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whats your scores?


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ok, i installed it again and ran it, my pc has over 2000 fragged files on it, so this isnt very accurate test, but ill sort it out later and then re bench it.


Date 2002-10-19

CPU AMD Athlon™ XP/MP/4 1733 MHz

GPU NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4400

OS Microsoft Windows XP

Res 1024x768 32bit

Memory 512 MB DDR pc2700 crucial tech'

8761 marks.

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My score is somewhere between the 5900-6000 range but have seen SAME spec computers with 128 RAM beat me out by a 1000 points(I know even 128DDR cannot beat out 384SDR.. I think).. Are they overclocking or is my comp just slow?


P4 1.5(FSB 100 MHz)

384 SDR PC133

64 DDR Radeon 8500(catalyst driver6.13.10.6166)

Win XP(Directx 8.1)

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No elite doesent.. thats not his machine, HE WISHES it was. look at the owners email address MSNwar duh!

my 8761 score is verifyable, check:

with radeon 8500:

8871 Marks and 8783 Marks

with geforce 4 ti440:

8761 Marks

i need to tweek my card and settings, and defrag this damned hard disc!

duh my arse Tris. How am I supposed to know everyone's email addresses. lol

Cmon €L1T€, prove it with a verifiable email address, you have been contested.

Time to Walk-The-Walk guys.

Happy now? :)

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