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  1. Release 7

    Any estimation on a release for version 7? Thanks!
  2. xpize 5 Release 5

    Hmm.. I found something strange. This is Luna Element Screenshot: Seems the button icons are messed up. This is Xpize 5.5 fresh install. Tried rebuilding the icon cache but nothing changed. Anyone else see this?
  3. New in release 5, the simple selector

    LOL! Ya, but it sure looks great! You rock dude! Thanks for the hard work!
  4. Logon Screen

    Also, the Luna Element theme seems to be missing customization on the left menu screen. First is a screenshot of it, compared with Embedded style.
  5. Logon Screen

    Man I couldn't figure out why all the themes were messed up as well. I hope you can fix the installer or the theme selection. I think you should make only one option to choose only one theme, that way, people won't keep overwriting the theme install. I guess you would need preview screens though, since we have no idea what the actual themes look like. Also with the additional theme elements.. it's a bit unclear as to what we should choose. Hope the R5 will adress these. Other than that, great work!! And thank you!
  6. Join The New Army

    Ya... I must admit.. They are addicting!
  7. Join The New Army

    Well... I got my army ready! Ready to serve .. ME! WOO! Twins Rule!
  8. Front Page Headlines

    I was just reading the front page headlines.. and noticed that the text could be a bit larger on the story titles.. Example from today: LindowsOS Goes Retail {This title needs to be a bit larger text.. it's too washed out with the rest of the text, and makes it hard to grad the story title.} Posted by xper on 18 Dec 2002 - 19:33 2 comments Anyway.. it's just a suggestion.. thanx.
  9. whats on everyones XMAS wishlist?

    Dont forget "Death to all Spammers"
  10. Which HD to buy

    I tend to go with Western Digital or Maxtor. WD is a bit more expensive, but durable. Maxtor is actually a bit more quiet, and less expensive.
  11. Smallville.

    I watch it.. In fact I've been an extra in the show.. it's filmed right here, where I live. Vancouver, BC. Pretty cool!
  12. Icon Request (MS Works 2003)

    No problem Windows.Net ^_^
  13. Icon Request (MS Works 2003)

    Wooo! Lezend.. YOU RULE! Thanks so much! You ARE #1 !! I really appreciate this!
  14. Icon Request (MS Works 2003)

    WOW! Thanx!
  15. Hello.. I am looking for the newest desktop icon from Microsoft Works 2003. I have the 2000 version, and the icon stinks.. So if anyone has it.. and is kind enough to share it.. please let me know. Thanks.