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HFSLIP (original thread)

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@Electrician.  You may want to read this:  http://www.vorck.com/hfslip.html for what fixes are to be placed into the HF folder.  At first glance, W2K hotfixes don't belong there (msxml3.msi, rootsupd.exe, scripten.exe).  XP comes with msxml3, rootsupd isn't needed, and scripten is an IE6SP1, XP is IE6SP2.  Also, be sure that your XP source is SP2.

ok then. I thought xml3 sp5 was newer than the ver in xp.

Scripten - my bad! :blushing: If I build a box from "bare" xpsp2 WU recomends rootsupd - so I figured it wouldn't hurt. Even looking at the dir AGAIN - it took me sev seconds to SEE the 2k hotfix...for win 2k SERVER? how the H--- did that get there?

geeez. Maybe 4 years is too long on my glasses :whistle:

Will rebuild in a little while - with the crap outa there. Thanks for the looksee.

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[random commentary about jill's wedding snipped]

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Hi again. I've had to go away for a few days so I couldn't answer you earlier. Sorry about that. Now my replys will be much much quicker...

Regarding the DirectX problem: In device manager I have the "!" sign next to "USB Audio Device". The error being displayed is: Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device (Code 31).

The files that are being used by the device are:






DXDiag seems to report that everything is fine... However under "Sound", no soundcards appear.

After reinstalling DirectX (or when installing with the previous method that used silent install), everything works fine: There is no "!" next to the device, and in DXDiag I see my USB Audio as a sound card under the "Sound" tab. Regarding the files in use, the same list of files appear (there are no additional files there when it is working fine).

I hope this can help you determine the problem.

If you can think of any other tests that I can do, just let me know, and I'll try to do the best I can.



Edited by pene

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tommyp, pene

Have the same problem with usb camera here. Probably the DX slipstream is broken - something missing in regestry maybe?

After installing USB camera Windows wants to reboot: "Windows 2000 has finished installing new devices. You must restart your computer before the new settings will take effect."

There are a few "!" signs (exclamation points) in Device Manger:

USB PC Camera 301P in Other devices



BDA Slip De-Framer

Closed Capion Decoder

Microsoft Streaming Service Proxy


World Standard Teletext Codec - all in "Sound, video and game controllers". The corresponding .infs seems to be in INF folder on the system and should be fine.

There is only "USB PC Camera 301P" in Device Manager after reboot. The camera can't be used: "Sorry, you have no video capture hardvare. Video capture will not function properly."

If re-run DirectX installer the camera starts working.

I tested 3 installations (with IE and DX, only IE, just hotfixes for the system). I have the ERROR_REPORT.TXT for the first one but the problem seems to be with DirectX slipstream because the driver installs perfectly on any system without slipstreamed DX.

There is one more file in my repacked DirectX installer - BDAXP.cab and this installer works, maybe there is something there that should to be installed too?

Best regards,

Oleg 2

PS I found this problem a few days ago but thought it might be connected with some fault from my side. So I tried three different installations today just to confirm it is related to DX slipstream. I still have two images of the system for previous installations where this happened so if there is some information needed for solving this problem I could try to help (not a technitian but will try).

Edited by Oleg_II

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Tried your set again today (I waisted my holidays again with this computer :(

Re-running IEACCESS.inf doesn't help - .chm files open with only white background, no contents displayed :(

I also tried to run your stand alone OE.exe on top of installation but OE also doesn't work - there is a grey background for preview window and I can't create a new message (described it last time). Have not tried it on system installed without OE then (sorry, forgot it).

One more touch - I also tried to install without OE and there is "Mail Recipient" in Send To - no need for this if OE is not installed, I suppose?

And hotfixes page.

I'm confused :blink: - there are some more hotfixes than in your page here and there is no IE5.01sp4-KB896727-Windows2000sp4-x86-ENU.exe - you wrote that it should be slipstreamed

even if you will not be installing Internet Explorer

Any way, I used only hotfixes from your page and it seems to be working fine for me.

Best regards,

Oleg 2

PS To all who uses international MUI - I asked about it a couple of days ago. It seems the MUI patches something with file versions and if a language other then English chosen there are a lot of hotfixes shown on update sites. But if choose English as a system language again there is no updates shown. So, I guess, the fully patched system with MUI on top is still up-to-date even if there are updates shown as not installed.

Edited by Oleg_II

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@Oleg_II - Thanks for spelling out the DX9 issues clearly. It really helped alot with getting the DX9 better slipstreamed. Hopefully I have it corrected for the next version, which BTW is under some serious testing. It has some nice new features.

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Great stuff this script! Many thanks TommyP! I am creating a Windows 2003 Server (German) disk at the moment and I have some questions:

I want also slipstream some other updates which are:










But unfortunately I get some errors (File not found) while the hotfixes are extracted (in the :hf procedure of your CMD-file). I have searched a bit in your code and discovered that this is because at the time when you create the "INF.TXT" file (in the :hf1extract procedure) there is no .INF file in the "TEMP/Update" directory anymore.

