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  1. @Outatouch Yes, I'm not complaining. 2 or 3 hotfixes is great compared to the 30 or more that would be needed without HFSLIP. I was confirming Electrician's findings on KB898461 because this may become more important in the future, so tommyp or fdv might like to investigate if they have time. I am now hoping that I will not re-install XP for another year as my PC is running much smoother. Maybe SP3 will be out by then? PG
  2. @tommyp, I also found that hotfix KB898461 needed to be installed by WU even though it was in my hotfix folder. This is the new windows installer package so I guess it may require some other way of integration? I was using ~Sep6 version of HFSLIP on WinXP. The new version sounds good - you are doing all of us a big favour with all your work! PG
  3. On page 44 or so of this thread, fdv asked It is a good question and as a newbie who has recently successfully used XPCREATE and HFSLIP to make a fresh XP install, I like the principle behind HFSLIP so I hope you will not mind me making some comments and suggestions. 1. HFSLIP does not have it's own forum which means that all different types of issues are under this one long thread. This makes it difficult to pick up on useful tips and the questions being asked are often complex and confusing to the newbie. Yes, I did real the whole thread! Possible solutions: a. Ask the MSFN moderators for n
  4. @ tommyp: Many thanks to you and FDV for your work. This project has given me some idea of the complexities of Windows and the problems you must have battled with. Thanks for your idea regarding file rename back to MS originals. I did this, re-ran HFSLIP and used some new options on cdimage and everything appears to be very OK. Hurray! A samll number of updates were needed from MS but nothing much. You never know, I might try nlite next. I will post my cdimage switches later, this might be useful for people who want to use this instead of Nero, Roxio etc. There are some people who say that c
  5. Hi, I'm fairly sure that my problem lies with the ISO creation process. I really don't want to use Nero after I had to download it on dial-up after it failed with SP2. I do have my original install disk but would have to download the latest version again, now on broadand thankfully. Talk about bloatware ~90megs for full version and badly constructed/confusing website. So I will try to use command line version of cdimage, not GUI version. Can anyone suggest correct switches for this with HFSLIP files? I have found many ideas for this on the web so will try to sift through. dreaMMar's success gi
  6. @tommyp Thanks for your offer to help. Fair point, I had been working on this for about 10 hrs so was a little tired - needed a beer. I have attached my HF directory listing. Other info: I used my Windows XP home genuine source disk. I slipstreamed SP2 into this first. Language is English. Not using FDV IE removal fileset. I have used basically the same fileset to make a succesful install but without integrating the hotfixes (used the .inf method) which is the OS I am currently using. Hope this is sufficient info to give you some clues. I need to find a utility to verify file integrity I think
  7. Hi, I've been trying to make an HFSLIP'ed CD today but have run into a problem. It's a simple install with very few extra files other than the type 1 hotfixes, WMP10, and Sun Java switchless package from Ryan. When WindowXP setup gets to T-39 I get a fatal error message SXS:DLL syntax error in manifest or policy file "D:\I386\asms\60\microsoft\windows\common\controls\controls.man" Error installation failed on line 5 Data error (cyclic redundancy check) Fatal error Starnge, I thought, so I re-installed windows from an old disk and did some checking on the Web. There was some agreement that this
  8. Hi, I ran HFSLIP this evening and everything seemed to go OK to create the SOURCESS folder. I have another quick question. In Step 6 for Windows XP slipstreaming, FDV's instructions say: Copy the root files from the Windows CD to D:\HFSLIP\SOURCE Windows XP WIN51 WIN51IP Win51ip.sp2 My question is, should I not also copy over setup.exe? I would have thought that Windows would not install without this file. Sorry to seem dim but in a later screenshot in section 8 of the guide, there is no sign of setup.exe in the top level source directory so it's a little confusing. I could copy this file int
  9. Hi, I had a problem with XPCTVARS and other variables when I tried the Aug 18th version but I made a updated XP disk with no problems last weekend after I downloaded the Aug 20th version. I haven't tried installing the OS yet as ideally I would like to fully integrate the hotfixes into the source files. I suggest you should check carefully which version you have. Alternatively, it may be a problem with the non-English version. PG
  10. @fdv - thanks for your quick reply, I'll continue with my adventure into HFSLIP. I can forget about WGA as I'm not too fussed about having everything absolutely up to date. I'll look into your google suggestion. Yeah, I'm not keen on Microsodt either, but I don't want to spend too much time on keeping my computer safe so it's easy to use MS autoupdate. I noticed that the latest Sun linux distro comes on 6 CDs ....ouch, maybe MS is not so bad. PG
  11. Hi, I 've decided I would like to use HFSLIP because it seems to be a good program to re-install my computer without too much hassle and make a compact installation. I'm following instructions on FDV's web site but have hit a couple of snags. a. In the previous pages on this thread, there were references to a help file called instructions.txt, I cannot find this file but assume it has been replaced by FDV's web pages. Can anyone confirm this is correct? b. I have come to the point: "3. Download LegitCheckControl.msi (Windows Genuine Advantage) . Windows Update is explained in more detail here,
  12. I have spent some time trying to get my head around the complicated process of making an XP install disk with all the latest updates. We have to thank GreenMachine for making XPCREATE that installs the hotfixes according to MS advice and which does not cause problems with WFP. My understanding now is that XPCREATE uses the svcpack.inf method to integrate the type 1 hotfixes. This means that the hotfixes are not fully integrated into the Windows source until the CD is installed onto the target machine. Another option is to use the /integrate switch to replace the outdated files in the original
  13. Hi DSchwenk, OK, I've done some more research on this and I was wrong . You should be a able to slipstream a service pack and hotfixes on an OEM windows source. But you cannot slipstream onto a source which already has had hotfixes added. See MS article http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=887412 There is quite a lot of info about this subject on the web and I think you can sort it out if you use a clean Windows XP source disk (OEM or not). There is also some talk that one or two files may have to be deleted from an OEM source - particularly the name Dell seems to crop up. PG
  14. Hi DSchwenk, I was just about to post when I noticed that GreenMachine had responded. Yes, I have heard that it is not possible to slipstream on to OEM disks - what a pain You can get the mp10setup.exe from MS at: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...&displaylang=en You need to go through their validation tool. PG
  15. Hmm, I am a newbie at this but interested in trying XPCREATE for myself. I found something else a bit odd in your log file: -- 11:10:01 -- Copy SP1.CAB. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TEMP\CABS\SP1\1394bus.sys TEMP\CABS\SP1\61883.sys TEMP\CABS\SP1\ac97ali.sys etc so I thought maybe your source CD was Windows XP with SP1. Can you confirm? I'm not sure if the 'wmcsetup.exe' file could cause your problem. Seems unlikely. This is the Windows Media Connect extensions, quote from MS, "Windows® Media Connect enables you to deliver music, photos, and
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