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how the member got the stars


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Newbie 10

Junior Member pip.gif 50 posts

Member pip.gifpip.gif 100 posts

Advanced Member pip.gifpip.gifpip.gif 300 posts

Senior Member pip.gifpip.gifpip.gifpip.gif 500 posts

Friend of MSFN (five stars) 700 posts

MSFN Expert (six stars) 1000 posts

MSFN Addict (seven stars) 1500 posts

MSFN Master (eight stars) 2000 posts

MSFN Junkie (nine stars) 3000 posts

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The Stars are automaticaly giving according to post count. Its kinda of a ranking system to show users how helpful a particular user has been.

The stars dont give you more access or prividges, just abit more authorty when it comes to posts..

Thats about it


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