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  1. Try disabling the sata drive if it is secondary. Just have the ide & cd enabled. Also try setting the BIOS to defaults.
  2. May consider vmware suppose but never Virtual PC. This system was explained to me in detail by a Unix administrator but I never got time to write it down. Will track him down & post the info.
  3. A folder or drive with rights heavily restricted so all downloaded software, etc can be placed there and checked prior to use. Rights are normally restricted to stop any programs being run by accident, etc.
  4. Has anyone any experience setting up a sandbox partition in XP that they would share? Cheers
  5. Thanks Will try to install remote agent locally on the machine I intend to back up as I dont have a great deal of luck doing it remotely.
  6. I am trying to setup peer to peer backup using Veritas without much success. Has anyone achieved this? It says it can but I can find no information about the settings required in XP and software configuration. Cheers
  7. Hi Try Autopatcher - released each month and includes lots of extras or just the patches. Can also be scripted. Autopatcher Mick
  8. In the winnt.sif ensure you remove the computer name. It will prompt you for the name on installation. [userData] ComputerName=
  9. Just found it - cheers for everything mate
  10. Would only have Sophos on corporate network.
  11. Is this for Version 5 which has just been released? This should be in Unattended Applications.

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