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Windows 2000 "Hotstream" Project


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@dirtwarrior - Thanks for your support :) - my updates can only be slipstreamed manually at the moment (and - trust me - that is hard work). When the packages are final, I'll take care of slipstreaming - I wanna slipstream them too B)

Everyone: I NEED VOULENTEERS TO GET 8 MORE HOTFIXES FROM MICROSOFT - I overlooked those earlier because they are quite old - please help me! (I can't get anything from Microsoft myself anymore). PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. I have a special "reward" for anyone who helps me :yes: - so send me a PM if you wanna help me out (you just have to own a valid W2k license and make a phone call - that's all it takes).

I'll have news on the option pack later today.

Best regards,


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Option Pack Update:

1) MDAC 2.7 Post-SP1 - done.

2) MSXML 3.0 SP5 - done.

3) JET Post-SP8 - done.

4) KB824151+Q832483 - done.

5) KB837001+KB829558 (DAO 3.60) - done.

6) JET40REPL update - done.

7) Script 5.6 - done.

8) IE6SP1+OE6SP1+WAB + hotfixes - done.

9) MSI 3.1 v2 - tbd.

10) WMP9+WMP9 Codecs + hotfixes - tbd.

11) DX9c - done. (does it have hotfixes?)

12) .NET 1.1 + SP1 - tbd.

13) RDP Client - tbd.

14) RDP "Server" - postponed.

15) MSJVM 3810 - tbd.

16) Various runtimes (VC, VB, etc) - tbd.

17) ...all the stuff I forgot in the above list (except MDAC 2.8 SP0 + Messenger) - tbd.

18) Shell icon update - to be researched.

19) SLIPSTREAMING TOOL for "deep integration" of Update Pack and/or Option Pack - tbd.

Moving fast now B)

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Thanks to a few very helpful prople, I now have 22 new hotfixes (almost). That's a total of >240 in the final Update Pack! B)

Expect some great news soon! And don't install the MS URP1 even if it shows up on WU - it will be part of the Update Pack :yes:

Public release of the Update Pack is within a day or two - so .. er... "stay tuned" :rolleyes:

Got to get some sleep now I'm afraid.... I'll try to finish the Option Pack too ;)

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Maybe you can get some more from the W2K Update Rollup? It's about to be release.

My thoughts exactly - I'm actually waiting for MS.

Btw, I renamed the Update Pack to "URP1", which is short for "Unofficial RollUp 1" :whistle:

Well - still got work to do on the Option Pack though... if anyone wants to check out the repacked components, they are now available for public download thanks to war59312 :thumbup

1 - DA.EXE (Data Access + XML + JET + fixes etc)

2 - IC.EXE (IE6SP1 + WAB6 + OE6SP1 + fixes)

3 - DX.EXE (DirectX 9.0c)

Available here: http://www.willsdownloads.com/hotstream/hotstream.php

I might mention, that all the Option Pack components can be safely and completely uninstalled (including DX9).

Best regards,

Gurgelmeyer B)

edit: link fixed

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