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Adobe Acrobat Reader 7 Lite - 5 MB Only!


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Thanks for all your comments.

Well I basically removed every plugin except

1) Browser Plugins (All)

2) Search Plugin

3) Web links plugin (so that you can view and click on web links in PDFs)

Which should be more than enough for most people... Anyways if I included more plugins, then this wouldn't be a 'lite' version now would it :)

The reason why FF by default doesn't load the pdf is because the plugin isn't copied to the FF's plugin folder. To enable pdf view in Mozilla and other netscape based browsers, just copy \Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 7.0\Reader\Browser\nppdf32.dll to the \Firefox\plugins folder.


And for some reason a pdf isn't opening, just see the error message and download the respective plugin into the \Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 7.0\Reader\plug_ins folder.


For more information on Firefox and Acrobat, check this page out.


Of course, if it still doesn't load the pdf in the browser, the good'ol rt-click and Save Target As... always works :)


* EDIT: I just confirmed that the absence of EWH32.API plugin causes FF/Acrobat to freeze or not work while loading a pdf in FF/NN. I'll be including ewh32.api asap and will fix the installer. Luckily it will only add 37kb to the final file size :)

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For those interested in a smaller version of the Adobe Acrobat Reader 7 :)

Reason why its so small is that I removed all the useless files and plugins; but I still included the basic Search and Web Links features.

Although this installer is purely based on my own work, the reg tweaks I included comes from Astalavista's Post

dl_sm_dlnow.gifDownload (5.7 MB) (English)

I will certainly be using this. Its great to see people doing work, and not stealing others and raring it into an SFX and calling it their own work. Excellent job!

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Please don't quote entire posts - quote only the part which you are referring to. Read the link to forum etiquette in my sig - everybody is expected to follow it.


Please do not make comments that could anger others - we don't want to see flaming here.

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I will definitely use this. I have a PC without internet connection, so... :D

Good job!

EDIT: What if you guys who know how to reduce the size of apps start to release some common apps reduced? WMP10, WinRAR, etc... Just asking :rolleyes:

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