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Windows 2000 "Hotstream" Project


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Hi :)

Just a quick update: MDAC 2.71 (aka 2.7 SP1 refresh) + Q832483 + MSXML 3.0 SP5 + WSCRIPT 5.6 are now in the Option Pack. MDAC was complicated beyond belief - especially doing a safe uninstall. Next on my list are MSXML 4.0 SP2 + KB832414 + a few more base components of the same kind, but I've got the hang of it now, so it probably won't take more than an hour or two. The real fun starts soon, because I'll try to add IE6SP1 + OE6SP1 + .NET FW 1.1 SPx + WMP9 + DX9c + KBwhateverarethemostrecentonesforthosecomponentsthesedays. Any more suggestions for the Windows 2000 Option Pack are welcomed - but I'll not add anything from XP, because those things belong in a Windows 2000 Power Pack (which I'll probably do later).

Shadow_Fi - if you want to test the Option Pack for me just send me a PM with a g/email address B)

soldier1st - the Option Pack only requires SP3. Happy? :rolleyes:

The actual Post SP4 Update Pack (the one with the hotfixes) is not part of the Option Pack, but it is already being tested thoroughly (not by myself).

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Hi all :)

I've changed my standpoint on XP components. Basically because I really miss some of the XP stuff not in 2k. So please post whatever you'll like to see in the upcoming Unofficial Windows 2000 Service Pack 5, and I'll look into it.

XP components that I've already looked into include: WMP10, Themes Service, SHELL32.DLL, and EXPLORER.EXE. They don't run, I know why, and I don't have the time to do anything about it just now. Sry :blushing: - I might make a generic middle layer for XP applications so they'll ALL run :blink: - but that's quite a project itself.

I definately want remote desktop myself - I sorta can't live without it for much longer. B)

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any news about a release date?


The complete unfficial SP5 (which includes all the non-security hotfixes) won't be out until Microsoft's own Update Rollup is RTW, because they have to be 100% compatible. Also I need to work on the /integrate option.

Hope to have the Option Pack with all Security related hotfixes ready next month. Beta period will not be long, so hopefully it's final no later than May.

I'm working like crazy on this project - but it is very important to me to get everything right. B)

Best regards,


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I definately want remote desktop myself - I sorta can't live without it for much longer.   B)

You can probably use the 2K Server Terminal Services component in Administration Mode to have RDP.

The hardest part is to study 2K Server inf file

TerminalServices=TsOc.dll, HydraOc, TsOc.inf,,2

and find what to integrate (binary files and registry settings) in 2K Pro to make it works...

a smart compare with the XP component may help to find what to keep or not...

TerminalServer=TsOc.dll, HydraOc, TsOc.inf,hide,2

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It just struck me, that NetMeeting actually provides Remote Control (in its own strange way). Does anyone know how it works? Does it use TS? Is it RDP 5.0? If so, it means that all components necessary for Remote Desktop are actually already present in 2K Pro.... doesn't it? Well, just thinking out loud - but any nfo would be appreciated ;)

At the moment I'm wrestling with IE6 Post-SP1 ... kinda complicated - worse than MDAC :)

Best regards,


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I stumbled upon this thread in a Google search for uxtheme.dll. Long story short someone emailed a video to me that won't play, I reinstalled media player 9, and when it opened it gave an error message about not finding uxtheme.dll. I happened to have a copy of it lingering around from an old download of w2k3, but, it doesn't work, atleast not in 2k :D

Anyway, long story short, I found your project so cool and impressive it prompted me to register for this board solely to subscribe to this thread to keep up with your project. And to make this post to say, bravo, bravo.


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WOW! Bless you a thousand fold.

I do have one conceptual problem with what you are doing. If you put everything in one super-pack, then the only way to uninstall any component is to blow them all out.

May I suggest keeping IE, MDAC, etc in a functionality pack separate from the

security "rollup"?


Remote desktop uses the same underlying tech as the Terminal Services Client.

However, the terminal server portion that is in XP pro is gratis ONLY for XP pro.

To use it's components in windows 2k will violate the law. Terminal server requires a lic from ol M$. Tread carefully. I would hate for the M$ vampires to swoop down and kill this thing. The client side of Terminal server is free and

could be included (in functionality pack?).

