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[How To] Windows 95 on 5.35Mb!


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I've found 2 methods of how you can shrink the Win95 installation down to near 5Mb. First one was originally stored here. But the author left the project:

I immediately removed information that I felt would be a conflict of interest under my new employment contract
Second one let you make a bootcd but i haven't test it.

Method 1

1.- Shrinking: Start deleting the files not present in this list:

Volume in drive C has no label

Volume Serial Number is 2615-10ED

Directory of C:\WINDOWS

.              [DIR]        03-18-03  9:45a

..          [DIR]        03-18-03  9:45a

TEMP        [DIR]        08-05-03  4:05p

SYSTEM      [DIR]        03-18-03  9:46a

DESKTOP        [DIR]        08-05-03  4:07p

IOS      LOG [DIR]        08-06-03 12:18p

USER  DAT          0  08-05-03  4:02p

STARTM~1    [DIR]        08-05-03  4:05p

WIN386 SWP          0  08-06-03  2:23p

SHELLICO    [DIR]        08-06-03  1:41p

SHELLI~1    [DIR]        08-06-03  1:54p

SYSTEM INI            53  08-06-03  2:21p

DOSPRMPT PIF        545  06-08-00  5:00p

COMMAND  PIF        967  08-04-03  2:57p

EXITTO~1 PIF        967  08-05-03  4:14p

IFSHLP SYS      3,708  08-24-96 11:11a

WIN2  COM        24,503  08-24-96 11:11a

EXPLORER EXE    204,288  08-24-96 11:11a

      9 file(s)        235,031 bytes


.              [DIR]        08-05-03  4:07p

..          [DIR]        08-05-03  4:07p

      0 file(s)              0 bytes

Directory of C:\WINDOWS\IOS.LOG

.              [DIR]        08-06-03 12:18p

..          [DIR]        08-06-03 12:18p

      0 file(s)              0 bytes


.              [DIR]        08-06-03  1:41p

..          [DIR]        08-06-03  1:41p

      0 file(s)              0 bytes

Directory of C:\WINDOWS\SHELLI~1

.              [DIR]        08-06-03  1:54p

..          [DIR]        08-06-03  1:54p

      0 file(s)              0 bytes

Directory of C:\WINDOWS\STARTM~1

.              [DIR]        08-05-03  4:05p

..          [DIR]        08-05-03  4:05p

PROGRAMS    [DIR]        08-05-03  4:05p

      0 file(s)              0 bytes


.              [DIR]        08-05-03  4:05p

..          [DIR]        08-05-03  4:05p

STARTUP        [DIR]        08-06-03  1:45p

AWFULL~1    [DIR]        08-05-03  4:05p

      0 file(s)              0 bytes


.              [DIR]        08-05-03  4:05p

..          [DIR]        08-05-03  4:05p

      0 file(s)              0 bytes


.              [DIR]        08-06-03  1:45p

..          [DIR]        08-06-03  1:45p

      0 file(s)              0 bytes

Directory of C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM

.              [DIR]        03-18-03  9:46a

..          [DIR]        03-18-03  9:46a

VMM32          [DIR]        03-18-03  9:46a

IOSUBSYS    [DIR]        03-18-03  9:47a

COLOR          [DIR]        03-18-03  9:51a

SYSTEM DRV      2,288  08-24-96 11:11a

MMSOUND  DRV      3,104  08-24-96 11:11a

COMM  DRV      5,856  08-24-96 11:11a

MOUSE    DRV      7,712  08-24-96 11:11a

CP_1252  NLS      9,194  08-24-96 11:11a

CP_437 NLS      9,522  08-24-96 11:11a

MSGSRV32 EXE        10,640  08-24-96 11:11a

KEYBOARD DRV        12,688  08-24-96 11:11a

MPREXE EXE        12,800  08-24-96 11:11a

MSPWL32  DLL        21,504  08-24-96 11:11a

DDEML    DLL        32,240  08-24-96 11:11a

UNICODE  NLS        34,676  08-24-96 11:11a

MPR      DLL        40,448  08-24-96 11:11a

ADVAPI32 DLL        43,008  08-24-96 11:11a

USER32 DLL        44,544  08-24-96 11:11a

VGA      DRV        52,064  08-24-96 11:11a

MPRSERV  DLL    119,296  08-24-96 11:11a

SHELL    DLL    125,408  03-18-03  9:57a

KRNL386  EXE    126,944  08-24-96 11:11a

GDI32    DLL    131,072  08-24-96 11:11a

LOCALE NLS    134,022  08-24-96 11:11a

COMMCTRL DLL    154,880  03-18-03  9:46a

GDI      EXE    312,208  08-24-96 11:11a

COMCTL32 DLL    379,152  08-24-96 11:11a

KERNEL32 DLL    414,208  08-24-96 11:11a

USER  EXE    462,112  08-24-96 11:11a

VMM32    VXD    697,085  03-18-03 10:08a

SHELL32  DLL    819,200  08-24-96 11:11a

        28 file(s)      4,217,875 bytes


.              [DIR]        03-18-03  9:51a

..          [DIR]        03-18-03  9:51a

HPSJTW ICM      6,514  08-24-96 11:11a

MNB22G15 ICM        59,564  08-24-96 11:11a

MNB22G18 ICM        59,564  08-24-96 11:11a

MNB22G21 ICM        59,564  08-24-96 11:11a

MNEBUG15 ICM        59,964  08-24-96 11:11a

MNEBUG18 ICM        59,964  08-24-96 11:11a

MNEBUG21 ICM        59,964  08-24-96 11:11a

MNP22G15 ICM        59,980  08-24-96 11:11a

MNP22G18 ICM        59,980  08-24-96 11:11a

MNP22G21 ICM        59,980  08-24-96 11:11a

        10 file(s)        545,038 bytes


.              [DIR]        03-18-03  9:47a

..          [DIR]        03-18-03  9:47a

BIGMEM DRV      9,962  08-24-96 11:11a

RMM      PDR        13,290  05-01-97  8:14a

      2 file(s)      23,252 bytes

Directory of C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\VMM32

