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  1. Do not see how it can be your runonceEx, since the reg entries do not run till system reboots - unless the problem is in syntax of reg add's (an error waiting for a reponse). I agree you should un-hide the process.
  2. Several ways, what method are you using to include foxit reader in your build? Are you "simply" copying the files over to the drive during windows install or are you running an installer (like in svcpack)? Also, do you want the reader to be a default for all users, or just there for the Admin logon? The path you ultimately want to effect (or is it affect?) is: "Documents and Settings\<users name>\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch" With a shortcut in that location, that points back to the location of your exe. If this is ALWAYS the same (because you copied it there) you could create <and copy> a shortcut to the default user profile. You could also run an INF file during install that would create the shortcut for you. Which brings me to the final question; What ver of windows are you installing? 2k XP 2k3 vista???
  3. Check out the HFSLIP topic. You can build an installation CD that has all the updates and any custom settings you desire. El fantastico!!
  4. Do you mean an "In-place upgrade" ? You can do that by making a disk WITHOUT the Winnt.sif file. Choose install, then when it finds your current installation, choose repair option. If your CD has been slipstreamed with all the current updates (HFSLIP) then you won't loose a single update. This also keeps the programs (and reg entrys) which has gotten many of my friends out of a jam. If the sif file is on the CD you will never get the chance to do a repair install (in-place upgrade). You could keep the dif file on a floppy...
  5. Do you by chance have any other maps to that machine by it's name? Doing so, the system stores the name used during that connection, and will complain that the "information conflicts..." if you try to connect using a new name (your logon account assumed by default). Using the IP address instead is a known workaround to that problem. However, you didn't SAY that it was complaining in that way. I do not see how you can connect to an admin share with NO password via IP - unless it is accepting your logon by default and that logon is a local admin, as far as it is concerned . Do you have a local account on that machine? If so, and you are an admin (you should be since it is letting you attach at an Admin share) disconnect any other shares to that machine (including any in a script by "net use") and reboot. You can remap the all the shares by \\machine_name and should be golden.
  6. smilinjim I have never had messenger removed by integrating the USP's. I integrate them into my source (on disk) by doing this; "w2ksp51.exe /passive /n /integrate:E:\Create\W2ksp4_USP51" (for example) then IF I need to reduce size (often do), I use nlite for that. Of course, I also use HFslip to integrate all the current patches, etc. If you make a new CD, you can certainly do an in-place upgrade, which will add components and "restore" DLL's to the version on CD.
  7. Do not confuse Windows Messenger (the IM crapo) with the Messenger Service! You should see it listed under Services as "Messenger". That is what the program wants. Not as big a risk - but it was being MIS-used by web sites and spammers to throw pop-up messages at people. Messenger has not gone missing from any USP build that I know of. (Now, nlited on the other hand....)
  8. I agree with -I-, that this would best be "continued" as a rollup to Gurgelemeyers work. But don't count him out - he has been (IS?) ill and, God willing, will get better.
  9. $10 - ? At least they could make an upgrade version that was $99, if they REALLY want people to migrate from W2k to XP. Hey, remember how M$ claimed they could sell Office for $99 AND THEY WEREN'T DUMPING? Odd how, once they drove WordPerfect and other competitors out of business, it SUDDENLY got more expensive to make Office versions! The REAL reason they need to check IP/GUID/Lic# is to look for the users of Corp Lic ver's of XP. Keeping track of how many and what IP tells them if it is spreading...(IMHO). XP at work is ok, but there is LITTLE reason to compell me to upgrade my home machine from 2K, just as there is little reason to upgrade Office 97. Does what I need and the rest is B L O A T.
  10. I have done it successfully on several occasions - just make sure the CD you make does NOT have a winnt.sif file, or you won't be able to do the in-place upgrade. The CD restores all system files to the ver's on the CD, so add-ons that have replaced them will get "restored" aka; MP10 will not work - just re-install the tweaks from the svcp[ack.inf
  11. Actually it ships as part of the Windows 2000 Support Tools on the CD. Is there really anybody doing "this stuff" that DOESN'T add to their build?? Still, if you can work around it - great!
  12. I tried to Nlite an Nlited source and ttried to slipstream from an Nlited source - they both failed to make anything useable. Never tried to USP an Nlited source. As for changing shells.. example: single user change [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\WinShellEx] "Default"="GeoShell" [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\WinShellEx\GeoShell] "Start"="c:\\geotest\\GeoShell.exe" For all users: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon] "Shell"="LiteStep.exe" [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon] "Shell"="c:\\litestep\\LiteStep.exe" etc etc. exact steps will be explained in docs for your new shell.
  13. Electrician


    My prev comment was not meant to accuse... I don't think it is illegal to hack files on your system, tho they may have an argument that to do so, requires some level of reverse engineering. As long as you don't share M$ components... And, yes, I don't think they would harass msfn folk because we are being "enthusiasts". Still, don't kick a giant. @squeeto ref to Star Wars - Jedi mind trick used to get past Empire solders.
  14. Are you using a SATA (or scsi) drive, and did you use F6 to install drivers for same?
  15. Electrician


