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  1. I agree, just organize the files into folders and tell them to be extracted, C: -folder1 ---file1 -folder2 ---file2 -folder3 ---folder3a.... and tell it to be extracted to C: and overwrite anything. This is of course assuming everything is installed to that Partition. If thats not the case, I would make one for each Partition. There are other ways, but thats as simple as it gets.
  2. First thing is to make sure that under the tag '[unattended]' in your Winnt.sif file, make sure you have this statement "OemPreInstall=Yes" This is the most common error we see, and theres atleast 2 new threads a week on it.
  3. Theres a whole forum dedicated to unattended Drivers: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showforum=88 Consider Bashrat's Driver packs, I use them and they work great.
  4. Yeap, simply delete the top one, obviously its using that one considering its first. This really needs to be in bold on the main page because its asked consistantly.
  5. im not a fan of all the xtra crap m$ has to offer (heck, even the stuff that comes on windows), But yea, If I had one suggestion to make it would be WMP10
  6. Where do you get inhuman out of that? I gave him advice. AutoIT is the best solution for ANY app just so you know. Its simple because it does not involve repackaging, it can do just about anything before and after the installation and customize installations in any way. Im not trying to 'force' anything on him. The problem is theres no switch, the best solution is AutoIT, why dont you show some respect and come up with something better rather than criticizing my advice smart one.
  7. I dont know, no one seems to have heard of it. It looked like a typical 3rd party software firewall from the first link, but on that M$ link it looks like its some kind of hotfix or something.
  8. You could do an auto-it script to wait for the password prompt to show up after launching the setup, then send the password, tell it to press Enter and thats about it.
  9. The reason why everyone is confused is because that is not a microsoft product.
  10. Just so you know so you arent misinformed from another member , its not Adobe Acrobat that RyanVM made or that we are speaking of. Its Adobe READER. Theres quite a difference.
  11. OH, forgot to add emphasize SPECIFICALLY on making sure everyone has OEMPreinstall=Yes in their Winnt.sif, you get a new thread on that ATLEAST once a week.
  12. Everything that is now normal in the threads (stickys, well known threads) 1) WinntBBU stuff, along with msigna, all the customizations of that sort 2) Logons, Bootscreens, Etc....? 3) As others have said, applications database 4) And my personal request, a more insight on batch files.
  13. Like always, you guys should first start off here: http://unattended.msfn.org All the common ones are there....That fails...Use the search function and search throughout the application switches forum. All else fails, use instalrite or another kind of helper. Learning AutoIT is VERY VERY important to accomplishing ANYTHING. Let me tell you, once you learn it, you will LOVE it. No more requesting EVER, you can do your own INSTANTLY.
  14. I personally think (This may be something new) You should get more deep with batch files. You can do soooo much. For instance, I am installing Unreal Tournament 2004 Automatically by telling the user to press any key after removing the unattended DVD and putting in the Unreal Tournament 2004 dvd. However, I have no Idea what to do if I were to say hit a key too early? Colors are also cool, a way to play music would be GREAT too. Of all the ways to install applications silently, the batch file is by FAR the most you can do with any of them.
  15. Another Quickie [b]File For Unreal Tournament 2004 Patch Script[/b] Script V. 1.0 [b]Instructions:[/b] 1 ) Unless you Installed the game to a different directory, you shoudnt need any modifications 2 ) Compile The File 3 ) Enjoy! [b]What it Does:[/b] Installs The Patch With everything default, to the default Directory (C:\UT2004) [b]IMPORTANT!!!!!!: [/b]Make sure to UNRAR The Patch After downloading it, and place the compiled script in the SYSTEM folder you find after unrarring the patch, this is because thats where the Setup file is![b]<-------- IMPORTANT!!![/b]

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