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slipstream Office 2003 SP1 & rebuild CD


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Hi veger,

I'm real exited to incorporate your modifications but I didn't see your changes to sort2cabs.js in your attachment. I'm also interested in your changes for 8.3 filenames of the exported tables. Good idea about the recurcursive search - it does take a long time. I have another search function now and testing AIO script that does everything from start to finish including creating ISO. It is still premature to post it right now.

I am hoping your md5sum mod or non-recursive mod fixes my problem with Infopath KB920103.

Here is my latest version of Update_msi_tables.au3 taking into account your orca search and I think a faster search function.


EDIT: Fixed a bug introduced yesterday, tested and working now, new version attached.


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I accidently uploaded the original sort2cabs.js...The modified sort2cabs.js is attached now.

Working on a complete script aswell (which runs the other scripts) for Office + Visio and Proofing Tools. But Proofing Tools needs some modifications in the directory table, so I've to try a little further before I can post it.




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Hi all,

I've been working on an automated slipstream procedure and I think I've created one (except for cleaning the working files at the end)

The attachement contains my sort directory, it should be working on any path but I haven't tried. I used the same script for Office + Visio installation and for Proofing Tools. But other combinations should work aswell (except you have to create your own install_hotfixes batch file)

When you follow these steps it might work :P

1 Copy files form installation cds to your harddisc (no need for admin install or the unhide the CABs)

2 Extract sort.zip to the sort directory

3 Compile AutoIt scripts.

3 Copy/download servicepacks and/or hotfixes

4 Extract them into a directory called 'unpacked' which should be next to the sort directory (in the directory containing the CAB files)

5 Change install_hotfixesXXX.bat for the forfixed you just downloaded

6 Change the PIDs in slipstreamXXX.bat (XXX depends on the program(s) you're going to slipstream)

7 Open a Command Promp and go to the sort directory

8 Type 'complete.bat' and check the syntax. (eg for Proofing tools I used 'complete.bat PTK "C:/Proofing Tools 2003"')

9 Drink coffee!


- Proofing Tools needs a table alteration after slipstreaming the Serivce Pack. Therefore I created the script fix_tables_PTK.au3. This can be done for other 'post slipstreaming' purposes aswell. The 'PTK' in fix_tables_PTK.au3 is the first argument when complete.bat is called. So it's possible to create own scripts to run after slipstreaming everything. When no script is found it just gets skipped.

- It's nice to have a big command prompt so you can review the process after you're done dinking coffee. So it's possible see errors and stuff, since the script don't stop when errors occur.

I'm not likey to create a script to copy the files from the cd(s) to a directory or to create a script to clean the files afterwards. But eel free to change the scripts for your own needs, but please create a post here so other (including me :P) can make use of them!

I'll be around to answer questions if things won't work as they should!




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Hi Veger,

I incorporated some of your tweaks in my package: fix Orca filenames truncated to 8.3, look for orca at the default location, add non-recursive option to Search functions, auto generate files and folders, md5 update to sort2cabs.js. Nice job! Thanks.

I succeeded in slipstreaming SP2 and all updates into Office 2003 AIO CD using the "beef stew" method and still fits on a single CD. I won't remember how to do this next time so I automated as much as possible.

- added a function to modify Media table for Infopath KB920102

- Project has two unique files (README.HTM, OCLNCORE.OPC) that are backed up and restored, the rest are overwritten when copied over.

- My setup.exe files are all identical so overwriting them was ok.

- All original setup.ini files are copied from CD to HD at the end. This restores personalization:





FYI, Beyond Compare is an excellent GUI tool for comparing files and folders during testing.

To recap what's needed:

- AutoIt v3.2

- ORCA (try Shark's file repository)

- MSI 3.1 installed

- WSH 5.6 installed

- Office 2003 AIO CD

- appropriate administrative updates

- revised scripts attached to this post (beefstew.zip)

- md5sum.exe and makecab.exe go in your %WINDIR%\System32 folder (I used the versions at

Reduce Size of Your 5 in 1 Office 2003 SP1/SP2 CD by 36MB)

- cabarc.exe (optional) I modified sort2cabs.js to use cabarc if found (for better compression), otherwise makecab and settings.ddf will be used like Marek722's original.

NOTE: This method requires that the AIO CD stay in the drive throughout the whole process.

