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  1. Whoa, haven't been here in a while. Anyone remember me? I'm not exactly new, but I'm finally back after a LONG hiatus. Couldn't access the email I had used for this account. KernelEx seems to have died out development-wise, huh? I haven't exactly been into the computer stuff lately, so maybe I'll hang around the General Discussion board and respond where I can.
  2. Sorry for not replying sooner, I couldn't get around to it until now. I tried both your builds, and they both worked fine. I wasn't experiencing the same problems you were.
  3. I've just made the new build, and on shutdown, it just gives me this after clearing the screen: But then it shuts down normally. I thought it might just be a one time thing. But now it's happening every time I shutdown. I can't seem to find the registry key that is causing this. Anyway, new build: Download You're welcome.
  4. This isn't happening to me at all.. I can't seem to figure out what's going on with your builds. Try to upload your most current build with the newest GitHub repository and I'll see if I have the same problem as you are having.
  5. Thanks Leyok! The Firefox installer actually goes faster in this one, but it still doesn't complete the installation.
  6. Here's the new build! KernelEx-dev.7z Here's the compile log: @Drugwash It doesn't seem like there's anything wrong. I checked the compile log and it looks fine.
  7. My bad, wrong assumption about added commands. That CMD.EXE command in coolman's log only shows up when sdbcreate fails to build (as I notice when building under XP), because under my main 98SE I can compile sdbcreate without problems and when it automatically tries to run (twice, as it builds both Release and Debug versions through the full batch command), it only shows a MessageBox saying: "The APPHELP.DLL file is linked to missing export NTDLL.DLL:NtOpenFile." But there is no mention of CMD.EXE anywhere in my 98SE compilation log. Up until this time, I haven't been able to succesfully install one single build of my own, despite everything being built without problems. Neither the ones built under 98SE, nor the ones built under XP-SP3. They all report failing to open WinSta0, install verification never happens (when uninstalling in Safe Mode, there's always two registry keys: "KexNeedsReboot" and "KexVerify" that must be deleted prior to uninstalling). Again, building and installing 4.5.2 under the very same conditions, complete flawlessly and the test system works correctly. Therefore I ask again, for the last time: does anybody build and install correctly from Leyok's code at GitHub, under the following environment? - VisualC 6.0 (Enterprise or Professional) with XTREE patch applied - PlatformSDK february 2003 - Windows98 DDK - NSIS installer 2.44 or 2.46 Do you have the Directories correct? (Include files, Library files, entries in autoexec.bat (especially in 98SE), etc.). You mentioned it yourself. Check this out: Here is COMPILE.TXT, FYI. Install Service Pack 6 for Visual C++ 6.0. Then try to build again. Post your compile log. Let me take a look. I'll see if I can figure out why your builds don't work.
  8. Sorry, by debug log in the last post, I meant compile log. I just fixed it right now. I'll post a KernelEx.log. RP9 still not compatible. Firefox not installing, seems to freeze at Installing Language Files (en-US) EDIT: I couldn't find a KernelEx.log anywhere in the system. Pretty peculiar, because I could find one before. Hmm.
  9. Alright, I just grabbed the newest repository and the build was a complete success. Here's the new build: KernelEx-dev.7z sdbcreate.exe failed to build. But the .NSI installer compiled OK so I don't think this is a big deal because Drugwash says it won't run under Win9x as mentioned in the quote above. Or was that only Xeno's builds? Oh, it doesn't matter. It seemed to have tried to execute an instance of CMD.EXE, which is not present in a clean install of a Win9x machine. You have to get it from a 3rd Party, the Win2k one that was re-compiled to work under Win9x. @Leyok Something I've noticed with your new builds, Firefox 3 doesn't install, it just stops at 'Installing Language Files (en-US)'. After some working around that, I got it to install, then I ran it, and it tries to load but it doesn't run or show the GUI or ANYTHING and just crashes on start. It doesn't show its presence, just this one error message: I can't figure out what the deal is with that. KernelEx 4.5.2 runs Firefox 3 perfectly. By the way, just a warning everyone: DON'T install Revolutions Pack along with this. The following has been mentioned before, SP3.x MAY be fine, but RP and Leyok's builds together can make deleted files stay in their original locations and new changes/items and icons not appear until you hit F5 to refresh and make your icons and taskbar glitchy and just make your system more unstable and unusable. Once again, ABSOLUTELY DON'T install RP with one of these new builds installed. But now I can sort of understand why RP (sometimes USP) wasn't built to go with Kex and Kex wasn't built to go with RP/USP. I say USP sometimes because of the bottom line of this quote, which I made bold for your convenience: But if it says that, I guess the newer USP has a little more problems running with Kex. But who's to know, and what can I say? This is only Beta software so far. It's what you have to expect from it. Also, after I've installed these recent builds, the computer hasn't been able to restart using the Start Menu shutdown, It just acts like nothing happened. So I try restarting again or run some sort of application (any application, including others that allow the computer to restart such as SHExitWindowsEx (same as start menu shutdown), runonce -q, and others. But it just gives me an error message like this: I just have to force it to restart by holding the power button. Anyway, here's the compile log:
  10. I'm trying to compile the newest build, but there's one problem - KexBases.dll doesn't build with the other files with batch build nor alone with batch build. Here's the debug log: This hasn't happened until PrintDlgEx was renamed to print.c in the latest repository. It says in the debug log I have to compile PREP (release) project first, but I HAD already compiled it. In fact, I just compiled it with batch build just now manually. I just copied PREP.EXE to the Release folder. But I'm still getting the same error. Here's KexBases.plg:
  11. Now that you mention it, maybe I'll go with the i7-3770K.
  12. Sony Vegas Pro 5.0 works with Kex 4.5.2 and 4.6.0 Beta 1. No issues so far.
  13. I made a new build from the newest repository with XP because it is easier... KernelEx-dev.7z I had to include PDH.DLL and PSAPI.DLL in this because I was having problems with KernelEx after I installed it without those files.. SP3 didn't help. Here's the compile log.. Still getting some warnings... but you should expect that from a beta version of a software...
