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  1. eidenk: To build on that idea, there are a lot of setting in the registry worth exporting. I use 2 methods. For the Shell (Explorer), every time I find a setup I like get 'squashed' or altered, I track down and export the keys (after fixing things up) and append them to a master file called 'MyDefaults.reg'. When my PCs need a 'tune up' I just merge the one file (a differant one for each). For installed programs, I track down and export that programs keys to the programs folder. It takes a bit of detective work because programs sometime install context menu helpers and such way off the beaten track in CLASSES_ROOT. But if it's just general settings, of the shell and installed programs, you can usually find what you want in 'Software'. Of course, always when dealing with the Registry, back 'er up often (and especialy before you do the 'tune up' trick I mention above. On a couple of PCs, I've experimented with 'Complete Registry Backup'. Once I get a PC 'just right', I backup the registry files & the six files that come up in 'sysedit'. On the next boot, those eight files are copied overtop of the 'originals'. What this means is that the PC now boots thinking it just woke up after the 'just right' boot. The registry doesn't grow, 'streams (MRUs) remain intact. The downside is that you must 'unlock' the system to install software or update the system. I use batch files to handle that. I used that method to 'lock down' a PC going to a family with two young boys & even I'm amazed at how stable it's been. true tales from the Danger Zone... nitebat
  2. folks: A lesson learned I think. Tihiys 're-creation' of ScanDisk is nice looking (withe Lameskin) and adds some functionality. All using built in functions. What other system functions (hard to get at ones) can we write wrappers for. Tihiy suggested 'Network Properties' & 'Device Manager'. But what about extra Control Panel applets for things that don't have them (yet)? Adds functionality, puts things where folks expect it to be and, using 'system functions', there is little (ah... less) chance of introducing serious bugs. Can a 'wrapper' be a '.cpl' file, tihiy? nitebat
  3. Thank you tihiy: The functions had to come from somewhere. I had no idea they were buried so deep. Makes scense though. So now the 32 bit functions have a 32 bit 'front end'. nitebat Always willing to learn.
  4. Petr: oops, forgot about those extra address bits. It is improtant if we'er gonna keep up then. Could you install XP on a large drive in FAT32 just so you could acsses most of it. What would happen. Could that be done as a 'workaround' for now? nitebat
  5. Logged & noted, with respect, rloew. Part of keeping Win 9x alive is compatability with new hardware & software. This forum, it seems, will leave no stone unturned in that regard. There are many ways to build a house; the 'other' poster
  6. miko: tihiys' 32 bit ScanDisk is the result of disscusions we had concerning the LameSkin part of his Revolution Pack. I had asked if he could 'skin' no-standard buttons (like 'Start' & 'Close' in ScanDisk). He said it would be easier to write a 32 bit ScanDisk, which he did. It took him less then 2 hours. Now, Scandiskw.exe is just a 'wrapper' for the 16 bit scandisk.exe in the C:\Windows\Command\ folder. The original Scandiskw.exe is a 16 bit app as well. Tihiy just wrote a 32 bit 'front end' for scandisk.exe. Defrag, on the other hand, is a 16 bit app with no 'dos' companion. So, unfortunatly, there will be no 'skinnable' version of defrag.exe anytime soon. So, miko, fear not, tihiy didn't re-write scandisk, just made a new (and nicer) GUI front end for it. It would be scary to introduce a new bug in such an important program as scandisk, but in this case that is simply impossible. Scandisk.exe remains untouched. Whether (or if) it ends up in Gapes' or Tihiys' packages is up to them. Wherever it ends up, I will and already am using it and I will pass it on to others... without fear. Hope that clarifies things for you. nitebat
  7. folks: And the winner is.... layout.zip! If any of the above proggies should be added to 98seSP, it's this one. Slick, small and (apparently) a Microsoft product! It's amazing what you folks haul out of the ether. I've checked 'Properties' on the '.dll' (and with a hex editer) and it appears to be genuine. Whaddayou say Gape, does this one make the grade? Great find ack-hh! nitebat
  8. petr: Way to go, Petr! If Mr. Loew had read this thread, he would know that we are looking for free solutions for improving Win 9x. So he is either: A: uninformed B: bragging C: protecting (what he thinks is) his turf. All of us are here to help or not here at all. I'm not much of a flamer, but this one got me. petr, I've followed your posts. You're more then smart enough to figure out your own solutions and have been a great help to this board. Let us all follow your example! nitebat P.S. There's more then one way to skin a rat...
