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  1. USP versions

    Any idea when is 5.2 estimated to arrive?
  2. Adobe Acrobat 7 w/o IE

    And does the ryanvm installer of the adobe reader 7.03 work or not :-/
  3. Adobe Acrobat 7 w/o IE

    Did you try the adobe installer from ryanvm.msfn.org?
  4. Adobe Acrobat 7 w/o IE

    It doesn't install or it installs and doesn't work?
  5. Windows update with FDV's fileset

    @tain: I was kinda referring to something else, I'll summarize it up for you as its splitted in many threads in the old forum (all written by fdv ) ... my post before this one has a CODEBOX that has an INF file in it. i need someone to see if it installs Windows Update using my fileset. Use my files, and save the CODEBOX contents as AU.INF, replacing my empty one. my goal is to add the background windows update agent as well as the IE one. what you would do is visit windows update by typing the url into an explorer bar (after having installed MSHTML.INF from my fileset). ... there are two ways windows updates itself, and in the INF installer text, you'll see a file with a CPL extension. that is the control panel applet for "keep windows up to date automatically." that, and updates via a url typed in the explorer bar (after having right clicked and installed mshtml.inf from my fileset) are what i was investigating. i need someone to use my fileset, replace the contents of AU.INF with the CODEBOX contents in my post with the chili recipe, and install. then install mshtml.inf, and see if 1) the control panel applet works, 2) windowsupdate works via "windowsupdate.micrsoft.com" typed into an explorer windows titlebar. The codebox that fdv is referring to can be found here: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=32125&st=681# Regards, Pene
  6. IEPatcher.exe & Agent String

    @saugatak: I have not tried this, but my guess is that it should go just where explorer used to be, that is C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\ (@fdv - correct me if i'm wrong). If that doesn't work, try the WINNT folder. After it, just run it once and forget (or wait for a program to launch it instead)... Regards, Pene
  7. October 2005 Security Updates

    @fdv, Regarding the hotfix that saugatak mentioned earlier (IE6.0sp1-KB905495-Windows2000-x86-ENU.exe), you seemed to have left it out from the site. Is it included in any other fixes that you added? Thanks, Pene
  8. @fdv: I remember some time ago that you spoke about the ability to run Windows Update when using your fileset with mshtml... Is there anything new going with it? Regards, Pene
  9. IEPatcher.exe & Agent String

    @Oleg_II: It could be really nice if someone can make a standalone Speedisk... @saugatak: Internet explorer is named IEXPLORE.exe. When a program is trying to access internet explorer it will in fact run the changed IEXPLORE.exe, which will forward it to mozilla or whatever. Regarding the other question, no, you can't delete it. the changed IEXPLORE.exe should stay there for every time that a program is trying to run Internet Explorer. Hope it helped. Pene
  10. FIX folder prob: NTDETECT.COM and ntldr

    @saugatak: By the output of your xcopy, the only possible conlusion is that ntldr and ntdetect.com are not in your FIX directory, as I can't think of any reason that could cause xcopy ignore the files if they are there (when using the /H parameter). When running the XCOPY command (you ran it correctly), you should see the files ntldr and ntdetect.com being copied. Regards, Pene
  11. Drivers

    About drivers signing: When using hfslip, I think (didn't check) that there shouldn't be the problem of drivers signing (so maybe there is no need to use WatchDriverSigningPolicy.exe), as the registry is modified during setup by an inf file to disable driver signing... Or is this something else? Besides that, now i am confused Does this method work with Windows 2000 or not?
  12. Standalone Outlook 6

    @fdv: Can you please seed it again for a second?
  13. HFSLIP (original thread)

    @Oleg_II: I totally agree about the things that happen without knowing, but the ability to run windows update from within explorer seems interesting... Hoping that it would know to deal with the missing components of course... Regards, Pene
  14. HFSLIP (original thread)

    @fdv: Interesting. So Windows Update might work on an IE-less system by typing update.microsoft.com in an explorer titlebar... And I was sure all along that IE was needed... A few more questions about this: 1. How would Windows Update deal with the missing IE? I mean, what about updates to IE itself or to other components that won't be installed? Will it know not to show them? 2. Couldn't this trick work also for Add/Remove? Or is it completely IE dependant? Regarding testing it, I will be able to test it only on next weekend, as I don't have access to my Win2000 HD at the moment... Now, to a few notes about Step 4 in the instructions (sorted by order of appearance): 1. At "XML 4 (optional)": You seemed to have missed my note about the XML4 install point 1 (in the same post #705). Not that it really matters, it's just that for a very long time, every time I look at the instructions I wonder why it's there If i'm wrong about it, let me know. 2. At "Malicious Software Removal Tool (optional)": If all that the stupidly large file does is update generate a regkey, why just not slipstream a reg file instead of the tool? (Do you know what the reg entry that it updates is?) 3. At "Windows Update, LegitCheck (optional)": At point 2, (info on Windows Genuine Advantage) points to a dead link. The new link is: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/898588 4. At Exodorial The Windows Wizard (end of Step 4): WGA points to a dead link. The new link is: http://www.uawiki.org/doku.php?id=wxp:ua:activation Thanks again, Pene
  15. HFSLIP (original thread)

    @fdv: Thank you for the response. I still don't get it. Maybe its the hour But how can Windows Update work at all on an IE-less system? Thanks, Pene