.              [DIR]        03-18-03  9:46a

..          [DIR]        03-18-03  9:46a

IOS      VXD        68,938  08-24-96 11:11a

IFSMGR VXD    185,898  08-24-96 11:11a

      2 file(s)        254,836 bytes

Directory of C:\WINDOWS\TEMP

.              [DIR]        08-05-03  4:05p

..          [DIR]        08-05-03  4:05p

      0 file(s)              0 bytes

Total files listed:

        51 file(s)      5,276,032 bytes

        41 dir(s)  359,038,976 bytes free

2.- Editing: Simply edit your "SYSTEM.INI" and left only these lines:


Method 2

1.- Shrinking: You have just downloaded the files at the bottom, so take a look at "95filelist.txt" and remove everything not included in that file, even: read only, hidden files, win.ini, system.ini, system.dat, system.da0, user.dat and user.da0. "\windows\system\vmm32\" must be left if you want to preserve support for win32 applications.

2.- Micro95: Now run "createmicro95.bat". After the command file it's finished, you'll read:

Now exit to DOS, remove c:\windows, rename c:\micro95 to c:\windows

Insert the new win.ini and system.ini

run regedit /c registry.reg

So follow the instructions, rename, insert and add to the registry.

3.- Additions:

In the .zip file you can find:






How To: Make a bootable CD

How To: Win98, less than 5Mb (Nano98 method)!

How To: Long file names (LFN) under DOS

How To: Win95 on 5'35Mb with explorer under non-safe mode (now offline/not available)!

How To: Restoring WMM32.VXD support for Win32 applications

How To: Win95 on 4'47Mb (micro95 method)!

Download 145 KB (148.819 bytes)

Mirrored Download 145 KB (148.819 bytes) - Thanks to vaibhavb!

The purpose of this it's to don't forget what it was written on the net and now it's not available, so if you can host the file, PM me and I'll add your mirror.


Other interesting links

[How To]: Use 2 CDs for Windows XP and Office

[How To]: Silent install Mozilla Firefox 0.9.3

[How To]: Silent install Nullsoft WinAmp 5.05

[How To]: Silent install Agnitum Outpost Pro 2.11

[How To]: Silent install Softwin BitDefender 7.2

[How To]: Silent install MSN Messenger 6 & Messenger Plus! 3.20

[How To]: Silent install Alcatel Speedtouch 330 USB DSL Modem

On Progress:

[XPCD Example]: BioHaZaRD Unattended PRoJeCT

[How To]: Silent install Agnitum Outpost Pro 2.5

[How To]: Silent install Softwin BitDefender 8

Edited by SiMoNsAyS
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@Mtk it runs win32 apps that don't use advanced APIs but you don't have to look at it like a "small OS" you can see it like an "advanced recovery system". you still can use explorer and probably you can run a xp installation from that mini-OS (untested).

somethings i've thought about:

probably it would run from a virtual unit so it can be mounted from a startup disk like EDB.CAB.

it can be used like WinPE

you can build a liveCD to play solitaire ( :lol: )



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Good job. Nice to have the "missing due to employer" info right here. We can now discuss how to bread-down win98se as well, to smaller sizes! :thumbup  (not in this thread, of course)

Didn't I post a link to this guide in the shrinking Windows 98 thread? :lol:

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i'm sure that links are still there, on the net, at least most of them (i found some offlines).

some of the info can still be found but i have zipped all the documents about the shrinking win9x so you don't have to search for them and you can avoid offline problems. on 2 years some1 will question "hey, where is the info about shrinking win9x?" and you can point them here :lol:

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does it support network?

i think this is really important...

i think not (untested), sorry... the reduced size it's because there isn't %programfiles%, cdrom support and so on... probably with network drivers... but that will grow the size a pair of MB :unsure:

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Good work Simonsays!

Just to keep things together, posting a link to some info I already posted:


including some ways to make it a live cd.

For the latter, best solution is the following:

FREEWARE Qualystem Rescue 1.2 Free Edition


The good thing about this method as compared to these ones:



is that Qualystem uses a file redirector so that you need a MUCH smaller RAMDISK, as only the registry is loaded there.

With a 5,35 or 4,38 windows you can't do much, however, I am making some tests, and to have a fairly usable system, with network and printer support including Opera browser and a few small "office-like" apps like Atlantis Ocean Mind, Spread32, Foxit PDF reader, etc, size requirements get much more demanding.

Results so far:

NUDE 98 about 5 Mb (you cannot do much with this)

MINIMAL 98 about 13 MB (32 bit and devices work)

WORKING 98 about 40 MB (everything works as expected, no internet)

OPTIMUM 98 about 55 MB (includes browser, office apps)


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