1. Install Orca.

2. Store all extracted admin updates (*.MSP) to folders on hard disk.

3. Extract the updates.cmd file from the attached beefstew.zip and modify it according to the updates you are applying. (I painfully tried every msp on every msi to see what was applicable the first time around)

- modify the path to msp files to where you store your admin updates (*.MSP)

- modify the PIDKEY="" with your value

- rem the pause statement at the end if you want fully unattended operation

4. Install AutoIt v3.2 and compile Update_msi_tables.au3

5. Create a working directory like x:\office2003\sort\ and put the following scripts there:

- sort2cabs.js (from beefstew.zip)

- settings.ddf (from beefstew.zip)

- OfficeAIO.au3 (from beefstew.zip)

- copycabs.cmd (from beefstew.zip)

- updates.cmd (from step 3)

- Update_msi_tables.exe (from step 4)

6. Double-click OfficeAIO.au3 to start the process.

The OfficeAIO.au3 and sort2cabs.js scripts perform their activities relative to the folder they are in. OfficeAIO.au3 asks you for the source CD drive of your AIO CD and then proceeds to perform all of Marek722's steps except writing a new CD. There's a bit of error checking and there's a progress bar for activities that take a long time so you won't think the script is hung. It has message boxes at various steps along the way that you can comment out for fully unattended operation once you trust the script is doing its job.

You may need to tweak the scripts for your own situation as quirks pop up.

Attached are the scripts I used (ran overnight successfully). I hope you find this useful.


EDIT Oct 5, 2006:

Modified OfficeAIO.au3 to make it more universal for AIO or single App CD. Tested successfully on Proofing Tools CD. Also added function to modify the PTK Directory.idt table per Veger's note, added PTKupdates.cmd to perform the following PTK updates:

PTK2003SP2-KB887618: 2003PTKSP2ff.msp

KB912440: MSCTF.msp

ptk-KB913571: PTKff.msp

Darn! Fixed a bug with my Orca search, so replaced zip file again. Sorry to those who downloaded before this edit.

EDIT: Nov 1, 2006 (major fixes)

- added two more hooks in sort2cabs.js

1. Before creating a CAB file, it looks for a cmd file for that CAB file and runs the cmd file before creating the new CAB. Also modified OfficeAIO.au3 to create these cmd files to put the correct SETUP.INI file in SKU....CAB files and the correct OCLNCORE.OPC file in O9561....CAB files.

2. Before it calculates CAB MD5, looks for a file called copycabs.cmd and runs that cmd file to replace 11 Project Std CABs with equivalent Project Pro CABs. This reduces size of AIO CD by about 29 meg.

- modified updates.cmd file to get rid of MSP updates that are superceded by more recent updates, included PTK updates and is now universal i.e. works on single CD or AIO CD.

- modified Update_msi_tables.au3 script to import up to 7 tables instead of 4, added a couple of message boxes for troubleshooting, reduced sleep times to speed up the process, added a while loop to make sure the Import Window is active before selecting files so it doesn't miss any on a slow PC, added a ContinueLoop statement so it won't get stuck if the tables folder doesn't exist.

- modified OfficeAIO.au3 script to properly backup and restore README.HTM and OCLNCORE.OPC to the proper applications, added a section to put the correct SETUP.INI file in the proper SKU....CAB file and the correct OCLNCORE.OPC file in O9561....CAB files, completely changed the fix for Infopath KB920103 to modify File.idt instead of Media.idt - old method made incorrect changes to Media.idt, modified the command that runs sort2cabs.js so the output gets logged to file for troubleshooting, changed some text in message boxes.


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Hi Veger,

I'm having a problem with Proofing Tools CD, sort2cabs.js displays "failure opening file to be stored in cabinet" (for YS561417.CAB I think), and I'm wondering if it has something to do with why you created fix_tables_PTK.au3.

Did you have a similar problem?

By the way, my PC is real slow (400Mhz) and I have to modify your fix_tables_PTK.au3 to work in my situation:

I Replced:

ControlSetText( "Open", "", "Edit1", @scriptdir & "\PTK\Directory.idt" )


While 1
If ControlCommand("Open","","Edit1","IsEnabled","") Then ExitLoop
ControlCommand("Open","","Edit1","EditPaste",@ScriptDir & "\PTK\Directory.idt")

I also had to modify my OfficeAIO.au3 script to be more universal so that it works on Proofing Tools CD also. I'll edit my previous post to include my latest version.


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Hi beeker,

I created fix_tables_PTK.au3 to use the method described in Post #29 to solve problems with the directory table. (Some directorielocations are changed with the serive pack)

Although the fix described wasn't correlty (I just remembered) since the missing files are stored somwhere else, so fix_tables_PTK.au3 isn't exactly the same as described in Post #29 but I modified it like this:



change defaultdir to:




change defaultdir to:

. (instead of WORDBRKR)

Had forgotten about that, so i didn't mention it before...