  9. Folks: Here's another. IconLock. Save/Restore icon positions, auto change with screen resolution change and more. iconlock.zip A PCMag utility... from... somewhere else. nitebat
  10. Tihiy: AWESOME! Replaced your Scandskw.exe with the old one (in C:\Windows\) and... works like a charm! That was on my 'test bed' with 98seSP, 98se>ME, RP 3.5. My 'base' (read 'base line') PC, with none of the above, crashed with: SCANDSKW caused a general protection fault in module KRNL386.EXE at 0001:00006386. Registers: EAX=00000000 CS=0147 EIP=00006386 EFLGS=00000246 EBX=00000020 SS=5a3f ESP=00008a6c EBP=00008a72 ECX=00000031 DS=016f ESI=00005967 FS=5967 EDX=000217e3 ES=016f EDI=802c016f GS=0000 Bytes at CS:EIP: 8e 5e 04 8e 06 60 00 ba 42 00 bb 26 12 e8 48 fa Stack dump: 016f016f 8a785967 17e26985 00288ac0 17e2019f fffffff8 005101d8 00000001 00000010 0063fbd4 7fe81590 00000001 bff9b3fe 00637000 00402c9c No big deal. Just include it in the next release of the Revolution Pack (which I believe fixes the above problem). Great (and lets not forget fast) work! nitebat
  11. Ah, Petr, in your wisdom you point out a rare occasion when re-inventing the wheel is a good idea! It would be nice to add that to the list of fixes for good ol' 9x. Uh.... the wheel is open source, isn't it?
  12. eidenk: Yes, there we are with the registry keys. That was part of my fix, but... hmmmm. Drat! Only MDGx seems to be able to keep track of everything! Oh, and the net sharing software I use shares the internet between the PCs on my LAN, not peer to peer, sorry.
  13. Thanx for the support, MDGx: Not leaving well enough alone, I have messed around with the WebCheck 'fix' to see what was causing this behavour. My 'base' machine and a Dell laptop have a 'cheap' form of 98Lite. I discovered from an article on the web (about 4 years ago) about how to 'transplant' the Win 95 'shell' into Win 98. The three files are Explorer.exe Shell32.dll & ComDlg32.dll (I'm sure this is not news to you). 98Lites' idea was to inprove performance and to 'unplug' web integration. Now, it turns out that my version of Windows was 95c which shipped with Internet Explorer 4.01 and web integration! My Explorer.exe is version 4.72.2106.4 . Two points; What happened with Webcheck may have been the result of the 'oddness' of my systems. My current IE on both PCs is 5.5 sp2. What did the 'c' stand for in 95c? That version no. above. Is that a Win 95 Explorer.exe? It was smaller then the one that shipped with Win 98se (and I made it smaller still by 'ResHacking' it to death). Oh, one last point. This setup allowed me to have a web integrated Win 95 shell on Win 98se, an option 98Lite doesn't offer. I like web integration up to a point! I usually 'turn off' 'Active Desktop' by simply removing any referance of it from menus and such. Recently, my 'base' machine somehow had Active Desktop turned off. That's what caused Webcheck to go bonkers. My internet sharing software needed Active Desktop to function properly. So, a rare ocurrance, still the right solution. WebCheck must be registered even if 98Lites' 'Sleek' option is enabled (Win 95 shell without web integration). I'll try to find that '.reg' file that removed the Active Desktop menu items.
  14. Well folks, it may not be a done deal but at least it's in the works! Check out this post from Tihiy: Tihiys' Post I guess 200+ posts in three days does show some interest in this feature. Eye candy is good as long as you make it optional. That way everyone is happy.
  15. MDGx: Awesome work! You, Gape & Tihy have truely breathed new life into Win 98se! My 'test bed' PC & laptop not only look better, but are both much more stable. Your 98SE2ME was a painless install. I had already installed Tihiys' Revolution Pack on the 'test bed' before, so I had to re-install it. No problems... at all. I call it a 'test bed' 'cause once it's running all fine & dandy, I try to break it by installing software I know alters system files and such (unless your into beta testing, don't try this at home, kids). I'll pass on what info I can if there are conflicts and we'll get this good enough for anybody to use.
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