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  1. Program to test SSD failure?

    is it safe to use on a SSD?
  2. is there a program that can test to see if an SSD is failing?
  3. Good Firewall/Antivirus for Win98?

    Thanks everyone.
  4. Good Firewall/Antivirus for Win98?

    i was hoping for free software...
  5. Can anyone by chance link all the 98SE updates into one big winrar or zip ? please
  6. Can anyone link me to the last known Firewall/Antirvirus that works with Windows 98? and is very good one to use (well for Win98).
  7. System Performance Issue

    i can't do a system restore before 27th because it doesn't show any before it....
  8. System Performance Issue

    On the 27 of this month, i had installed APB Reloaded to play and it had installed whatever it needs, anyway when i got out of the game i noticed that my system was starting to act very slow then usual (this computer is brand new by the way) and Firefox was very slow opening and would freeze etc.. so i decided to uninstall all the things that came with APB reloaded and i still notice my system acting a bit sluggish. it was fine before i installed the game and whatever came with it btw. i had already thought of doing a system restore but it would end up restoring those files. and also i do have some repair discs and a backup disc i made when i got my computer but i am not sure how that is going to help me with this issue. does anyone know what i can do? EDIT here are the files in question
  9. do USB flash drives work on Win98?

    ok i will try that thanks.
  10. Post Your Win98 Desktop!

    i will in a few hours (going somewhere now)
  11. i have a patriot flash drive (brand new) and i have some win98 software on it and am going to try and install the software i was wondering will this flash drive work on win98??
  12. Post Your Win98 Desktop!

    post yours here! (i can't right now but i will show you mine when i can!)
  13. Last Versions of Software for Windows 98SE

    Great list of software for my win98 machine thanks guys