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Tested nero

It has all the features!!!! like roxio emc7.5 but it can be silent install and the virtual cd/dvd (Nero ImageDrive) it is as fast as alcohol!!!!!!!! THE BEST!!!!

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To burn CD's and DVD's I use Stomp Record Now Max v.4.50,has never failed me at all and it's not bloated with junk!

I think they are now part of sonic and do not like the newer versions.

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Jeremy does your version also install NVE? :thumbup

It's not my version, lol. I just used vcBlackBox's NCab on it. I remove everything that it allows so far, which doesn't interfere with Nero's primary function of Burning. It takes the nero.exe from 33 MBs to 14 MBs. It pops open a cmd file where you put in your serial number before you remove anything, and you can put in reg tweaks; like if you don't want Nero to eject the CD/DVD drive after burning or if you don't want it to cache files before burning... etc. Then you just save the CMD, close it, press enter, then hit Y for yes to remove this and that and finally it gives you the option to do 7Zip ultra compression to recompile the archive and it makes it silent.

Just visit the thread I linked to see what he said about making it work for Nero 7 once that comes out.

I really love NCab. It's just like nLite in the sense of what it does. :thumbup

NVE = Nero Video Editor? I think I saw this in NCab. I removed it. If I'm going to edit video I'll use VirtualDub or Adobe Premiere Pro. AviSynth is too advanced for me. :P

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Use nero most of the time but have added cdburner xp pro to my unattanded. Its free and has most features you want from a burner package.


"most features"... it is limited on DVD Burning, which is the key reason I don't use it. But no other burning program matters now that NCab slims down Nero. Nothing better than it IMHO.

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