  14. Changing i7-3770T to i7-3970X. See this I found a board called DX79SR that has i7 support, SATA, Wireless LAN, Audio, Chipset, and USB 3.0 Drivers. 64GB DDR3 is the max memory, that's good cause I'm going with 16GB DDR3. Also has some BIOS updates. I'm going to try to find an SSD to use. Drivers
  15. Mostly Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, and Sony Vegas.
  16. To answer your questions: I am sticking to Vista x64 because I have too many Windows 7 machines (10) and XP machines (14) around. I need the extra ram for mostly VMs. Yes I am going with an SSD I will need hyperthreading. I could use the extra power. I am not looking anywhere towards Windows 8 because I don't have any respect towards it. The machine will be used for very heavy video editing, running VMs, heavy gaming, lots of web surfing, E-Mail, Programming with languages such as x86 Assembly/PHP/C++/C, Photoshop with heavy graphic designing (I'm going to have to get an excellent graphics card for it), and many other everyday/business tasks.
  17. If I'm understanding you correctly, right click on your desktop, hover your mouse cursor over Arrange Icons, then click Auto Arrange and refresh your desktop (F5). If the Auto Arrange option has a check mark, then it's activated. If there is no check mark then it isn't activated.
  18. I'm still getting the errors about not finding certain DLL files like KEXBASEN.DLL, etc. They don't seem to be created and NSI cannot compile something successfully without having compiled data already. It still complains about APPHELP.DLL. I'm still getting that same thing that happened before about not being able to execute files like rc.exe or link.exe to find KernelEx.lib in the common folder. I believe those files have to do with the building of KEXBASEN.DLL, KEXBASES.DLL, etc. I added the correct lines to autoexec.bat and the right directories to the options in VC++. Here's the compile log: I found KernelEx.lib in core\release and placed it in the common folder. Then I tried compiling again and I got the same APPHELP.DLL error but then it installed successfully and no more crashes are happening! This is working OK so far, I'm going to try some apps. Here's the new compile log: The new build, you can use this safely! KernelEx-dev.7z
  19. I tried your build on 98SE and ME. It told me on first reboot KernelEx was successfully installed. However whenever I try to open any instances of Explorer.exe (My Computer, Control Panel, Folders, etc.), it crashes. I did this without USP so I installed USP and I got the same errors. Here is my Kernelex.log:
  20. I only tested it on ME, and I just got many system crashes and Scandisk errors after I installed. I had to disable SFP before installing. However, there is a different compilation I just got from someone else that I just tested on 98SE and on reboot I got this: <unknown> This program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down. Quit all programs, and then restart your computer. If the problem persists, contact the program vendor. It doesn't let me do ANYTHING. Even Ctrl+Alt+Del. It just stays on that message with the hourglass cursor. I can't click on anything, either. So I can't press Close or Details. I tried another reboot and got the same thing.
  21. Yes, I absolutely agree. What kind of logic is that?
  22. I am thinking about building a new PC. It will be a desktop computer that will have Windows Vista Ultimate x64 with an Intel Core i7-3770T Processor and 16GB of RAM. Does anyone have any suggestions for maybe some motherboards that would be compatible with what I am thinking about so far?
  23. Edit: Yes I know part of this has already been shown in this topic but I just want to post my outcomes. I have finally compiled it with all the tools needed. But at some point VC++ 6 starts complaining about APPHELP.DLL and it can't be found but seems to continue with the process. However there are still a few files such as UXTHEME.DLL and WTSAPI32.DLL and WTSAPI.DLL and KEXBASEN.DLL and KEXBASES.DLL and USERENV.DLL and PSAPI.DLL that still don't get compiled successfully. APPHELP.DLL wasn't mentioned at all, but I'm still not sure if that file has to do with the creation of the files mentioned above. Some of the files are in the Debug folder and some in the Release folder. I had to make a few dummy 0 byte files of those and then the .NSI file would compile successfully but with the dummy files I created. I ran the installer and of course it told me KernelEx was not successfully installed. I'm going to try another experiment soon though. After some research, the APPHELP.DLL issue is probably caused by the fact that this DLL is included with a newer version of Windows rather than Windows 98SE which is what I'm using to compile everything. I will try compiling it on a newer machine maybe. For those who are interested, I have attached the setup file I compiled in a zipped archive. KernelEx-4.5.3-Beta1-Debug.7z WARNING: Do not use this file on your main computer/system. It could potentially mess up your machine. Only use this on test computers. BTW, could this project's .NSI file be compiled with the latest NSIS which is Version 2.46? Or is it designed specifically for NSIS 2.44?

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