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Winamp 5.0.5 MSI release


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That's a simple setting in InstallShield to make each component into it's own cab, so it's entirely likely. Of course, I'm not sure what will happen if you tell it to install something that's not present, but if that what you people want, I'll recompile tomorrow and rar it and upload it as a seperate link for people to respond back to.

As for removing stuff not in the original installer, everything is exact like the old. The problem is InstallShield's compression isn't as good as nullsoft's. And I can't find where to set it. I just see Optomize for size, and that's about it.....

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yes I know u can save them separetly, I'm also wondering what'd happen if 1 cab was not present. :)

but I think it will be okay if the cab is not present and that component is not selected to install

just dled the rar. will give it a try now :)

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I never tried this before, so let me know if this is ok.

I want to install SILENTLY. (assuming I replace name and key)

Winamp505.msi INI="%systemdrive%\install\winamp505\winamp.ini" /qb


XNAME="xxxxxxxx xxxxxx"
INSTALLDIR=C:\Program files\Winamp

Also, if I just leave out the "XNAME" and "XKEY", it will install a non-Pro version, but otherwise fully functional?


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technically, it installs the PRO version always, just if you don't have a KEY and NAME the features aren't activated.

the INI looks fine, but I don't guaranty INSTALLDIR will work. That and you specified the default directory anyways.

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Is it possible to install this using a bat file? Using something like:


ECHO Installing Winamp v5.05

ECHO Please wait...

start /wait %systemdrive%\install\Applications\Winamp\winamp.msi /R /xname=xxxxx /xkey=xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx /xaudio=1 /xmodernskin=1 /xtray=1 /XDesktop=0 /XStartmenu=1 /XINET=2 /passive /norestart

I've not got around to running any runonceex things yet and I don't understand them as well as I understand bat files. :)

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you can, but I don't know waht /R is for though. or /norestart or /passive, as they're not MSI commands.


winamp.msi Xaudio=1 Xvideo=1

Taken from above. Those are ALL batch command calls. just put start /wait infront of it. NOTHING in my post tells you how to do RunOnceEX, it's all assumed you use batch calls.

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Is there a way to save winamp settings (hotkeys, etc.) and them have them installed?

maybe a reg file or something?

copy the winamp.ini file form your current winamp directory. Copy that over after the MSI runs.

i should copy the text from my current dir winamp.ini and add it to the setup winamp.ini after the [setup] parameters? will that work?

Can I copy only the important parts, and Winamp will fill in the rest?

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@Alanoll i've seen the option to remove the context menu options but... what about if i only want to remove some entries and left only for example "play with winamp", where are located these entries in the registry? anyway to prevent winamp to install those extensions?

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