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slipstream Office 2003 SP1 & rebuild CD


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After reading a lot about slipstreaming SP1 to Office 2003 still I couln'd find a nice solution. So after many different approaches and reading a lot about MSI here comes another guide on slipstreaming :lol:

The Goal: build a fully functional Office 2003 SP1, using cache on setup, asking for serial, being only a bit larger than the original without SP1 & allowing for administrative install

What do you need:


- MSI 3.1 installed

- WSH 5.6 installed

- md5sum.exe (http://unxutils.sourceforge.net/)

- makecab.exe (Microsoft Cabinet SDK)

- sort2cabs.js (Download (5,5kB))

- Office 2003 CD(s)

- appropriate administrative updates

- some hard disk space and some time

What I did to create a working Office 2003 SP1:

1. Copy the office 2003 to the hard disk (referred from now on as X:\office2003). Remove all hidden and write-only attributes from files. Store all updates on hard disk (*.MSP, directory referred to is called x:\SP1). Make backups of X:\office2003\FILES\SETUP\*.INI

2. Apply Updates (slipstream) using the following Syntax:

msiexec /a X:\office2003\PRO11.MSI /p X:\SP1\MAINSP1ff.msp MSINODISABLEMEDIA=1 SHORTFILENAMES=TRUE PIDKEY="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
msiexec /a X:\office2003\OWC11.MSI /p X:\SP1\OWC11SP1ff.msp MSINODISABLEMEDIA=1 SHORTFILENAMES=TRUE PIDKEY="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
msiexec /a X:\office2003\OWC10.MSI /p X:\SP1\OWC102003SP1ff.msp MSINODISABLEMEDIA=1 SHORTFILENAMES=TRUE PIDKEY="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
msiexec /a X:\office2003\FP11.MSI /p X:\SP1\MAINSP1ff.msp MSINODISABLEMEDIA=1 SHORTFILENAMES=TRUE PIDKEY="yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy"
... (and so on for all your components)

if this is not working, try first making an administrative install and then copy the original msi-files over the altered and the apply the patches. This may be no longer necessary since MSI 3.x

After the Updates delete any cab files in X:\office2003

3. Create a subdirectory X:\office2003\sort and extract sort2cabs.zip here. Create subdirectories for every msi you installed before (-> X:\office2003\sort\pro11, X:\office2003\sort\owc10, X:\office2003\sort\owc11, ...). The following has to be done with every msi file:

- open with ORCA

- export tables CabinetDetail, Component, Directory, File, Media to the created corresponding directory

4. Copy XML files located at X:\office2003\FILES\SETUP to X:\office2003\sort. Now edit X:\office2003\sort\tabledirs.lst and X:\office2003\sort\xmlfiles.lst to match your need. tabledirs.lst lists all directories containing the exported tables from the msi packages (existence is checked in sort2cabs.js) and xmlfiles.lst lists all xml to edit (correct md5sums).

5. Open a command line (cmd) and change path to X:\office2003\sort. Start sort2cabs using folling syntax:

cscript sort2cabs.js

for successful completion md5sum.exe and makecab.exe should be placed in a directory listed in the path variable! ok, time for a cup of coffee :thumbup

6. When the script stops you have to replace some tables in your msi packages. Use ORCA for this task:

- open zzz.msi with ORCA (replace zzz with msi package names)

- import tables called *.new.idt from X:\office2003\sort\zzz, replace the old ones, do not merge

- save (this is important, too)

now the script may continue (this stop is necessary for calculating the md5sums for the xml files)

7. That's nearly all, now copy the xml files from X:\office2003\sort to X:\office2003\FILES\SETUP, restore the backed up ini files in X:\office2003\FILES\SETUP and delete all files that were not originally on the office cd (ok, i wrote a bat file for copying all files to another location, which files are necessary you'll see on your cd :P ). Burn your new Office 2003 on a CD labeled 'OFFICE11'

It may be necessary to edit the msi package of MS Project when building an AIO CD. The table "Media" contains a column "VolumeLabel" which should be "OFFICE11". Make this change after step 1.

I know this is not as easy as just pressing a button, but sort2cabs.js is rather generic and may work with other msi packages. If not, try to alter the script :huh:

Here a short summary what the script does:

- read dirlist.lst and test for all necessary files in listed subdirs

- read all *.idt and combine information in arrays

- sort by media (cab files) and sequence numbers from msi packages

- renumber all files/set new sequence numbers to eliminate duplicate numbers (otherwise you cannot use compression)

- compress using makecab and ddf files to control process, sorting of files in cabs must be the same as sorting by sequence numbers in msi packages

- calculate md5 sums for cabs and other files listed in xml files located in X:\office2003\FILES\SETUP

This may help understanding the script. I added some comments, too.

