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WMP10 Complete Slipstream

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i'm not being able to play DRM / WMV-HD movies using the integrated wmp10 (for example the latest doom movie trailer in wmv-hd)

After trying to play it with wmp10 an error appears telling that cannot play because of an error verifying the license.

Any help to fix it?

If i reinstall wmp10 manually over, works ...

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Ahh hell :(

I integrate hotfixes for XPSP2 manually. I adding some strings in svcpack.inf and hf installs during setup.

But in the end then i integrate a WMP10 with slipstreamerv3 by default. It write something in svcpack.inf.

Then i test my UXPCD and install XP.... NO hotfiexs installed!!!!????

As i think slipstreamer delet my intries :(

Next i try a slipstreamer with Edit svcpack.inf box Uncheked. Maybe it helps.

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