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Winamp 5.0.5 MSI release


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Alrighty, here it is.


This MSI is meant as a complete replacement for the NSIS installer for Winamp. It is a complete recreation of the installer in the Windows Installer format. This conversion allows for command-line switches to be used.

NOTE: This installer is not SILENT by default. You must still use /qb or /qn like you normally would.

For more information, if you don't understand anything here (besides the INI part) refer to here: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=17412


I'm lazy, and don't want to type up ALL the switches individually, so I believe I'll use an image.


The switches are in the colum just to the RIGHT of all the components. They match up with the components they're in line with.

Additional switches are

Xfull = Install ALL components.
XName = Username for Pro registration
XKey = Product Key for Pro registration
XDesktop = Creates the Desktop shortcut; Default is 1
XQuicklaunch = Creates the Quicklaunch shortcut; Default is 0
XStartmenu = Creates the Startmenu shortcuts; Default is 1
XAllShort = Creates all shortcuts; Default is 0
XSkinsetting = Specify the SKIN to use in Winamp.
XINET = Specifies what internet connection you want. 0 = Always; 1 = Modem; 2 = Not Connect. Default is 2


To install a component, you MUST tell the installer to install it. By DEFAULT only the main executable (winamp.exe) is installed. All switches are =0. To signal to the installer to install a component, add the switch to the command line with =1.


To install Audio and Video

winamp.msi Xaudio=1 Xvideo=1

To install Agent

winamp.msi Xagent=1

If you wanted EVERYTHING then use

winamp.msi Xfull=1

and everything will be installed.

The ONLY ones this does not apply to are XUser,XKey, and XSkinsetting. They are all strings, so use whatever you're supposed. If you used "Joe User" to register Winamp, then use

winamp.msi Xuser="Joe User" XKey="XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX"

INI Usage:

Now for the fun part. New in this release is the ability to use an INI file rather then type it all out at the command line. This file can be called anything, and can be anywhere, because you specify where it is. If the path is not correct and it can't find the file, then the installer may perhaps error out on you.

INI Syntax:

XNAME=Joe User

I only included a set of the of arguments you could use. They are the exact same names and usage as from command line from above.

Save this file ANYWHERE you want, and call it ANYTHING[/] you want. As long as you know where and what it's called.

After you have create your INI file, start the install with

winamp.msi INI="%CDROM%\Unattend\winamp.ini"

the quotes ( " ) are only neccesary when there are spaces, and when used MUST enclose the whole argument. %CDROM% does NOT have to be %CDROM%. If you're files are in %systemdrive%\install\winamp, then use

winamp.msi INI="%systemdrive%\install\winamp\winamp.ini"

NOTE: IF you want to use CDDB functionality, you MUST set XINET to 0 or 1.


New MSI, fixed a couple of string error (wrong name). Also tried to make smaller, but probally didn't succeed.

Also uploaded a RAR file with the MSI broken down into CAB files. Delete the cab's you don't need. There should be ONE cab for each component switch. DON'T DELETE CORE.CAB!!

Download Link: MSI File __ CAB File Download

Last Update: 9/8 05:52 GMT

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Trying it now using the INI method, will let you know in about an 20 minutes. Here's my command line in the runonce file and the ini is below.

REG ADD %KEY%\005 /V 2 /D "%systemdrive%\install\WINAMP\winamp505.msi /qb INI="%systemdrive%\install\WINAMP\winamp.ini"" /f






XNAME="xxxxxxxx xxxxxx"



INSTALLDIR=C:\Program files\Winamp


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hi. if you please could, verify my runonceex line:

REG ADD %KEY%\065 /VE /D "Installing Winamp" /f

REG ADD %KEY%\065 /V 1 /D "%systemdrive%\install\winamp\winamp.msi Xfull=1 Xuser="S0me0nesmind1="XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX" /qb" /f

incorrect. You forgot to specify XKey

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bottom of first post:

Download Link: Linkage

Last Update: 8/13 16:48 GMT....

whooops. the file is new, the date isn't. I copied the first post from teh other thread, and changed the link. My bad, will correct in a minute.


What doesn't work? Nothing?

try encasing the INI argument with quotes. ( INI="C:\winamp.ini" )

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OK, yeah - cool news Alanoll! :D

You finally managed to get the 5.05 out the door.

There's one thing I've been thinking all along - since I so badly need to reduce space usage on my install images (and 4.x MB is not a help there :P) do you have any plans of a lite version of wa 5.05?

That'd be an interesting option - you could maybe put in only the features that the wa 5.05 lite installer (from nullsoft) gives; and what would it size up to? Sufficiently lesser installer size than the current one? (1.x MB would be perfect)


Maybe this is why they say - "don't do something, because then they'll ask you to do everything". Never mind.... enjoy your day. :thumbup

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well if u want specific components I'd say go with Mazin's method.

a specific lite version I'm sure could be done (I have 1 for myself, pretty lite :))

as u said lite as in nullsoft's lite would be more appropiate :P

I've 1 idea though I'm not sure how it'd be accomplished

maybe alanoll can put every component into a separate cab file and the msi would only install the one's that exist

so the folder contents will look like this

winamp.msi (about 300kb)

audio components.cab (1.5mb)

video components.cab (1.5mb)

and every main component could have its own sub components if alanoll's willing to spend his time on saving few mb's :)



modernskin.cab :)

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