Because I tested the whole process only with SP1 (maybe all later patches can be integrated) and not in detail please report problems here.

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Thanks, gonna give a try on this. Looks very interesting to me.



if this is not working, try first making an administrative install and then copy the original msi-files over the altered and the apply the patches

When applying the Sp/Update patches to original files, there is also an additional file called ocw10.msi. This file is not present in admin image.

So if I apply the Sp/Updates to extracted admin image, what about the ocw10.si file?

If I perform an admin image first, then copy over the original unaltered .msi's wouldnt the folder structure be different in the target source?

Although I have yet to try this, I would like to ask if this switch might work while doing the first admin image?

msiexec.exe /a pro11.msi MSINODISABLEMEDIA=1



Along with this can we also enable Office Online Update??

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ok. Followed your guide to the letter and created cab-compressed image of All products of Office 2003 slipstreamed with sp1 and recent hotfixes after sp1.

The main reason for this guide is to fit everything on one cd. So I would like to mention that after integrating sp1 in to core office11, visio11, frontpage11, onenote11, project11, (also webcomponents 11 & 10) the final ISO comes to 991MB, optimised comes to 791MB.

I still have to install test this baby.

One more note: Some of the cabinets in different products having the same name do not have the same content, therefore "the beef stew method" of creating AIO (supposedly vol.msdn cd method) is out of the question here.

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Did another try with using the old makecab and not the one on my system from Server 2003 Sp1. And the final cabs were bigger than my pervious attempt BUT the whole thing optimised with cdimage

fit on one 701MB CD!! Thanks once again.

Also I used the same method for giving it a try with Proofing Toolkit and recived the following errors..

This list is from a long list which I edited...


Copyright © Microsoft Corp 1993-1997. All rights reserved.

Parsing directives (YS561417.CAB.ddf: 100 lines)

YS561417.CAB.ddf(136): ERROR: Could not find file: ..\FILES\WINDOWS\HELP:WUBI86\2052\SAPICPL.HLP

YS561417.CAB.ddf(137): ERROR: Could not find file: ..\FILES\WINDOWS\HELP:WUBI86\2052\SPEECH.CHM

YS561417.CAB.ddf(138): ERROR: Could not find file: ..\FILES\WINDOWS\HELP:WUBI86\1033\SPEECH.CHM

YS561417.CAB.ddf(139): ERROR: Could not find file: ..\FILES\WINDOWS\HELP:WUBI86\1033\SAPICPL.HLP

YS561417.CAB.ddf(140): ERROR: Could not find file: ..\FILES\WINDOWS\HELP:WUBI86\1041\SPEECH.CHM

YS561417.CAB.ddf(141): ERROR: Could not find file: ..\FILES\WINDOWS\HELP:WUBI86\1041\SAPICPL.HLP

Parsing directives (YS561417.CAB.ddf: 150 lines)

ERROR: MakeCAB aborted: 6 errors encountered

Microsoft ® Cabinet Maker - Version (32) 1.00.0601 (03/18/97)

Copyright © Microsoft Corp 1993-1997. All rights reserved.

Parsing directives (PR2052BA.CAB.ddf: 1 lines)

PR2052BA.CAB.ddf(6): ERROR: Could not find file: ..\FILES\WINDOWS\HELP:WUBI86\HELP\WINWB86.CHM

PR2052BA.CAB.ddf(7): ERROR: Could not find file: ..\FILES\WINDOWS\HELP:WUBI86\HELP\WINWB86.CNT

PR2052BA.CAB.ddf(8): ERROR: Could not find file: ..\FILES\WINDOWS\HELP:WUBI86\HELP\WINWB86.HLP

PR2052BA.CAB.ddf(13): ERROR: Could not find file: ..\FILES\WINDOWS\HELP:WUBI86\HELP\WINWB98.CHM

PR2052BA.CAB.ddf(14): ERROR: Could not find file: ..\FILES\WINDOWS\HELP:WUBI86\HELP\WINWB98.CNT

PR2052BA.CAB.ddf(15): ERROR: Could not find file: ..\FILES\WINDOWS\HELP:WUBI86\HELP\WINWB98.HLP

ERROR: MakeCAB aborted: 6 errors encountered

creating PR308250.CAB:

creating YJ561403.CAB:

Microsoft ® Cabinet Maker - Version (32) 1.00.0601 (03/18/97)

Copyright © Microsoft Corp 1993-1997. All rights reserved.

