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  1. New version released. v2014.7.8.1 Now supports long file paths. New dated versioning on the Gotcha program (v2014.7.8.1)
  2. I noticed that too. But I couldn't find any information as to why.
  3. Latest version finally released! v0.5.0.8. It has been in the testing phase for quite some time. v0.5.0.6 and v0.5.0.7 were only internal releases. A lot of work went into this version and I think everybody will enjoy it!! Please don't forget to give it a great review if you enjoy using it! http://fileforum.betanews.com/detail/Gotcha-Data-Backup/1347855415/1
  4. I want to say thanks for this software. It is really a great tool! I saw something about your new method of implementing WinXP ISOs on another forum too. I plan to check that out soon. Thanks!
  5. LOL! My **** crystal ball never worked. And my CPU god sucks!! Time to offer up a sacrafice!
  6. UPDATE: Gotcha! Data Backup is now featured in Computer Power User Magazine! Issue January 2013 on page 72!!
  7. Updated to Changed - I got rid of MD5Hash Checking. It was too slow. Now Gotcha checks file dates and only overwrites if the date does not match. This makes Gotcha super fast when dealing with files that already exist. If you enjoy this software please give me a review @: http://fileforum.betanews.com/detail/Gotcha-Data-Backup/1347855415/1 If you have any requests please reply to this thread.
  8. v0.5.0.2: Fixed - Data Restore was not working properly. The MD5Hash checking code was messed up. All seems well with the world again.
  9. Update: v0.5.0.0: Enhanced - Microsoft Office Outlook backup now backs up all pst files as well as email settings.
  10. Gotcha! Data Backup UPDATE: Gotcha! Data Backup is now featured in Computer Power User Magazine! Issue January 2013 on page 72!! This is my latest invention. It's actually been in the works for many years. I've been using it in my internal Computer Repair company for a long time now. It is used to backup user data from a system before reinstalling a computer... or to transfer the data to another computer. I've built in many of the much needed areas that Technicians tend to need to backup. It can be used on a system running windows. It can also detect multiple Windows Drives and ask you
  11. Beta 7 is online now as well! I will also be releasing my Data Backup utility (With Drivers backup) soon as well. Just a few more changes and it will be ready for a public release. It's a great Utility for backing up needed Data from a computer before reinstalling the system and works in both a live system and a Preinstallation Environment like BartPE or LiveXP.
  12. Updated! Beta 5: Fixed - A few bugs in the code causing DriverGrabber to fail finding the correct path to grab some driver files. Changed - DriverSearch is now set to Off by default. If anyone has issues with backups I suggest they try to turn DriveSearch on and then post their log on the forum so I can make sure their drivers are properly backed up in a future release of DriverGrabber. We are still in Beta... and I'd like to have DriverGrabber functioning as well as I can without the need for DriveSearch.
  13. Beta 3 online. Beta 3: Fixed - Issue creating folder for DriverNames with characters that are not usable in a directory name. Like /\* and so on. Now invalid characters are deleted.
  14. OK... you asked for it.... so here it is!!! DriverGrabber 2.0 Beta 5 This is a One Click Driver Backup Solution. Very simple to use... Run the "DriverGrabber 2.0.exe" and watch it Grab all of the drivers from your system and place them into a "Drivers" folder! It now even grabs drivers that are no longer in use... For instance... a Printer Driver that is no longer physically connected to your system while you perform a backup. Also... you can now use DriverGrabber on a Windows PE disk like LiveXP! It auto detects if it is being executed in a PE environment... it will attempt to auto detect t
  15. I just read this thread Kel. I am so sorry I had not seen it sooner. My heart breaks for you. I can only imagine if I lost my wife right now. This is such horrible news. I do not know what can be said to make you feel better. I don't think there are words for it. Take care my friend.
  16. This can happen with some cheap media of cds or dvds. I think this is where your issue may be. Since WXPPP places so many files in the TOC of the disk it can be easier for bad media to have issues. Try some different media. Or better yet... test your iso in vmwar or some other virtual environment. If the iso boots fine the issue is surley with the media.
  17. If you put incorrect Gateway settings into your network adapter it will prevent you from having an internet connection. Or you can put an invalid proxy into your internet explorer > Options > Connection > "LAN settings".
  18. Once I have the new logo and website ready I'd like to do some market analasys here if some members are interested. I'd like to be sure our pricing structure is set correctly. So I'll be offering free 1 yr licenses to those who participate in the market analasys.
  19. I know what you mean. Although some of them are geared toward IT. Like my favorite so far is an ethernet cable wrapping around a globe. There is also a couple with a stickman working on a laptop. I'm actually very happy with some of the logos.
  20. If any of you are interested in seeing the outcome I created a contest on logotornament.com http://logotournament.com/contests/it_techware Let me know your thoughts. There are quite a few very good ideas.
  21. Thanks a lot Jaclaz! I actually like some of these concepts! I may base a logo on a few of these. Simple but effective.
  22. I've just added a color theme to the above post. "Coloring theme would be the colors Green Blue and White. But it doesn't need to use all of those colors."
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