    I think it might be illegal to use XP system files and possibly even M$ themes - but it is certainly NOT illegal for people to use (mis use?) free XP themes under win2k. But then they were not designed for 2k and I think it would take a LOT of trickery to make them close to working. Illegal gray with Hfslip? hmmmm. These are not the droids you are looking for, you may move on. p.s. a MAC look? eeeeeeuuu. If you want a REALLY good & free dock pgm, try RocketDock (works with dual monitor setups too) http://www.punksoftware.com/
  16. Double phew! I saw this topic and got scared for a moment. My approach has always been to apply the usp to my "virgin <ya right>" source and then use slip to add security (since usp release date) and other things. Of course I then add the usp cats and exe back to svcpack - .inf and dir. Has always worked like a charm. Now I gotta have a beer...
  17. Are you concerned that the downloads are corrupt? As for files being valid, just use the M$ Catalog files (but of course that would mean using SFC). Didn't the Win98 method allow users to "ok" non std files? Wish that could be brought back in w2k. I have never had a 2k system that, when told to "continue using..." a file it didn't like, would shutup about it. Well, short of disabling SFC.
  18. You running multiple OS's or is there some benefit to splitting your OS and Programs directories? I did that once between Win98se an 2k - got to be more than a pain. Could not determine if that was the case or not, it installs (sort of) under 2k - but it did seem to make the system a bit wonky and I had removed it soon after. Always thought WHY would you need XPize if you are RUNNING XP. It is all just curtain dressing anyway.....(2k rules!)
  19. ULTRA LITE? The INF shouldn't care you have them - it would create reg entries anyway. But you got me curious, I will download for a look-see. Or do you mean you don't use all the ICL's? That would mean reg entries for icons that are avail... off to DL. (This learning thing just never stops....)
  20. Not everyone loves XP icons (so most wouldn't use) but having the ability to restore native win2k might encourage some to try them, that otherwise wouldn't. Besides, not EVERYTHING is wrapped around using TommyP/TomCats slipstream. SOME people might actually have a NON slipped install where they want to try the icl files. But as for slippng them - why not just drop the icl files and run the reg during slip, if you want them permanently installed? btw has anyone tried XPize after installing the icl+reg? Does XPize restore the pointers to the icl or does it even care? Guess it uses file hacks to the resources in the pe files, so may be moot point - just wondering.
  21. @squeeto You are right, should have. Didn't because it is such a small thing. When you choose to empty the trash bin and you get the "Are you sure?" box - it has an icon that would normally be a folder/document with red exclamation mark. This is the recycle bin sweeper icon, normaly iconindex -33. Bugs used 32 (Full trashbin) the -33 works just fine with his shell32.icl. INFO: A 32 is the 33rd icon from the start of the icl (starts from 0) I once read on a M$ page (somewhere) that a minus means to use the (in this case) 33rd System Icon. Near as I can figure it, the icons are grouped into sets, and each set can have different sizes and color depths so that whatever depth/size the user has - they get the right version of the "same" icon. Using a minus seems to tell it to use a special group. eg; if you counted the icons in shell32.icl based on what you see when you "change icon", there are 237 icons (SETS) the last icon type you see is the one we want - but there are 5 sets and the 1st set has icon 33 (the 1st is icon #233 which has two icons - #32 & #33 in 4 and 8 bit color 32x32) SnIco is a great program to "see this". btw it seems the internal ico count goes to 127 then starts a 0 again, so maybe the 2nd set of ico's is the "system" set? A LOOOONG search of M$ nobase did yeild this bit of info: "Notice that you can also use the resource ID to identify an icon within an executable module. If the specified index is a negative number, the shell automatically interprets it as a resource ID and attempts to locate the icon whose resource ID equals the modulus of the index. For example, mylib.dll,-204 points to the icon with a resource ID of 204."
  22. I will send up (over?) 2.21 now. The red not symbol, etc like on XP? Yes they are there. And YES, if you use a dif directory than winnt, it will cause problem. I include a cmd file in the pkg (that isn't run because I couldn't get iexpress to do it) that would have added a line to the inf to set the SYSROOT to whatever you are using. I had to settle for setting to the default loc. For the slip, just del the last line in the inf that sets SYSROOT and append a correct one (like in the cmd file). then it will install in the right place. Guess I didn't make that clear enough. sorry. And thanks for all the testing.
  23. None taken, considering the source. Glad my "unworking" inf could be of some help to you. @TommyP I have only tested (so far) on running w2k systems, so.. I put a copy of the 2.2 ver (renamed to xpicons.exe) into the svcpack folder of my last sourcess build, and added the exe name into svcpack.inf. I do not use the reduction capabilitys, so this disk has everything that M$ entended and more. Doing the install now. ed- Finised. Icons good, menu items good. Uninstall worked, but it took a log off/on to get the network places, recycle bin and the icons on the main start menu to refresh. The recycle bin now has a 'paper with windows logo' (default for unknown) icon. Yet it is a working recycle bin. Ah ha - seems the (resore of) EMPTY had a Mistype in the inf (had .icl instead of .dll) Fixed. While I was looking at this, I discovered a small error carried over from the original REG files. It was the icon shown in the "alert" window when you choose to delete trashed contents. Should I bother uploading ver 2.21, or are you all sick of it? Ya Kramy, we gotta laugh - or go nuts.

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