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  1. Thanks Gosh! Links for people who may not have access to a Technet/MSDN subscription Microsoft Office Professional Plus Beta Microsoft Project Professional 2010 Beta Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 Beta Microsoft Visio Premium 2010 Beta Interesting enough it gives you a MAK product key. EDIT: It seems the 64-bit download for the main Office suite is corrupt (32-bit works fine).
  2. Hi Guys, I wondered if you could help me? I recently purchased an external SATA RAID enclosure (StarTech S352U2RER) for keeping a duplicate copy of my most important data/backups. Now that I've purchased the enclosure, I am looking into what would be the most suitable hard drive. I'm currently considering between the WD GP/Black/RAID Edition drives. I have also read that some people are using the WD Blue range for RAID arrays as well. Ideally I want to purchase two 1TB drives as I'm sure this will cover me at least until the time comes to replace them. My main question is, how many people here use either the WD Green/Blue/Black drives for RAID? (obviously nothing mission critical) and do you/have you had any problems? I was considering using either RAID 1 or one of the other hybrid RAID modes (SAFE 33/50) or perhaps even JBOD. I've read a lot about using consumer hard drives for RAID and have seen a lot of conflicting reports, so I would appreciate it if anyone is able to give me the benefit of their experience or be able to provide me with some suggestions. Below are some of the prices I've managed to find so far... WD Caviar Green GP 1TB (WD10EADS) €70 WD Caviar Green GP 1.5TB (WD15EADS) €96 WD Caviar Black 1TB (WD1001FALS) €80 WD RE3 Enterprise 1TB (WD1002FBYS) €144.62 WD RE4-GP Enterprise 2TB (WD2002FYPS) €245 Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi gugutz I'm not sure about backing-up mapped network drives, but the Libraries for each User are stored at: C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Libraries From there you should be able to copy each Library like it's a normal file. I hope this answers your question
  4. You've already done the hard work, you simply need to compile the code; the script works fine Personally, the only change I would make is to change the view to 'Large Icons' (when the taskbar is unlocked). Good job Wazer
  5. Something which, can also point to NVIDIA not allowing the newer driver releases to be used. The installer checks the driver inf file to determine whether or not it should install, something which seems to be working fine on your system.I had a similar issue as you (expect my card was not listed as being compatible and wouldn't install automatically or manually via Device Manager), however I visited LaptopVideo2Go, downloaded their most recent driver and modded inf, replaced the inf from the driver package with the modded version and everything worked like a charm! Try the modded drivers out, after all you've got nothing to loose!
  6. Have you tried visiting laptopvideo2go? They take WHQL drivers and provide you with a modded INF file (which you replace the orignal with), which allows the drivers to work on almost all GeForce models (works fine on my computer with a GeForce4 Ti 4800, which is about to become my spare). That error message your getting in the Device Manager is more than likely an indication that the ForceWare drivers you've downloaded are blocked from installing on older GeForce models. I hope this helps .
  7. @ripken Thanks. That's everything for the moment, more for the lack of budget than anything else . At least I'll have a fully working system, which I can add to when I get the money. I'll probabily get a couple of hard drives (I'm thinking WD Blacks) and then perhaps a second Sapphire HD 4770 in the future, maybe another 4 GB of RAM as well, but I'll see how I go pricewise. I also want to get a third Scythe Slipstream fan with a Zalman fan controller (the tiny ones) for the Three Hundred's side panel as well. Afterwards that will probabily be everything for this build (I may regret saying that!) .
  8. Thanks for your comments guys! Yes the HX520 would more than likely of been sufficient and I probably would of bought it, if I didn't find the HX620 (it was only €20 more, but with free postage the difference was closer to €10). The other reason I went for the higher model was to ensure I had sufficent power for several hard drives (I'm thinking mostly spin-up here) and perhaps in the future a Crossfire setup. The small number of reviews/previews of two 4770's in Crossfire all showed different idle and peak values for the two cards (although they do use less than a pair of 4850's), so it wasn't the easiest task working out how much juice the other components they were using required. In the end it was better to be safe than sorry .
  9. Bad news... I went to get the latest prices for the last two components I need (the motherboard and the PSU) and the store I was going to purchase from no longer sells the HX620! They still sell the motherboard so that's not a problem, but any other company (online or otherwise) want quite a bit more for the HX620 (between €125-140 delivered!) So I could really use some help in choosing an alternative power supply. Here are the models I've picked from the same store which I purchased the Graphics card and the CPU from... Corsair VX550 550W €77 Antec Earthwatts 650W €78.95 Corsair HX520 520W (Modular) €86.95 Antec TruePower New 550W (Modular) €87.95 Corsair TX650 650W €92 I would prefer a modular power supply since my Antec Three Hundred may get a bit crowed when I start adding extra components in the near future (i.e. hard drives -- 5 max, and perhaps a second ATI Radeon HD 4770). I was thinking about going for the Corsair HX520, but I'm not sure if that would leave me with enough of a margin power wise. I would appreciate your suggestions. Thanks! EDIT: Never mind, I eventually found another retailer, which had the motherboard and the PSU in stock (slightly cheaper with free delivery -- panic over!) Just need to wait for them to arrive along with the RAM, which I purchased elsewhere. Once I’ve built my new rig, I may be persuaded to post a few pics .
  10. I couldn't agree more, particulary at lower resolutions. I actually prefer the 'Starter' edition wallpaper (thanks ekos8).I'm assuming the additional wallpapers added for the RC will be included in the RTM? I wasn't too keen on the psychedelic ones, although the I did like the Seattle selection.
  11. I ordered the AMD processor and graphics card (which came today) as they were going in-and-out of stock. I got the tripple-core processor for €108 (as opposed to €126) so that will pay the difference for the higher model psu (always better to be safe than sorry right?) Thanks again Punto! .
