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Anyone know about this site? http://windowsupdate.62nds.com/

Basically Windows Update in Firefox, at least. It guess it installs a couple .dll files into the plugins folder. Anyone know if its safe? Haven't done much research but I have used it. It just scans your registry, sends you the .exe updates and silently installs them.

Very cool imo just not sure of the security risks in those files you must install. What do you think?

Please stick to the topic! This is Microsoft Update unattended intregation, not WU in Firefox. I suggest you start a new topic on the relevant board :)

[interesting to know tho, but for another discussion I think :D - post it in the wondows xp board and remove the content from your post here (or change it into a link to the other topic :D]



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i integrated MU the way it was shown earlier in this thread

but when I try to run Microsoft update everything looks fine:

I got the Start button but after I chose continue a strange dialog box appears then

[Error: 0x800A0046]

please help

here's a complete list of screenshots:





and wether I press Yes or No the same screen appears:


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@raduking: I actually got exactly the same error, but I thought this was an error at the webserver/site, cause after quite a few tries it suddenly worked... Anyone got any idea?

I install both Win installer 3,1 v2 and MU with /SiLeNt switches.

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