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New Option for Installing Applications - W.A.I.T.

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(Updated software - Version 0.21 uploaded on 4.20 at 10:40 pm ET)

You download at the WAIT forums.


Hello all,

Perhaps you have heard of WPI. Well I loved the idea of having a menu system to select which apps to install and then having them install automatically. The only problem was that WPI lacked some features that I wanted. Rather than working on the java script I decided to break out the compiler and write my own. So I present to you W.A.I.T. (Windows Application Installation Tool). In the attached zip file is the program and a sample config file. You should be able to figure out exactly how to use it from the config file. Just make sure you put the wait.cfg file in the same directory as wait.exe.

Basically you set up the config file as such

Name=Name of your App
Desc=A description of the app
CMD=Command to run
UID=A unique ID for the app
Excludes=Application UID's seperated by comma that should not be installed if you install this all
DEPS=Application UID's that MUST be selected in order to install this app as well
CAT=The applications catagory

So an example file would be

DESC=Used to rip audio files from a CD

DESC=Used to convert WAV files to MP3.  Includes LAME.

Name=Adobe Reader 7.0 Full
DESC=Allows to view PDF-Files.




Name=Windows Media Player v10

Name=Photo Story 3

As you can see %cdrom% is replaced with the drive letter of the CD that has a file named "Alldvd.txt" in the root.

you can also use %systemdrive%, %windir%,%programfiles%, %sysdir%, %allusersprofile%, %userprofile%, and %commonprogramfiles% as well as any other variables you want to set up. These will be expanded to the usual environment variables.


You download at the WAIT forums.

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The primary reason I started was because I wanted a check box for each catagory. This way I could click one box and it would select all the items in the catagory. Of couse as always (for me at least), I have to start writing code. Then it becomes C++ and then an app.

There is an "information" window on the screen. As you move your mouse across the items it update with information about the item under the mouse. It shows Name, Description, a list of all the dependent application, and a list of all the excluded applications (I really like that feature now).

And best of all I am willing to add more if needed/requested.

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A. This sounds ALMOST like WIHU, however WIHU last I saw didn't support the exclusions inclusions. Though you could probally work that into something, but it wouldn't be as easy as tellin it a UID. WIHU uses a INI file to import the entries, and it allows for tree selection, with the trees being QUITE deep.

Look at the forum in the same section as the nLite and WPI forums.

B. Looks good, and as long as it suits your needs, YAY!

Main reason I asked the questions above, were primarily because if this was just a starting point for you, and you planned to add something, it this was basically a program already written, didn't want ya to waste time :P But yeah...

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well done, it looks ALOT like WPI tho :wacko:

maybe u can make a customizable background pic (like maverick suggested) & maybe customizable icons? :)

EDIT: also color customization maybe? :P & even checkbox customization lol

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I have taken and added the suggestions above. There is now a wait.ini file that you can add with the following items:















If you don't have these lines then it will use the defaults. Otherwise you can set it up anyway you like.

Put the wait.ini and the *.ico files in the same directory as the wait.exe program.

The zip in the first post now has the updated version (with sample icon files and a default wait.ini)

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i dont see any wait.ini in the zip, but ok...

i also agree that it is very similar to wpi, but i have some suggestions:

1) add our own customization buttons (ex: 'select all', 'select none', 'Default config 1', 'laptop config'). This can be easily defined by having a line somewhere that goes like:

laptop config = UID1, UID2, etc.

so whatever UID is listed there will be selected when that option is chosen.

2) make it more professional looking. the boxes on the left are too wide, and take up too much space

3) make the dependent programs automatically-select the things that are needed, instead of blocking them from installing until the other is checked.

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Very nice program! A few suggestions:

An option to automatically close the program after selected apps are installed would be great.

An option to restart the PC when installing apps that require reboot is needed.

Running in a window vice full screen (so the taskbar is accessible) would be great.

Accepting the location of wait.cfg as a parameter passed to wait.exe would allow more flexibility for my purposes.

Hope you keep developing/refining it. It is easy to configure and use, which is helpful to me. Thanks.

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getting better from the initial release :D

couple suggestions tho

when u post a new file, rename it with the version number (so its not cached on the site) also post a changelog for the update :P

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