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I have now done 3 successfull VMware full format/install tests of my UADVD and I got IE Tools>Windows Update to default to Microsoft Update AND skip the initial MU screen, where you have to click Yes... etc.

How I did it?

1. If you have previously installed and ran MU on your local OS:

Boot your computer in SAFE MODEand DELETE DataStore.edb in %WinDir%\SoftwareDistribution\DataStore

2. Reboot computer to "normal mode" and run Microsoft Update (You should get the initial welcome to MU screen) follow the steps where you have to click start etc...

3. Again reboot to SAFE MODE and COPY DataStore.edb to desktop or wherever.

4. Boot to normal mode and place the copy you just made of DataStore.edb on your UA CD/DVD in $OEM$\$$\SoftwareDistribution\DataStore

Ofcourse you will have to have MU properly installed and service registered during your UA installation process. Why all the reboots and safemode? Simply to get a "fresh" version of DataStore.edb (Should have a filesize of about 1032kb) that is not locked or used by any process.

This seems to work flawless for me. :thumbup


You shouldn't have to go into safe mode. All you need to do is stop the Automatic Update service. DataStore.edb should only be in use by Windows update services (web or AU).

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I'd like to encourage everyone reading this thread to also check out GUIDE: Download Everything Microsoft, a complete, step-by-step, how-to, which includes all of the most useful information contained in this thread you are currently reading, as well as information on some other closely related items that you should consider integrating into your XPCDs. Much of the linked guide's information has been discussed in other disparate MSFN Forums threads (like this one), but it is all brought together in one place along with new information not covered anywhere else on MSFN.

Guide Topics Include Integrating:

  • Windows Installer 3.1 v2 (3.1.4000.2435) - KB893803
  • Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications - KB905474
  • Windows Update Agent
  • Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Tool ActiveX Control - KB892130 (LegitCheckControl.cab)
  • Office Genuine Advantage Validation Tool ActiveX Control (OGAControl.cab)
  • Windows Update ActiveX Control (wuweb_site.cab)
  • Microsoft Update ActiveX Control (muweb_site.cab)
  • Office Update Installation Engine ActiveX Control (opuc4.cab)
  • Microsoft Update Catalog Internet ActiveX Control (MuCatalogWebControl.cab)

All of the above items are closely interrelated as it they all pertain to downloading Microsoft Software Updates to your Windows XP computer. In fact, many of the above items are so closely intertwined that some will not work correctly without the correct installation of others.

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I wanted to do it myself to see how it works and not use DarkShadow's inf, everything works now - WU, WGA, OGA, but when i go to MU i need to allow MU activeX. I don't need to install it, just allow it.

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Hi All ,

I have a microsoft update agent exe ,which does the job of switiching from WU to MU .For Systems in which muweb.dll is not present have to install the ActiveX manually by visiting the MU site .Once to Install ActiveX muweb.dll gets placed in system32 folder .The Microsoft update agent does that job .just run the setup and and muweb.dll will get placed in the system32 folder and you can visit MU site without any ActiveX installation propmt.

But the problem ,I am facing is with 64-BIt OS.In 64-BIt Edition the location of muweb.dll varies its c:\windows\SysWow64 folder . Any one have any idea on this for how to get it done ?...

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