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Winamp 5.0.5 MSI release


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I've noticed a problem with your installer (I don't think it was there with 5.04) : I've just reinstalled windows and installed winamp.msi the way I always did before :

Winamp.msi Xlibrary=1 Xintex=1 Xmodernskin=1 Xaudio=1 Xnsv=1 Xvisual=1 Xextra=1 Xregopt=1 Xtray=1 Xname=XXXXX Xkey=XXXXX /QN

Everything installs as it should, but when I doubleclick on a mp3 file, winamp is launched but file is not played or even added to playlist (the same goes for right-click + Play in Winamp / Enqueue in Winamp).

After a quick look in registry, I found what caused the problem :



the key should be :

"C:\Program Files\Winamp\Winamp.exe" "%1"

instead of :

C:\Program Files\\Winamp\Winamp.exe "%1"

(I think the problem lies in missing quotes rather than in the doubled \)

Notice that quotes are missing in every winamp key, not just play\command.

Am I the only one affected by this problem ?

EDIT : Ok, maybe something else caused the problem. I tried the "repair" option from the msi file with no success. But desinstalling/reinstalling was enough to make it work, no need to modify any registry key.

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Is this topic still active?

I want to associate Winamp with audiofiles,but it must be able to play video as well! I install with your MSI and use Xaudio=1 Xvideo=0, then Video support isn't installed :(

So now I install with Xaudio=1 and Xvideo=1, but then videofiles are also associated with winamp.

In the preferences menu, there is a button AUDIO ONLY, is there perhaps something possible like this:

run Winamp.exe /regaudioonly


(The idea is from Media Player Classic)

Problem is, cant use the ASSOC in cmd, Because when you start winamp it will restore its associations (this functionality I want to keep)

Who can help me?

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seeing as how now there's an actual reason to update the MSI, I'll also try to accomadate those requests people... and seperating out the Associations into a seperate switch to control. And I believe there was something MCT wrote I believe....I'll have to check.

Any other requests?

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Alanoll's list of things to do:

1. reformat computer

2. rebuild MSI

3. Update MSI

4. Update Unattened Website

5. Schoolwork

6. Family time for thanksgiving

7. Anything I miss?

lol. There was another thread that I said, I had lost the original files, and I'd have to start from scratch. Don't expect anything till this weekend at least, unless I got bored like last time.

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hahaha ok no rush! take your time!


perhaps it's a good idea to replace the cd reader plugin with this recommended one in the MSI:


It has 2 benefits:

1. Improved read quality, much closer to 100%.

2. Ability to use quality DAC of your audiocard.

it uses the error correction every cddrive already has... but the standard plugin and also windows media player don't use it...

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