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whats your ISP like?


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Can't get anything high speed where I live except satellite.Direcway one way 783 down and 33 up for $40/mo. and I use MSN isp $22/mo. Less than a year left on the MSN contract and then I'll go with the 2 way system for$60/mo. and Direcway is the isp.

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I'm with Blueyonder and get 512/256 24 hours a day and no bandwidth limit. The great thing about it is I share the connection between my laptop, PC and my landlady's PC and only have to pay £17.50 a month.

Recently had to ring technical support, which is a free phone number, for advice and they were busy so they gave me the option of leaving my number and said they'd get back to me within half hour. I got the call 20 minutes later.

Been with them for over a year now and got no complaints.

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DSL via AOL $20.00 month, Unlimited Flat Rate, speed varies but its good. Download at 80 kbs - 400 kbs depends on the day/hour. Only 8 people use the DSL in my neighborhood and thereare about 900 people living here.

ISDN via a different ISP in case AOL craps out, $25.00 month unlimited dial-up.

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My DSL = FastAccess from BellSouth - $45/month

They are gay..


All sorts of problems...

Movin to EarthLink soon..

The company I work for, have an OC-48...

I believe it has to be somewhere from $500,000 - $2,000,000 a month, eh?

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