The code I refer to:








And the output also shows "0 file(s) copied" when the above updates are extracted (after the "file not found" message). I have tried to fix it myself but it's too complex and unfortunately I don't have much experience with this topic.

By the way: I want to compliment you to your code. It must have been a great lot of work!! Respect!

I would be very grateful if you help me.

Many Thanks


Sorry I haven't responded earlier. You'll need to manually slipstream SP1 first for your W2K3. Read the first message of this thread on how to manaually do it. HFSLIP only slisptreams GDR fixes, this avoids issues that come with QFE types. Some of those fixes you have listed are not GDR types. Besides, I have read that QFE fixes aren't really for everyone. Good luck.

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@Oleg_II - hey man! well, i posted a little while back that the new ie fix trashes outlook now. not sure why. i am working on a new fileset to just take it out. i still have to test my standalone outlook6.exe with the new ie hotfixes, but i think outlook compatability is gone now with ms's latest hotfixes. just the way it goes. as for HTML display, am working on that as well but again it's the same thing, it used to work for me, and now with the latest hotfixes, it does not.

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On page 44 or so of this thread, fdv asked

why is it that in the unattended forum, folks don't really seem to be too interested in HFSLIP? I'm trying to avoid doing a "competition" thing, but am seriously wondering. I mean, slipstreaming and renaming and switches and all that modding by hand... Why? The potential for getting things wrong is huge, and once you've done it once, you "get" it... Just curious.

It is a good question and as a newbie who has recently successfully used XPCREATE and HFSLIP to make a fresh XP install, I like the principle behind HFSLIP so I hope you will not mind me making some comments and suggestions.

1. HFSLIP does not have it's own forum which means that all different types of issues are under this one long thread. This makes it difficult to pick up on useful tips and the questions being asked are often complex and confusing to the newbie. Yes, I did real the whole thread!

Possible solutions:

a. Ask the MSFN moderators for nice shiny new HFSLIP section so there can be multiple threads.

b. Make two sticky threads, one for non-English users who tend to have different types of issues than English users.

2. I took an initial look at FDVs instruction page for HFSLIP and it seemed to be very complicated at first impression. 13 steps is a lot. When I actually tried it, it was reasonably straightforward to follow, apart from my own inability to read.

Possible solution:

Make a list with only the basic steps absolutely required for success then add the more optional steps later on the page.

The SP2 slipstreaming procedure seems a little complicated. Why not just copy your original Windows disk into the SOURCES directory, then integrate SP2 straight into the same directory. It worked for me.

3. I only have a copy of Nero Express which I have recently discovered cannot be used to create a Windows install disk. I also do not like Nero much as it is so large and being constantly updated with a full re-install being required for every update. It would be a nice feature if HFSLIP added the option to make the ISO and burn to CD. I used cdimage and cdburn programs from Microsoft, but I am a little unsure about whether these tools are fully legit. You would probably need a DOS menu or an ini file so that the user can control what steps are performed and I appreciate this is a fair bit of work.

Anyway, just some ideas.

Best of all about HFSLIP is how helpful tommyp and fdv are to us newbies. Respect to both of them.

PS. For those who want to avoid Nero, Roxio etc, the cdimage command line options I used to successfully make my ISO file were:

-L -N -H -O -M -B

I ran cdimage from a batch file in a CMD shell ( an idea from Incroyable Hulk I think).

and I did not use the -soa option for burning the CD.


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You mean if I take out the only hotfix for IE I have IE5.01sp4-KB896727-Windows2000sp4-x86-ENU.exe it's going to work?

Is this hotfix so important if I'm not going to use IE and even OE?

Can it be installed after system installation when everything works?

Your last set of files works very good for me :thumbup except for installing OE and openning .chm files. I'm even ready to try it without OE :whistle: Thunderbird and its address book are not as bad and can work with Russian and Chinese at the same time (the functionality I couldn't find in other programs except for OE).

But I need some IE functionality to open .chm files as I have a lot of docs in that format and my favorit html-editor works with this functionality too (I found it when Help system was installed accidentely during unattended and this progy worked after that - I wrote about it before).

Best regards,

Oleg 2

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The revised Update Rollup 1 for Win2k is out.

FDV and TommyP, let us all know what you think. I'm going to install it. Doubt it'll give me any problems as the first version of Update Rollup 1 didn't give me any problems.

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Thanks saugatak. HFSLIP and my fileset are still undergoing revisions for the next version, so the timing in that respect works out okay I guess...

Update Rollup 1 for Windows 2000 SP4 – v2

I know tommyp is busy today but I'll bring it to his attention.

Fixed files:






I'll bet all of the catfood in my ex-gf's house that the SCSI and HAL problems still exist.

Edited by fdv

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