Again, thanks for your work, eagerly awaiting the rtw.

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then the only way to uninstall any component is to blow them all out.
Would anyone even uninstall it?

The best thing is for the pack to just be slip-streamed, there's no way to uninstall anything after that because it is merged into base.

And even if it was separately installed, I doubt uninstalling it is an option I would consider. I would just want to install the entire truck (meaning ALL possible updates) immediately after a fresh install. And after that, its just let the system run on. ;)

If there's any problem, it'd be quicker for you to just re-install the original win2k+SP4 than uninstall!


I doubt worrying about SP3 compatibility for this pack is needed. Everybody just installs the latest SP and carries on from there, and SP4 has been stable for a very long time.

Also, once the official post-SP4 roll-up comes out in May, you might need to re-make your pack, and it might be a lot of trouble. So just cautioning you to remember what all you did for the "hotstream" pack, to be able to do it again after the roll-up. :lol:

Looks like good going till now, waiting eagerly for your package's release :thumbup:

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@Seijuro & @prathapml - thanks alot for your support - really appreciate it :)

@prathapml & @Electrician - at the moment all things are kept in seperate modules. Rebuilding stuff is just one command. (Neat, huh? :D ) I'll probably keep the Post-SP4 updates in the Update Pack (which will require SP4), and join all the other updates (once all single components have been tested thoroughly) into one - the Option Pack (which only needs SP3 - but the requirement is just a number in an .INF file to me - I'll just increment it if there are any problems).

A colleague of mine actually demonstrated remote control between 2 Pro versions with NetMeeting - but that's two years ago or so. I'm still busy with IE6 (taking one component at a time), so I haven't found the time to investigate this yet.

First beta should be ready sometime next month or so. I'm not sure I want to add .NET 1.1 - should I?

Well - gotta get back to work now :yes:

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I vote yes for NET 1.1, and XML, and MDAC, etc.

As for uninstalling, I was thinking of those who detest media player and IE, etc etc.

and having everything in one do-or-die pack would prevent some from using it.

Personally, I don't use/want any kind of IM service (for example). And have

specific req for using MediaPlayer 9 - but not 10, and tho I tend to use the latest DirectX, I am never an early adopter when M$ updates, due the track record.

@Gurgelmeyer by "Seperate modules" I take it you mean for you, not for the end user? Or will this have an installation chk list?

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Well, "seperate modules" means one Type1 "hotfix" .EXE for each component - to me and to the end user. But merging them is no trouble at all; they are just temporarily seperated for my personal convenience :rolleyes:

Some folks don't like WMP9, some don't like IE, etc. As for WMP9 they probably don't like the fact that it supports DRM. As for IE they probably believe it's less "safe" than Mozilla based browsers. But those specific components are on their machines anyway in older versions since they are part of W2k, so they might as well be upgraded. They are not very hard to hide away.

Messenger is one of the few components I don't want to add - mostly because it's annoying for those who don't use it or don't want to use it.

I'll keep .NET 1.1 on the list. A short update on the Option Pack:

1) MDAC 2.7 SP1 - done.

2) MSXML 3.0 SP5 - done.

3) JET SP8 - done.

4) KB824151+Q832483 - done.

5) KB837001+KB829558 (DAO 3.60) - done.

6) JET40REPL update - done.

7) Script 5.6 - done.

8) IE6SP1+OE6SP1+WAB + hotfixes - almost done.

9) MSI 3.0 + hotfixes (any?) - tbd.

10) WMP9+WMP9 Codecs + hotfixes - tbd.

11) DX9c + hotfixes - tbd.

12) .NET 1.1 + SP1 - tbd.

13) RDP Client - tbd.

14) RDP "Server" - to be researched (NetMeeting).

15) MSJVM 3810 - tbd.

16) Various runtimes (VC, VB, etc) - tbd.

17) ...all the stuff I forgot in the above list (except MDAC 2.8 SP0 + Messenger) - tbd.

18) Shell icon update - to be researched.

Note: the above are not seperate components - 1-6 is one component (DA - data access), 7 is one component (SE - script engines), 8 is one component (IC - internet components). But they will all be merged into one - the Option Pack.

Update on the Hotfix/Update Pack:

1) all KBxxxxxx/Qxxxxxx for W2K Pro/Server/Adv/Powered - done. B)

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