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MSN Messenger 7 + Patch + MsgPlus

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en.gif Messenger 3-in-one switchless silent lite:


* MSN Messenger 7.0.813

* MSN 7 Universal Patch / Mess.Be Patch

* Messenger Plus! 3.52.130


- No IE Toolbar, No reminder baloon, No Homepage, etc


Version1: - Polygamy, No Banner Ads, Tabs, Action Pane, Search, etc

Version2: - Polygamy, No Billing Information, Idle/Away Distinguish, No MSN Spaces, Mess.be Custom Games, Multi-line Nicknames, Systray Sign-In Status, No MSN Logo, Messages > 500 chars, No extra Buttons, No Gleams, No Search bar, No Advrt Bar, No Premium Services, No Search Button, No Text Banner...

dl_sm_dlnow.gifDownload (Version 1) (6.6 MB) (English) Mirror

dl_sm_dlnow.gifDownload (Version 2) (6.6 MB) (English) Mirror

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I've repacked literally dozens of applications with Installshied AdminStudio. It's an incredibly expensive package, but I'm lucky enough to have an employer who bought it for me.

About the only thing I have not been able to repack so far is Google Toolbar believe it or not. Everything else no problem. Nero, PowerDVD, Winamp, Oracle Client V9.02, and the list goes on.

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