  12. When you had the laptop open, did you happen to notice the bios battery? If you are able to access it perhaps allowing the battery to drain may clear any problem? When you say the laptop boots when you keep the old module in one of the slots are you able to boot Windows successfully or run some kind of offline utility for veriying the integrity of the new ram (i.e. Memtest86+?) Perhaps verifying both new modules in turn will help you diagnose the issue? Perhaps the ram is showing around the ~900 MB range due to some of ram being used as video ram?
  13. @G8YMW It seems people were having the most luck in unlocking the fourth core with batches produced by AMD which had four fully working cores (produced late 2008 I believe), but had one core disabled in order for them to keep up with the initial demand. Tri-core/dual-core processors sold today are more likely than not quad core processors with one/two cores not passing product testing i.e. damage during manufacture etc. (a practice used by many companies including Intel). Personally I won't be paying quad-core prices so I'm not expecting four working cores, but it would be an added bonus if it did . The bios version seems to be just as important as the motherboard itself for unlocking the processors, something AMD obviously want motherboard manufacturers to stop. Btw how much is that magazine selling for nowadays? I remember reading it for quite some time, but stopped buying it when the price was moving towards the £6 range (this was a couple of years ago). @puntoMX Do you think the Corsair HX520 would be sufficient? Or would you recommend I go for the HX620? (An additional €20). As for the external optical drive I tend to use it for the same tasks you do, so that will likely be something I'll drop and use the difference to pay for one of the other components.
  14. @puntoMX Thanks for your reply and confirming the differences between them -- they were the only changes I could see . It's the motherboard that causing me the greatest difficulty in deciding, as I want to future-proof the system as much as possible (if there's such a thing these days!) with what I'll actually use/need e.g. 2x graphics cards in Crossfire etc. I think I'll definitely go with the Tri-core (despite being slightly slower) particularly since I can't afford to go for a Quad-core Phenom II. I've heard there is a possibility of unlocking the fourth core with this range of motherboards (which I may or may not try). Are you happy with your Gigabyte board? Do you think it's worth investing in 1600Mhz DDR3 as opposed to 1333Mhz? (Roughly €10-15 extra), also I'm assuming I should go with the higher capacity Corsair PSU? (Currently €19 difference). I added the optical as currently I have no internal DVD burner, only an external LG drive, but I think it would be good to have one internally as well (even though I'm sure I could boot from the external drive no problem!). I was planning on having up to six hard drives on the light blue coloured ports (the FXT model) i.e. 2x for the OS (RAID-0) and up to 4x drives for redundancy of my data (RAID-5) do you think I would have any difficultly in using the SATA optical drive on the white coloured ports (Gigabyte chipset?) Thanks!
  15. Hi Guys, I wondered if you could have a look of the current spec of PC I was thinking of building. I would greatly appreciate your comments... Spec #1 Case - Existing Antec Three Hundred Gaming Case MB - Gigabyte GA-MA790XT-UD4P (AM3) €110 CPU - AMD Phenom II 550 Dual Core 3.1Ghz (Black Edition) €90 Cooler - Existing Akasa Nero Heatpipe Cooler RAM - Kingston ValueRAM 4GB DDR3 1333 (2x2GB) €59 PSU - Corsair HX450 450W (Modular) €68 GPU - Sapphire HD 4770 512MB GDDR5 PCI-e (with a full copy of Grid) €84 HDD - Existing WD Raptor 150GB Optical - LG H22LS30 Lighscribe Black SATA OEM - €27.94 -OR- Spec #2 Case - Existing Antec Three Hundred Gaming Case MB - Gigabyte GA-MA790FXT-UD5P (AM3) €146.95 (Bought) CPU - AMD Phenom II 720 Triple Core 2.8Ghz (Black Edition) €108 (Bought) Cooler - Existing Akasa Nero Heatpipe Cooler RAM - Mushkin Xtreme 996657 4GB (2x2gb) DDR3 1600Mhz €85 (Bought) PSU - Corsair HX620 620W (Modular) €104.95 (Bought) GPU - Sapphire HD 4770 512MB GDDR5 PCI-e (with a full copy of Grid) €84 (Bought) HDD - Existing WD Raptor 150GB Storage - WD Green/Blue/Black (Unsure - future purchase) I will probably end up choosing the more expensive option, since I don't plan on replacing the system for a couple of years, but at some point I will also need to purchase some additional storage space and perhaps a dedicated RAID card as suggested by a number of board members here. I'm assuming the on-board RAID of both motherboards would be sufficient for RAID-0/1? Thanks again for any comments/suggestions you may have. EDIT: Build complete!
  16. That does not work for folders. rmdir can't use wildcards I did try it for both, should of put that it doesn't work for folders.
  17. An alternative is replacing the '©' with a question mark. Try that .
  18. AutoIt v3.2.12.0 Released! AutoIt has been updated to version Run the 'Check For Updates' start menu shortcut to download the updated installer or download below... >> Download >> Changelog
  19. The binaries have been updated (build 5512) but the help files haven't. Hope this helps
  20. Windows XP Service Pack 3 Deployment Tools ... This is an updated version of the System Preparation tool (Sysprep.exe) for Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 3. Windows XP System Preparation tool will enable all administrators to prepare the Windows XP system images as a part of an automated deployment. You can use the System Preparation tool to perform the following tasks in a manner that is supported by Microsoft: Prepare Windows for duplication from one computer to another computer. Change security identifiers (SIDs) and other system and configuration settings to make them unique. Configure user-specific information to be customized by the end-user when Windows starts the first time. Create images of operating systems. Duplicate disks. Automate the Windows mini-Setup program. Perform auditing tasks. >> Download from MajorGeeks >> Direct Download

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