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New Option for Installing Applications - W.A.I.T.

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Yup - I fully understand what you are saying. I have solved the problem you described as follows.

1) reg /load XPTWEAKS %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\..\Default User\NTUSER.dat

2) change all [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\... to [HKEY_USERS\XPTWEAKS\...

3) run all your reg updates

4) reg /unload XPTWEAKS

You made my dream come true, Ill test this on my next test version of the cd ill burn,

but leaves me one, question, will this 'htkey regtweaks' include, the 'Administrator' account since it is created just before, gui runonce is started, or will i nead to, use 'htkey current user' for that account...

(not that i would mind, but, id like to know, befor ill screw up AGAIN .... rofl....

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You made my dream come true,  Ill test this on my next test version of the cd ill burn, 

but leaves me one,  question,  will this 'htkey regtweaks'  include,  the 'Administrator' account since it is created just before, gui runonce is started,  or will i nead to, use  'htkey current user' for that account...

(not that i would mind, but, id like to know, befor ill screw up AGAIN .... rofl....

Funny you should ask - here is a few lines from my exact regtweak.cmd (yes it's a cmd file since you are running "reg"


reg unload HKU\XPTWEAK


goto :EOF


REM Prevents Internet Explorer windows from being reused
reg add "%KEY%\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main" /V AllowWindowReuse /t REG_DWORD /d 00000000 /f

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also, how does the program determine %cdrom%? what file does it look for?
It looks for ALLDVD.TXT in the root directory

Can we configure this? Because I think a smarter solution would be to look for 'WIN51', which MUST be in the XPCD root...

also, how do we put a line break in a description (ex: I list several tweaks in a certain 'tweak' item - i want each one on a seperate line)?
currently you cannot - I will add code to handle this. How about %LB% (for line break)?


found a slight bug:

If a name is too long, it gets cut off.  see pic below (it's supposed to say "Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 SP1")

This is not a bug as much as running out of room on the screen. There is a limit to the amount of text that can be displayed for each checkbox. There is really no solution to this problem. I can only allow so much space. Suggestions?

I don't know. maybe some kind of calculation - depending how many columns there are (my example only had two) the columns get more spaced out?

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How about a setting in the ini file for the size of each column?

Sounds good to me.

How about the %cdrom% file I mentioned above? Maybe we can set the file to look for (to determine %cdrom%) in the ini file as well?


I'm also having problems installing the software. I have ALLDVD.TXT in the root of my xpcd ("G:\XPCD"). My WAIT is in "G:\XPCD\$OEM$\WAIT", and my apps are "G:\XPCD\$OEM$\Applications". When I try to install anything, I get the following error:

Windows cannot find 'J:\O\BOOT2\ROOT\\$OEM$\\Applications\\MPC\\Mplayerc_SFX.exe'

The path, starting from $OEM$ is correct ($OEM$\\Applications\\MPC\\Mplayerc_SFX.exe), but I don't know what all this about "J:\O\BOOT2\ROOT" is....

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about what i said before, on how to have only 1 setup wizzard,

for both tweaks and software, in the same wizzard, run from cmdlines.txt

reminger why:

1: you want to be able for set default tweak without, loosing the option of letting any user deside wich tweaks to use,

2: you want to to be able to insert your cd, set the install options as soon as you can and just leave the pc untill its compleatly read for use...

(or at least as close to that state as you cann)

even though a verry good tip about setting this tempporary thing, and runconce we still had to wait about 20 to 30 minutes from disk setup to

software wizzard, before we could realy leave the building..

so last night, (yes all good ideas are thought off verry late at night, when morning already starts to break, and your tired as heel),

I just remebered, besides [guirunonce] (a text / batchfile based way)

there is alto _runonceexec wich is run from the register...

(even though a bit harder to create and learn its the perfect way to solve this request)

so who do mean.. wel have a look ;

a: I use a windows XP pro SP2 cd,

b: I uncluded an awnser file call winnt.sif (with OEM support enabled)

c: from %cdroot%\$oem$\cmdlines.txt - i run > W.A.I.T

d: in the config file of this tool, in stead of using a command like,

UA-nero6.exe i run nero.reg to add the instal of nero to the runonce

part of the register... so it will be run on fist logon, in windows...

(at the same time, [guirunonce] starts, so now (after compleating this wizard, setting al options i can just leave the building and go home early because i know that the system will install all my apps for me at the proper time...


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just a thought on the %crom% problem that BD and I seem to be having - maybe take a look at the way WPI finds its %cdrom% and use that method?

i am really liking the way this software is coming along. if this %cdrom% variable is fixed, i am going to try and use it (instead of WPI) in my next install.


P.S. - I can also confirm that installing via %systemdrive% works fine...it's just a problem with the %cdrom% variable.

hopefully this gets fixed soon...

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