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  1. +1 for CCleaner. One of the best freewares. I am using it for long time and it is keeping my system very fine.
  2. If you drag files from WinRAR/7-Zip, and drop in some explorer window, it will extract files to temp folder and then move it to extract folder using standard copy. Also I have Copy Handler installed, so this step is performed by Copy Handler and not by Windows's internal file copy dialog. On the other hand, if you use context menu in explorer or specify destination directory in extract to dialog, it will extract files directly to your extract folder.
  3. i don't think ??.txt will match with 100.txt ? represents 0 or 1 charactor. so it will be max 2 digit file name, not 3 digit. but in your case, ??.txt will match both 1.txt and 10.txt. may be you can move files which you have merged to some other folder using move command. copy ?.txt 01.tmp md 1 move ?.txt 1 copy ??.txt 02.tmp md 2 move ?.txt 2 copy ???.txt 03.tmp md 3 move ?.txt 3
  4. may be you can try this.. little longer but it will work for you. copy ?.txt 01.tmp copy ??.txt 02.tmp copy ???.txt 03.tmp ... like this... this will get all 0.txt - 9.txt in 01.tmp, then 10.txt-99.txt in 02.tmp and so on. once you are done this, then get all tmp files merged. copy *.tmp final.txt A bit lengthy, but it will do the job.
  5. choice command will help in it. check for its syntax on how you can use it with if errorlevel = ... command for your use.
  6. I use Copy Handler. Works good. Number of simultaneous copy jobs can be set, others are added to queue. It works better when I do multiple copying. I can go on and copy/paste files, and if unlike Windows copy which slows down if you are copying more than one file at a time, this completes much faster. Pause/Resume is also there.
  7. I believe shoutcast with proper plugins is what you need.
  8. .NET versions are not backward compatible. So you need to install both .NET 1.1 and 2.0.
  9. Its File comparision not compression so WinRAR is out of scene... Being a java programmer, I do use "Microsoft WinDiff"
  10. I am using this Locate32 program for searching files. Now i want to keep it in my UA cd, but i am unable to find silent switches. Please help...
  11. 1. Enable DMA for your HDD, it will increase speed by large margin. 2. Defrag your HDD. 3. Keep large free space on your drive that holds TEMP folder. 4. Keep fixed size SWAP file, and keep it on different partition than your system partition. 5. Try to use Copy Handler tool. I think it is little faster and though it may not look faster, it is good tool to copy files as it gives so much options, like Pause/Resume copy process, or skip some files from unreadable disks etc.
  12. I spent nearly 13 hrs on my 56kbps dialup to download around 80% of file (SP5) and now i am getting "File /Location not found error"... Is there any update or is the file removed from server for any reason? Also as I already have RC3, is there any way where I can patch it to final version instead of downloading full 230MB?
  13. So these 3 option packs are meant for RunOnceEx method?
  14. Try this - http://unattended.msfn.org/intermediate/methods/intro.htm I would suggest to use RunOnceEx method for its looks.
  15. As you can see in PDF they both are created on 25th Jan 2005
  16. The ultimate reference for Windows XP Services was BlackViper's site http://www.blackviper.com But that site is now closed, and i don't know if it ever will be up, and I don't know any mirrors too. But good news is that you can check out the site in google cache. And even better, I have the sites contents in PDF. BlackViper's Services configuration for different users 45KB BlackViper's Services 411 - Everything you need to know about services 210KB
  17. Ok i have updated my Win 2K Pro/Server/Adv-Server MSDN disk and integrated SP5. Now I am searching for boot folders to create multiboot CD. The original folders are not working, neither are the folders created from CDBOOT files in BOOTDISK folder. My original disk is of Win2K-SP2 so that seems the problem. Can anyone tell were to get the files for boot folder for SP5... Also it seems SP4 and SP5 uses same boot folder, so if any1 have link to SP4 boot folder, please help.
  18. try running "dxdiag" from Start>Run and tell the results.
  19. I was having problem from my mail provider, and at that time, my Outlook 2003 mailbox is filled with duplicate mails being re-downloaded all over the place. Now I want some freeware tool to remove all this junk. Also second problem is that I have downloaded few mail headers, and then deleted those mails from web interface. Now everytime i try to download new mails, it gives error that "Some messeges marked for download does not exists." And when i try to delete the headers from inbox, those are not deleted but instead "marked for delete" which again leads to same error. As I use outlook only for e-mails which are all POP3, is there any alternative that can give me ability to create messege rules, folders, labels, and ability to arrange mails by conversation like outlook. Also it should able to import my existing mails from outlook. A freeware would be great.
  20. I am using this nice tool for handling copy process of windows. It features Pause and Resume suppport which is missing in default windows file copy. Now i want this software to register itself so that it can overwrite the Copy/Paste functions of windows. The method to do is to right click the system tray icon and select to "Register Shell extension dll..." This adds/modifies some reg entries. I tried with regshot but the list is just too confusing for me to create reg file. So if anyone have created the reg file to merge please help me. Copy Handler can be found at http://www.copyhandler.prv.pl/ but right now that server has exceeded the bandwidth limit. Alternative location is http://www.tucows.com/preview/366206.html It will be great for me if someone can create silent installer.
  21. I faced this and hence i just turned off all the text ie deleted all text resources. Have a look at my completed file here
  22. Winamp (MP3) WMP 10 (Video / CD-DVD) WMP 6.4 (small clips)

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