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[Desktops] 2005

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@phex. how do you get the transparent look man...btw....great shot of your desktop

There are a couple ways to get that effect, including stuff like some built-in nVidia tools, as well as having programs that simply have the feature built-in, but I prefer glass2k.

yes you are correct, I do that with Nview with my Nvidia card; but for me is very useful for msn and web surf at the same time.

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Hey all,

I'm still very new to the windows visual customization theme, so I have a question. How do you get those the hard drive icon and status in Rickie and DBarras desktop (top right corner)?

Many thanks,


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I Think comes with Sum Stardard Icons and the rest u gotta Search for and stuff i think but not 100% sure on it most programs like dat do have few stardard and rest u gotta get urself.

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Screen Shots? My turn.


Click here to zoom 140kb


200mhz P1 cpu, 96meg Ram.

Win95c shell. Win98se OS. (Like 98lite, but hand done. Icons 'Reshacked' to XP standards, also hand done.

Start menu: Painkiller. No Nag Shareware.

Titlebar buttons: Eppie Desktop. Free.

Windows: Windowblinds 2.1 (Soon to be replaced by Tihiys' LameSkin. Shareware, old (but still good) and a bit hard to find. Windowblinds home

Explorer Tree: TreeHugger from Grigri. Awesome! Free.

Context Menu: Hee, hee... gotta hold something back for later. :whistle:

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i couldnt stand having that as my theme, way 2 hard on the eyes, not 2 mention (IMO) ugly :P

good job tho, gotta get something outta 98 lol

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Wow... that's a really bright desktop...I dunno... but yellow just doesn't suit computers. Fast cars and motorcycles, sure... but yellow Windows just doesn't seem to work... :P

Pretty cool that you were able to get that going on Win98 though... I thought that you were pretty much limited to changing your wallpaper.

Regarding the question about icons for AveDesk, you can find lots of them on DeviantArt and just by using Google. Do a bit of searching and you can find hundreds.

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Heres mine:-

67db6403d1.jpg]oldwolfs desktop

Finally got the Start button changed too. Took a while but nothing like trying to do things with MS stuff to mess around with your head.

(edited 7:50pm, hope it works this time)

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