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Windows 2000 "Hotstream" Project


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OMG, 82490.20 MB yesterday. That's 82GB in one day. Looks like I got the slashdot treatment. :(

Did they post on article or something to my site? Cause that is just crazy!!!

It was not updated yet when I posted.


Cycle Estimate: 385.479 GB

Estimated Charges: $230.48

oh and the cycle estimate is wrong..thats just up to todays date...the real end of the cycle is Novemember 1st...

So that will be something like 2227.97GB (that's 71.87GB times 31). So that's 2.2TB of bandwidth this month.

so now you know why its offline....

Well I'm dead.....

Well if anyone cares to donate, please see willsdownloads.com.... thanks a ton!!!!!!!!

If I even consider still hosting this I will be very strict...that is pw protection...and the alike...

atm though it looks like my hosting days of hotstream is done.... :( its just to **** popular and people must have posted it everywhere....

even with hot linking protectiion... :(

Some updated sats:

Average successful download requests per day: 14,907

16,679 download requests yesterday

Average data transferred per day: 71.87 gigabytes

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thats a GREAT idea... - why dont we setup a torrent share.

my bandwidth limit isn't worth mutch but gladly would help out a couple of people.....

the thing is im wondering if HIGHER compression Could be an option...

Maybe Some here running a Dual core Athlon and at least 1 GB of RAM would like to try what the results would be to Compress the USP5.exe in 7z utra-compression. (or any other Archiving format that does a better job..

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7z probably is the best option

Do you have such a machine to compress it? my working maince is a single core athlon XP 1400+ with just over 300 megs of SDR pc133 RAM and i dont hav actual -phisical accees to my dual Athlon MP 1800+ 1gig machine,

and i realy dont wanna do this with a non-secure vnc conection.... did it once and got hack so f* bad.. im dont ever wanna do it again....

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war59312 - You should have set up bandwidth limiting on it. I set the limit on sp5.ryanvm.net to 100GB/month to avoid any issues like that.

I can try 7zip compressing it, but I doubt it'll make much difference since the file's already CAB compressed.

EDIT: Just created a 7zip Ultra archive. 222MB instead of 226MB as a zip file. gurgelmeyer - are you using LZX:21 compression for your CABs? I've got some other questions for you too. Shoot me a PM or IM so we can talk more about how you're doing it.

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war59312 - You should have set up bandwidth limiting on it. I set the limit on sp5.ryanvm.net to 100GB/month to avoid any issues like that.

Yeah I did. I think they are going to drop the charges sicne they are bs it seems. THey just said another 40gb today when its been offlne for like 24hours so thats bs.

Well their cap system sucks. I got it capped at 140GB and it went to 224.322 GB. Which I am trying to get removed.

Well some crazy numbers for ya:

Figures in parentheses refer to the 7-day period ending Oct 17 2005 at 3:16 AM.

Successful requests: 585,093 (50,107)

Average successful requests per day: 2,277 (7,158)

Successful requests for pages: 120,613 (8,778)

Average successful requests for pages per day: 469 (1,253)

Failed requests: 97,973 (1,982)

Redirected requests: 3,178 (4)

Data transferred: 641.64 gigabytes (172.30 gigabytes)

Average data transferred per day: 2.50 gigabytes (24.61 gigabytes)

Went from 2.5gb a day to 24.61 this week. WOW!

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thing is though? - how the F* can we get this any smaller in size :S - because current is just way to high to actually get it spread. (anyone up for a better idea)

> maybe, using, some file downloading sites,

> as well as sending it with - 22 emails to a gmail account. -

> and ofcourse a Torrent tracker would help,

(if only i knew how to set a torrent share on my box with a 5GB/month data-limit) id sure like to help spread this.

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I vote for torrent tracker.

Super-seed it a while, & then let the leechers share bits among themselves thereafter.

I have been in a venture like this before - it cut our server's bandwidth usage massively. From 40 gig a day, to 3 gigs!

So yes, its worth it.


crawl out of the darkness and VOTE - link :P

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