to convert it to MPG
  11. Unfortunately, there isn't one that can do SWF to FLV
  12. I recently got a SWF video and would like to convert it into FLV so I can upload them to Youtube/Google, but I can't find any program that can do this. Can someone suggest one? Thank you. PS. I have been trying to SWF - AVI/MPG, used many softwares and they are either doesn't work for me or have sponsor on the converted video, that's why I want to convert it to FLV, simple and fast.
  13. Sorry for the delay. Funnyvoice is the one that works for me.

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