Parsing directives (YJ561403.CAB.ddf: 1 lines)

YJ561403.CAB.ddf(1): ERROR: Could not find file: ..\FILES\PFILES\COMMON\MSSHARED\WORDBRKR:.\MSIR3JP.


YJ561403.CAB.ddf(2): ERROR: Could not find file: ..\FILES\PFILES\COMMON\MSSHARED\WORDBRKR:.\MSIR3JP.


ERROR: MakeCAB aborted: 2 errors encountered

creating ZR561427.CAB:

creating ZZ561401.CAB:

Microsoft ® Cabinet Maker - Version (32) 1.00.0601 (03/18/97)

Copyright © Microsoft Corp 1993-1997. All rights reserved.

42 bytes in 1 files

Total files: 1

Bytes before: 42

Bytes after: 62

After/Before: 147.62% compression

Time: 0.02 seconds ( 0 hr 0 min 0.02 sec)

Throughput: 2.56 Kb/second

calculating md5 for ZF561421.CAB (98581164):

-> DC73E68BFFDB6D41F57132271A238AC6

calculating md5 for MT561437.CAB (1387940):

-> DE6C1746C76F631C52D4E306359CFDE6

calculating md5 for ZY561417.CAB (483122):

-> 54E3A7B28150EE86E13B0FE106CE1AC2

calculating md5 for YO561424.CAB (29828672):

-> 7538E933850294278FB7CEB75CE96167

calculating md5 for PR103687.CAB (4183243):

-> 8F43C3BEE595D922F95469AF9FED7071

calculating md5 for PR1041CS.CAB (2212966):

-> 59846016760B90AD200024E15EACADD6

calculating md5 for MI561416.CAB (119437636):

-> 858A6B65830816A1F3DC84BB6B4A4B98

Error: [object Error]



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hmm, isnt anyone interested in this anymore.

I slipstreamed, service pack 2 for office 2003 and the rest of the office programs using the method above. ( Overwrote the native makecab.exe with the old version in cabinet sdk )

The final size for ..

Office, Frontpage, Visio, OneNote, ProjectClient -- 2003 integrated with Service Pack 2 after using cdimage.exe to optimze the source,

was only 679MB.

Great now I have all the office 2003 sp2 collection on 1 cd with some room to spare for adobe reader 7 too.

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I'm interested... but I can't seem to get it to work... :(

How do you go about clearning out all the files that aren't on the original CD?

Also... do you just take the files that are on each CD and simply copy them over into your working directory, overwriting any existing files?

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@Historic - Would you mind clarifying some of the orignal instructions?

Also, do you get the option to save the cache at the end of the install? If I can find a method that does that I would be very very very happy.

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sorry for not answering, gonna take a look at all later. please be patient cause i'm short of time at the moment. i also found a way to ommit ORCA (just using MSI routines in jscript for reading/writing tables) more later.

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I managed to follow the guide again, using only Disc1 for the time being. Everything went smoothly, and I managed to delete all the files that weren't originally on the non-SP disc. In the end, the slipstreamed re-cabbed install comes out at just over 400MB... just like before.

But I'm still missing the option to cache the install files.... :(

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Thank you marek722!

I make a 5IN1 AIO CD with slipstreamed SP2, and replaced some code as below for MAX compress ratio:

oExec = wsh.Exec("cabarc -m lzx:21 n ..\\" + i + " @" + i + ".ddf");

// oExec = wsh.Exec("makecab /D CabinetNameTemplate=..\\" + i + " /F settings.ddf /F " + i + ".ddf");

Edited by benase
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Thanks for the excellent guide.

Worked great for me installing SP2 on my student/teacher edition...or whatever it is (says 30 day trial on the disk, no it's not pirated).

My original disk was 391 mb. after slipstream it's 388 mb. ---burned with nero

Updating the guide would probably help some people out. It took me a couple tries to get everything right.


My install is getting cached to the HD, not sure if this is just because of the version I'm using. I just used the original guide, didn't make any other tweaks.


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Strange... No matter what I try to do (slipstream using administrative install point or just following the guide), I can't get the option to cache the install files. I think I'll give this one more shot tonight... :realmad:

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