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  1. win2k hotstream - topic continued

    Wow, when I first read "topic closed" I looked a little... But then it hit me, Gurglemeyer got his own well deserved realm!! If you guys decide to go the torrent (or any p2p) route I'm all in for it and willing to seed this puppy indefanently, it is the absolute very very least I can do in my part to help and show my appreciation of an undertaking that will probably never receive the recognition and gratitude it deserves.
  2. Windows 2000 "Hotstream" Project

    Yay! GurgelMeister, You are the man. B)
  3. Windows 2000 "Hotstream" Project

    I'm getting an error for access denied, when i get to a certain DLL. I am signed on an administrator account. Just running W2KSP5_EN.EXE
  4. Windows 2000 "Hotstream" Project

    My heart stopped for a second untill I read the good news. 3 cheers for Gurglemeyer! Hip hip Horray Hip hip Horray Hip hip Horray!
  5. Windows 2000 "Hotstream" Project

    Amen Gurgelmeyer couldn't receive too much thanks for this.
  6. Windows 2000 "Hotstream" Project

    And I think you deserve about a million bucks for it all. If I had 2, I'd give ya one.
  7. Windows 2000 "Hotstream" Project

    @Gurgelmeyer - You are the man.
  8. Will you be upgrading to Longhorn?

    There is no reason an OS should be looked to to revive a sagging demand for "more, bigger, faster" from the hardware industry. If this is one of the goals of Longhorn, it can be simply said that Longhorn is written specifically to be a slow lumbering pos that requires more powerful hardware than it should. Something that should be seen as morally wrong by any developer.
  9. Windows 2000 "Hotstream" Project

    Hi, I stumbled upon this thread in a Google search for uxtheme.dll. Long story short someone emailed a video to me that won't play, I reinstalled media player 9, and when it opened it gave an error message about not finding uxtheme.dll. I happened to have a copy of it lingering around from an old download of w2k3, but, it doesn't work, atleast not in 2k Anyway, long story short, I found your project so cool and impressive it prompted me to register for this board solely to subscribe to this thread to keep up with your project. And to make this post to say, bravo, bravo. ~S