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  1. Hi Kel, The images we actually my signature (really old one obviously because the images were deleted l guess long time ago). I'm doing few times a year a compilation of free programs (most of them GPL) for myself, they are not used by/for the company I work for. I used very old version (7.7.0 if i'm not wrong) and it was working as expected. I decided to report this problem (at least for me) it is not very big one because the checkboxes are still unchecked if you select different program but still it is not the way it used to be.
  2. Hello, I'm having problems using excl and cond together. If an item is hidden by condition the excl is not working correctly (some item's boxes are not disabled). I have included a config file with some items. Basicly you should not be able to install more that one Antivirus and when you choose one the other checkboxes should be disabled. Any idea what to do? config.js
  3. Yes I know that :/ Obviously I need some suggestion how to do that. I need on 32-bit OS 64-bit programs to be disabled and via-versa. But some programs are not compatible with either versions. Probably I'll have to write a program which will be executed before WPI, determinate if the OS is 32/64 bits and select the correct config file. Thanks anyway
  4. I think I found a bug. I'll explain it with an example. I have 3 programs: 1) Comodo Internet Security - if it's selected, avast! is excluded. Also there is a check if the system is 32-bit. So if the system is 64-bit this entry is hidden. 2) Comodo Internet Security x64 - if it's selected, avast! is excluded. Also there is a check if the system is 64-bit. So if the system is 32-bit this entry is hidden. 3) avast! - if it's selected avast! Comodo Internet Security x64 and Comodo Internet Security are excluded However there is an error with this configuration - Could not find UID and it lists all of the UID which have connection with the hidden one. I've attached the config file for this 3 applications config.js
  5. I think that WMP 9 was the last one compatible with Windows 2000
  6. Around 60MB with installed MUI in virtual machine with 256MB of ram. Of course the OS is Windows XP. Probably if I disable the Bulgarian MUI I can achieve better results, but this is good enough for me
  7. May me have an option during the installation to have Nero Express shortcut or no? Keep on the Good Work
  8. Nope it's the standard search (translated in bulgarian) with advanced options and animated character off. Another one with standard options and in english Please do not post large screenshots, use thumbnails instead. Thanks
  9. I have a problem. Search background is blue when I use Luna Royale Black. Thanks and keep up your good work!
  10. Click on Upload and look at the bottom
  11. All clear here, using version of nlite 1.2rc downloaded on 02.10.2006. Are you sure that the problematic soft is nlite?
  12. Nope open it with Resource Tuner (Download Trial Version) Look at Message Table. Here it's a screen shot of the russian version of smss.exe

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