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  1. Astalavista you are, seemingly, becoming rare - your attitude. I enjoy sharing, helping, and learning from others around the world - and making friendships. I don't care where you are from or what political stance your country takes - as I focus on our shared interests/passions - which is my computer addiction! - rather than our differences. If you don't hate me for what my country does, then we can be "friends" I'm sitting here in front of my computer in the middle of a forest in the country - i'm not shooting at you.
  2. Do you guys get the feeling that you are being ignored? Look at all the USA flags in this thread. I have noticed similar responses from my posts - I removed my flag as a test. Mush of the world hates us and it SEEMS like it's reflected here as well.
  3. I used the topic title to search but did not see a thread so... No HTML links in any app incl. email apps are working to open any browser - I have set IE to default as well - any solutions out there? Thanks.
  4. Yeah but Fatdog says so.... Besides Raxco rocks.
  5. I believe PD is the only defreg certified by MS. - http://www.raxco.com/
  6. I already tried sys restore - got photoshop elements back but some files were missing - IE is still unidentified
  7. For those who "voted" router, this is the Software Hangout forum - hehe, sorry I use a router AND I really like Outpost firewall. Review: http://www.pcflank.com/review_outpostpro1.htm Next version (2.5) is targeted to pass all known leaktests (it's beta at this time)
  8. It's strange to me that windows update link does not work from start menu - I have to first start IE from quicklaunch. this is the target listed
  9. I had to - install told me to. I just installed Photoshop CS without any problems - but the real issue is - why this?
  10. I did that and still see this There is also this - should this be edited as well? -
  11. No I have been using msstyles and changed back to my original shell32 and still have the problem - can't reinstall IE because: I downloaded nlite at one time - what is it? I forgot
  12. Hello, i'm having some issues that completely baffle others. I know there are some real experts here so maybe you can help me. Please! Here is the problem I really need help with: First of all my system is not recognizing IE Photoshop elements will not reinstall because: I have photoshop 7 working but there seems to be no PNG support (help file not working as well): I tried to reinstall IE my version: Please help if you can. Thanks.
  13. YAHOOOOOOOO! - 1. In Disk Management - format new HD and DO NOT ASSIGN DRIVE LETTER 2. In Drive Image - Copy drive and DO NOT ASSIGN DRIVE LETTER 3. Unplug old drive and change jumper to master in new drive 4. Boot - will automatically assign to Drive C 5. Done
  14. you can't change the drive letter of the partition where you have your windows installed using the disk manager http://img29.photobucket.com/albums/v88/wo...Clipboard01.jpg
  15. Ok, well.........nevermind. I go try some more boards.
  16. The lifeguard CD that came with the HD does not do anything when I try to open it.
  17. Hello, I installed a new, larger, WD HD and used drive image to make a copy of C. These are my issues. Please help. Thanks My desktop is H but the program files is C so everything is all mixed up. I changed the label of each drive but it now says DriveC(H) How do I change H to C (not just the label) - I only changed the jumpers - do I really need to swap cable ends? **edit -I will change it **edit - I switched cable ends and rebooted and got boot error. I put cables back - boot ok.
  18. I have posted new/updated themes but there seems to be no interest in it. Perhaps if I labeled the title, "unattended theme install" - lol -
  19. Hello. It seems this forum is somewhat inactive. I'm just wondering if I should continue to post announcements of new themes or not. Maybe there is not many Firefox users here - I don't know...... I still come here for technical info though.
  20. updated - added: #page-proxy-favicon { min-width: 16px; min-height: 16px; max-width: 16px; margin-top: 5px; margin-right: -4px; margin-bottom: 0px; margin-left: 4px; padding-left: 0px; }
  21. 2000+ 512x2 80GB 9500pro DVD+RW/+R Router Cable

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