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  1. Nice going, never thought of this, i can integrate my PE to my installation disk this way
  2. Just a little question Benjamin, i've been using your program since you start developing it, and in those days (version, witch i still use) it was possible to make a use during T12, isn't there still a way to do that with the newer version? Grtz Edit: Ok, i missread your comment somewhere along the way, but isn't it possible to make it active if you skip the software part? As that would rock
  3. Yeah, i actually didn't think about that lol Thx, i'll think i've only got to use regex for the <li></li> part and that's not hard Thx for clearing my mind at this late hour
  4. I have an aspx page with msg's, everything is taken out of a db and parsed onto the page, i also parse some bb-tags like , ... during the rendering of the page. Now i'd like to add a tag for a list too, problem is, i can't figure out how to do that in asp.net (1.1) c# I've got these already: _msg = Regex.Replace(_msg, @"\[url src=(?<source>[^\]]+)\](?<text>[^\]]+)\[/url\]", @"<a href=""${source}"" target=""_blank"">${text}</a>"); _msg = Regex.Replace(_msg, @"\[link src=(?<source>[^\]]+)\](?<text>[^\]]+)\[/link\]", @"<a href=""${source}"" target=""_blank"">${text}</a>"); _msg = Regex.Replace(_msg, @"\[img src=(?<source>[^\]]+)\]", @"<img src=""${source}"" />"); _msg = Regex.Replace(_msg, @"\[b\](?<source>[^\]]+)\[/b\]", @"<b>${source}</b>"); So now i want something like above to make this: example 1 example 2 [list] [*]example 1 [*]example 2 [/list] I hope some1 can help me out here
  5. If there isn't any other drive connected it should do that by itself, guess the hdd was alterded somehow, anyway, it works
  6. That didn't work either, guess there was something wrong with the hdd itself, so I did a low-level format with a tool from my hdd manufacturer and the problem solved itself
  7. So this is my problem, I have 3 hdd, 2 ata's, 1 sata, my sata is a data disk and the ata's are for windows (master) and linux (slave) When I want to install windows xp (clean boot-install) it asks me where to install, so I want to chose my first hdd (created 1 partition), but it says it needs to put some files on my other (slave) hdd.. The problem is that when I create a partition it doesn't reserve the 8Mb for MBR I think :s Anyone know how to solve this? Thx!
  8. Seems this doesn't work anymore for windows vista beta 1 :s
  9. There's no connection for floppy disk And I can't seem to update the bios anyway, cause it's some kind of programmable bios :s
  10. I found some kind of solution As I said, i got the bios-screen working by changing a jumper (it's a phoenix bios), since there was no option to boot from cd I inserted the hdd into an other computer, formated it, and filed it with the files I needed to install windows 98. That didn't work at first (jumper setting from hdd wrong :?, saw that later), so I did it an other way, took a pc with 1 hdd and replaced it with the one in the pc that doesn't boot from cd, and started an install of windows Xp, after the first reboot I changed the hdd again and was hoping that it would install properly. Hoping indeed, cause it seems that there isn't enough memory And since SIMMS are to expencive for what they are, I'm going to go see if someone has an old pc they don't use anymore, and use their memory And if that doesn't work, well, I guess I gonna install linux Thx for all the help!
  11. I don't see sh*t And indeed, I live in one hell of a town To jaclaz: I've contacted dZine couple of months ago, think there all dead... But I looked for a jumper, changed it and I see the bios setup Thx! Just one sad thing, can't seem to boot from cd-rom, need to boot from floppy, but there isn't one, fun fun ...
  12. Not much, can give you a photo from the mobo, but i don't got any specific hardware specs Here's a pic from the mobo DSR2002 Grtz
  13. Yow, I got a little problem I've got this device here on wich I want to install some kind of windows, but it has no bootscreen It's a whole embeded system, so no changeble processor and stuff. Now my problem is this: I need to boot from cd to install my system, but I can't seem to change that anywhere :s So would it be possible to boot from the hdd to the cd? Thx in advanced! Grtz
  14. Can it be that the debugger has changed the settings for using the .NET Framework 2? If so, you have to change those settings of your site in the iss control panel, if not, give a better error description and we'll try to help you out Grtz
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