Hopefully it helps,


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change defaultdir to:




change defaultdir to:

. (instead of WORDBRKR)

Veger, that solved my problem perfectly. Thanks!

I updated my OfficeAIO.au3 script in previous post again to include an AutoIt function so the whole process is unnattended.

Much appreciated, Beeker.

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Have you guys ever noticed after integrating the service pack, all the hotfixes, and having officeupdate.microsoft.com show 0 updates available, that for some reason windowsupdate.com still shows the updates you already have installed?

Is this an integration issue? Or is it just a problem with windowsupdate.com not detecting things right?


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Yeah have seen this aswell nad it's kinda annoying, but I haven't come to a solution for it.

I thought someone posted this as well and said it has to do sometihng with the windowsupdate.com not detecting updates correctly.

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  • 3 weeks later...

I finished testing new features and bug fixes to my beef stew AIO scripts. I put the new beefstew.zip file on my original Post of Oct 2. You'll see the list of changes in the EDIT on that posting.

Successfully tested updating a CD that was previously updated by the same scripts.

I've been reducing the size of my AIO quite a bit too.

By integrating copycabs.cmd with sort2cabs.js I saved about 29 meg. (see description on my Oct 2 Post).

I also performed a one-time manual edit for Project Pro and Std that saves another 20 meg. Instructions are in the attached ProjectMerge.txt file. Microsoft updates can be applied to Project afterwards without having to re-do this edit.




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  • 1 month later...


I hope this thread is still active.

I have downloaded the scripts, applications, and batch files, and followed the various versions of instructions and I keep encountering problems.

My latest problem is: right after creating .CAB files, sort2cabs.js goes into resequencing .xml files (as far as I understand). From what I could gather from the script, it calls md5sum.exe to do this. Each time I attempt to run the script, near the end I always get the same error:

xml files found: acc11,excel11,fp11,inf11,onote11,outl11,outls11,owc10,owc11,ppt


modifying acc11

modifying excel11

modifying fp11

modifying inf11

modifying onote11

modifying outl11

modifying outls11

modifying owc10

Error: Access is denied.

I read somewhere that md5sum.exe does not work on Windows XP, so I tried running the script on a Windows 2000 box, and came up with the same results. I've checked the permissions on the .xml files in x:\office2003\sort and there are no permissions set (or rather, no restrictions were set).

Please help! (**prays that this thread is still active :unsure: **)

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4. Copy XML files located at X:\office2003\FILES\SETUP to X:\office2003\sort. Now edit X:\office2003\sort\tabledirs.lst and X:\office2003\sort\xmlfiles.lst to match your need. tabledirs.lst lists all directories containing the exported tables from the msi packages (existence is checked in sort2cabs.js) and xmlfiles.lst lists all xml to edit (correct md5sums).

After I extract those 5 tables by orca, but i cannot see "tabledirs.lst" and "xmlfiles.lst" existed in "X:\office2003\sort\", how can i do?

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4. Copy XML files located at X:\office2003\FILES\SETUP to X:\office2003\sort. Now edit X:\office2003\sort\tabledirs.lst and X:\office2003\sort\xmlfiles.lst to match your need. tabledirs.lst lists all directories containing the exported tables from the msi packages (existence is checked in sort2cabs.js) and xmlfiles.lst lists all xml to edit (correct md5sums).

After I extract those 5 tables by orca, but i cannot see "tabledirs.lst" and "xmlfiles.lst" existed in "X:\office2003\sort\", how can i do?

You create xmlfile.lst and tabledirs.lst yourself using Notepad and saving the file as a .lst file.


Basically, whatever directory names you used to export your tables to, you list in the file. Tabledirs.lst should look something like this:













Similar list as above, but all you do is list the xml files located in /files/setup.

If you read the above posts, Beeker actually has combined a package that pretty much does everything, including creating the .lst files


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  • 8 months later...

Hi, i have successfully integrated in my office 2003 pro for students (so no admin setup allowed) the service pack 3.

after installation without problem and all programs works fine (showing SP3 in about) i tried to install office2003-KB936677-FullFile-ITA.exe (junk mail filter of september) it's stop due a problem of version (update it isn't made for version installed). instead installing same update via microsoft update works fine.

does anyone know why this problems?


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this is a bug with the sp3.

first integrate the msp from the junk mail filter and next integrate the Sp3. After installing the new version import this reg:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

"DisplayName"="Update for Outlook 2003: Junk E-mail Filter (KB936677): OUTLFLTR"



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