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98 FE + 98 SE + ME updates + patches + (hot)fixes


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Hi MDGX, I found that for re-enabling of local troubleshooter just small registry change is necessary. And it should be noted that if local troubleshooter is enabled, Windows Update will show Internet Explorer Critical Update again. Two small INF files are attached. AFAIK it is not necessary to install Tshoot.ocx again. Or is it? I just noted that in your file is version while in Windows 98 SE is version and in Windows 98 Gold is version (and does not use chm file). Windows Me does not use ocx it at all.


You're right, TSHOOT.OCX is not really necessary to fix this bug, but [as you already noticed] this TSHOOT.OCX build is newer than all others, so besides fixing the REG entries, this fix also updates TSHOOT.OCX to newest version. ;)

This TSHOOT.OCX build is from this MS update:

* Microsoft Windows 98/98 SP1/98 SE Troubleshooter HTML Help TSHOOT.OCX build + TSHOOT98.CHM Update:


Direct download [385 KB, English]:


posted here [scroll all the way down to the bottom of topic]:


Hope this helps.

It is necessary to modify the original Win98SE TSHOOT98.CHM the new TSHOOT98.CHM Microsoft Windows 98/98 SP1/98 SE Troubleshooter HTML Help

If so, what is the change to do in TSHOOT98.CHM Spanish version and modify that application the same

Thanks for your reply


They have something to do these log entries with the changes

HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\ActiveX Compatibility\{4B106874-DD36-11D0-8B44-00A024DD9EFF}","Compatibility Flags",0x00010001,0x000

HKLM,Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Runonce,"Reg",,"%11%\regsvr32 /s %18%\TShoot.ocx"

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Hey all,

I know it's been a long time since I've been active here, but I happened to stumble across something. MS03-042 contains a newer version of tshoot.ocx for Windows 2000 (version It appears to work on 98SE (Dependency Walker didn't throw any issues with it) if anyone is able to test it out at all.

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A long time ago, Geoff Chappell, author of the classic book DOS Internals, reported (in June 07, 1999) a math bug in both Win 95 and Win98 FE versions of SYSMON.EXE (here: System Monitor Rounds to Thousands). Geoff also provided detailed directions for a corrective patch of these versions of SYSMON.EXE. And, of course, it also applies to the Win98 SE version of SYSMON.EXE, because it is identical to that of Win 98 FE, except for its creation date and time, both reporting to be v. But, in June 08, 2000, one year later, SYSMON.EXE v. was released in Win ME, and my analysis shows it has the same buggy code inside as that of the Win 98 version, showing that Microsoft disregarded completely Geoff's heads up. His patch for the Win 98 version solves the problem for the Win ME version too, but, of course, has to be applied at different offsets (30C4, 30D4 and 30DA, respectively). Since this issue remained unaddressed up to now, I here offer you

:w00t: Download-link: both patched SYSMON.EXE for Win 98 (SE and FE) and for Win ME :yes:

Inside SYSMON.7z one finds SYSMON.WSE and SYSMON.WME, which are, respectively, the files for Win 98 (SE and FE) and for Win ME, patched according to Geoff's instructions. Of course, before using one of these files to replace that in the %windir% folder, it is necessary to rename it from .W?E to .EXE. For both files, I've increased the version number by 1, to reflect the fact that those are patched files. Users of 98SE2ME should use the Win ME file, of course.

As always, the standard disclaimer applies: they work great for me, but YMMV and I can guarantee nothing whatsoever about these patched files, and about the use you make of any of them. By deciding to use one of them you fully accept that anything you do is of YOUR SOLE RESPONSIBILITY... Moreover, modding files voids the EULA, of course. You have been warned.

Sysmon link is dead.

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