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MSN Messenger 7 + Patch + MsgPlus

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I've repacked literally dozens of applications with Installshied AdminStudio.  It's an incredibly expensive package, but I'm lucky enough to have an employer who bought it for me.

About the only thing I have not been able to repack so far is Google Toolbar believe it or not.  Everything else no problem.  Nero, PowerDVD, Winamp, Oracle Client V9.02, and the list goes on.

just a question, but why would u bother repacking powerdvd & nero?

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I repack my apps because I like to have them preconfigured to my liking. As a part of the package I can set all of the settings, put the shortcuts where I want them, named as I want them, and end up with a single MSI file that I can deploy via GPO. Or I can do an AIP and make a 7zip silent switchless installer.

With Nero for instance, I have a single MSI file the combines both Nero and NeroVision Express. But it leaves out all the crap like CD Cover Designer, PhotoSnap, etc. And all of the accompanying registry entries are cleaned out too. So instead of fiddling around with all of these setup switches followed by importing a bunch of registry entries or making some convoluted AutoIt scripts, this is how I go about it.

Anyway, back to topic. First shot, I repacked build 813 with Messenger Plus! and patched with V.05 of the ++ patcher. It all worked beautifully. So this shouldn't be a very hard program to keep up with when new versions are released.

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Anyway, back to topic.  First shot, I repacked build 813 with Messenger Plus! and patched with V.05 of the ++ patcher.  It all worked beautifully.  So this shouldn't be a very hard program to keep up with when new versions are released.

could you post this?

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I just used WinINSTALL to make and edit the MSI file. This is not a repack, nor does it include the original MS file, but I made from this from scratch. I perfer this as it gives me more flexibility, localizability and ultimately smaller file sizes, which I always aim for. I opened the original MSI from MS, and simultaneously created a new MSI. I just copy pasted all the properties (for eg, the Installer-ID, product-ID, etc) to make it look exactly like the original MSI so that no other program can differentiate between this and the MS installer. This is to maintain high compatibility.

Also, I made my own bootstrap.exe, which launches MsnMsgs.msi silently, and waits for the setup to get over. The installer SFX in turn launches bootstrap.exe, and waits for it to finish.


Nope, dont worry. No MessengerPlus spyware included. This is a very clean install with absolutely no crap included!


Try disabling your download manager. Not necessary, but some DL managers might not pick up the file.


No, you dont need to register at all with RapidShare. Just click on the upload button to upload..

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I installed it and for whatever reason I no longer have a link to my inbox at the top of the MSN window. Is this by design or is there some way to turn it on? I looked in the Options to no avail. Anyone?

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Remember that this is a fully silent installer, so you would see no sign that the installer is running. So if you are testing it out, you can launch the installer with start /wait so that you'd know when the installation would finish. Or you could open the task manager after clicking the installer. You should see a couple of extra programs running. When they are done, you know the installation is over. Check your start menu for the icon.


Try this alternate mirror instead:

Mirror1 Version1

Mirror1 Version2 (alt)


Sorry, its by design actually. I've noticed that very few people actually use those buttons on MSN, and its more of an unwanted thing for most people.. So I removed it. If there are others who think that the Inbox button is essential, then I'll gladly include it :)

Btw, if you really want the Inbox button, then you could use Version1 instead.

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Swedish & Norwegian MsnMsgr7.0.0813Silent no switch

Mess.beg games

Enables several rows on scrn

Delete the button my page, msn today

Delete reklambanners

Delete bottommost text banner

500 characters



Swedish update with Plus! 3.54.132

Norwegian Not update

English update with Plus! 3.54.132

Version1: - Polygamy, No Banner Ads, Tabs, Action Pane, Search, etc

Version2: - Polygamy, No Billing Information, Idle/Away Distinguish, No MSN Spaces, Mess.be Custom Games, Multi-line Nicknames, Systray Sign-In Status, No MSN Logo, Messages > 500 chars, No extra Buttons, No Gleams, No Search bar, No Advrt Bar, No Premium Services, No Search Button, No Text Banner

English version 1

English version 2

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