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MSN Messenger 7 + Patch + MsgPlus

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New version 3.54...

/silentinstallnosponsor dont work it installs CMEDIA2 in c:/Program files/Cmedia2

It just extracts an uninstaller to that destination so that if you've accidentally installed the sponsor program, then you can uninstall it without uninstalling Messenger Plus!.

PS: In my case I cannot even find the 'CMEDIA2' folder.

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Some lazy people here on MSFN!

How I did my MSN Messenger 7:

1. Installed it,

2. then ran http://www.apatch.tk/ to patch and modify MSN (This has A LOT more options then the Universal Patcher of Mess.be).

after patching is finished you'll see there are 2 files with a .bak extension in program files\MSN Messenger, these are the original files.. the new ones with the same name are the patched ones.

3. What does this mean? It means you can simply add this folder (program files\MSN Messenger\) to a SFX rar or 7zip archive and let it extract after you have silently installed MSN Messenger 7 :)

How easy can it be!

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thanx guys, you bin a tremendous help for the lazy guy!

but look what I did to know that I'm not a lazy guy;

I remade an unattended but not silent by extracting the Adobe Reader v7.0.1 then I took all the files including a file called (install.exe) and did a self-extracting file using the winrar which will defeinitily show some steps in the unraring or so.

so I will the same **** thing with MSN 7!

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