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Windows 2000 "Hotstream" Project


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I'm getting an error for access denied, when i get to a certain DLL.

I am signed on an administrator account.

Just running W2KSP5_EN.EXE

I get this error as well. It tried to installed it on a computer that's part of a domain and it said this error message. Yes I am a full domain admin. I also tried it when logged onto the computer locally and it still came up with the same error.

I'm not sure if the fact that the pc had the ms rollup pack installed made a difference.

I'll try it later on my server at home and see what happens.

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SP5 seems to work great using nLite to slipstream with

I can't seem to get the /integrate to work with da.exe, ic.exe, or da.exe and nLite doesn't like em either

At the command prompt I am typing: da.exe /integrate:c:\temp\win2k

It extracts and then gives an error:

An error occured while attempting to integrate this software update package. Verify that the architecture, language, and service pack level of this software update are valid for the target distribution folder.

Using the /update command does nothing either.

Any help on how to slipstream the option packs?

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downloaded it, and seams to work like a charm -

so it there a plan (or is anyone planning on trying to get utxthemes in win2 or even MS-security center. ???

i thought i wread about it some where,

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Hey gurgelmeyer...I have a few suggestions for your win2k SP5:

1) System Restore (I can grab that from winme and translate it into NTFS win2k format if you'd like) :)

2) 32 bit icandy in the taskbar

3) new Windows logo in the start button (I could help you with that too, if ya'd like)

Other than that...I'm now using Win2k SP4 Roll-Up 1, and I had no probelms with it whatsoever. By the way...what new features are in SP5 that aren't in the SP's released by Microsoft? :) (Just wondering.) Thnx a bunch...and I hope I don't distract too much of your time.

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i can't access it, plse see the attached image. i tried by disabling downlaod accelerator.  :(

Sorry your isp, not just your ip but your entire ISP, is black listed due to abuse. Over 500 downloads a sec. for over an hour. :(

I also imploy a custom ban app:

30 Jul 2005 22:15:14 - 5 lists processed - 6 lists skipped - 3691 blocked ranges processed - 0 granted ranges processed - 0 invalids lines detected - ipblocker table now contains 3671 ranges - process completed in 2.179 seconds


:P So use a proxy. Or email me and I will hook up.

This goes for anyone. Just quote this post in email and say Hotstream Banned in the subject of the email message. If you dont the email will get filtered out as spam as I have my email account setup to ignore all but certain subjects and friends.

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lol - the reason i use 2k is because i hate the load on my system SR and alike cause on my system LOL -

but - security center, (might) be nice,

theme support would be cewl,

some grafic improvements could be on my wishlist too,

and i would love to have my win version set to windows 2000 service pack 5. build ??

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Cool, anyone have any details?

Gurgelmeyer, tried the SP5 everything worked perfect. great job. :thumbup

Now i have no excuse to setup that 2K backup install i`ve been putting off. :D

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Hi :)

First, some of you report an error during install when it reaces some dll - which dll is that exactly? I'd really like to fix this problem.

Second - the Option Pack beta packages (DA.EXE, IC.EXE, etc) - don't support /integrate at all. Don't waste too much time on them :lol: - they'll be replaced.

Best regards,

Gurgelmeyer B)

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Ok i have updated my Win 2K Pro/Server/Adv-Server MSDN disk and integrated SP5. Now I am searching for boot folders to create multiboot CD. The original folders are not working, neither are the folders created from CDBOOT files in BOOTDISK folder.

My original disk is of Win2K-SP2 so that seems the problem. Can anyone tell were to get the files for boot folder for SP5...

Also it seems SP4 and SP5 uses same boot folder, so if any1 have link to SP4 boot folder, please help.

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