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slipstream Office 2003 SP1 & rebuild CD


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ok, i found i .bat file to do this

however during install i get FM20ENU.DLL error  :blushing:

Well I can't help you there. You can just try the process once again. I tried this once, with SP3 only and it worked fine. Maybe you should take a look at that .bat you found, to make sure it don't delete necessary files.

Cheers ;)

Have you tried a FULL Office2003 (with InfoPath) installation? I tried also this method http://www.msfn.org/board/Slipstream-Offic...964#entry558964, nut i doesn't work

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i got a problem when i slipstreamed office 2003 sp3 as the method like slipstream sp1 step by step, when i use the command "cscript sort2cabs.js", it started to work, but finally,i received the a error like this:

(all successful before the error)

calculating md5 for MT561437.CAB (1387940):

-> DE6C1746C76F631C52D4E306359CFDE6

calculating md5 for ZY561417.CAB (483122):

-> 54E3A7B28150EE86E13B0FE106CE1AC2

calculating md5 for YO561424.CAB (29828672):

-> 7538E933850294278FB7CEB75CE96167

calculating md5 for PR103687.CAB (4183243):

-> 8F43C3BEE595D922F95469AF9FED7071

calculating md5 for PR1041CS.CAB (2212966):

-> 59846016760B90AD200024E15EACADD6

calculating md5 for MI561416.CAB (119437636):

-> 858A6B65830816A1F3DC84BB6B4A4B98

Error: [object Error]


and the script stoped,not replace tables,i have tried to test many times carefully,but still error, i can't find where i made a mistake or something wrong,please help me, thanks in advance.

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