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Guide For Compressed Drivers Unattended Install


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Hehe very nice ;),

OemPnPDriversPath was already @ the limit with 3900 characters.

Your methode is very nice, but I canot download the file ;(.

Guide4Driver.cab the LINK is also @ the Limit (-LOL-)

If some one can send me the file, ore attach it in his post, i will be very happy.


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did all of using this having trouble??? :(

anyone having trouble in my PROG. have you followed the instruction of Silent Installation of Windows Device Drivers in http://unattended.msfn.org/xp/drivers.htm and installed your DRIVERS right???

if it work in your OS installer my Prog will install it right and runs good...

i just make it a compressed DRIVERS instead of a BIG EXTRACTED FILES...

i see in TXTSETUP.SIF there are so many [sourceDisksFiles]

7za.exe = 1,,,,,,,2,0,0

Drvz.exe = 1,,,,,,,2,0,0

DevPath.exe = 1,,,,,,,2,0,0

you will only put this lines in the 1st [sourceDisksFiles] that you will FOUND, NOT in all of it...

to be sure! put it like this at the 1st found [sourceDisksFiles]


7za.exe = 1,,,,,,,2,0,0

Drvz.exe = 1,,,,,,,2,0,0

DevPath.exe = 1,,,,,,,2,0,0

put it that way... under of DevPath.exe = 1,,,,,,,2,0,0 will be the line that already exist...


2 = system32

and make sure that the above line exist in txtsetup.sif

i USE it in my WINDOWS XP PRO SP2 v2096 :blushing:

for those having trouble what version did you USED??? :}


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ok guys

breaking news

i read the theory of devicepath read into memory even before t39

so i decided to try alittle trick myself

i run devpath.exe on my c:\driverz

got the registry entries and added them to HIVESFT.INF in i386

which is basicly the first registry enteries there are before the setup starts

the default entry there for devicepath is %systemroot%\inf

i added mine after that and made sure they are there before my other script runs at t39.

my HIVESFT.INF looks like this now


run setup and guess what?


all of them(in vmware but it will work now for sure)(H)

so now my friends we have to find away to extract it before gui starts,scan it and add entries to HIVESFT.INF

atleast it works this s***ty thing:)

and theres no need for oempnppath:)

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one more update

from what i saw HIVESFT.INF is being called from txtsetup.sif

on fresh or upgrade installs

so maybe we can make our own program that will scan c:\driverz(offline)

collect data into another inf file(new one)

and just "tell" txtsetup.sif to load that one too

and then we will be set to go:)

i will try it and let you know if thats possible

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@serialzs : I don't want to bother anyone with repeating myself but here are the facts (short version this time ;) )

I insist on the fact that the details below are the results of tests done on my computer only (on my current windows / in real enviromnent unattend bootcd / vmware bootcd) (tests done on winxppro french sp1 final and sp2 final) and I don't want to talk for anybody else, maybe it's just me...

- Your new files don't work at all (no driverz folder created, no files copied or even unpacked). I think there is definetly a difference between the autoit script of both drvz.exe version (apart from the call to 7z.exe changed to 7za.exe)

- Your old drvz.exe with 7za.exe renamed to 7z.exe WORKS (I mean, files are copied, unpacked and any directory under c:\driverz is added in devicepath when gui setup is started). BUT the drivers don't get installed (in both enviromnents-real/vmware).

- Yes, the same drivers, unpacked the same way in the same folder but with oempnpdriverpath work.

- as turbomcp just wrote it, it seems that my theory is confirmed and that devicepath is read before t-39

@turbomcp: great news! This is not what we were hoping for, but now we do know why it's not working as expected...


So what we have to do now, as turbomcp said is adding entries before the gui starts...

Unfortunately, I don't know any way (value in winnt.sif...) to run files before Gui starts. So I see only 3 solutions :

1- use no-dynamic devicepath (oemphpdriverpath or HIVESFT.INF), and that is NOT what we want (in that case, we won't be here)

2- use pyron's method which involves using a false setup.exe doing our stuff (unpack, devpath...) and then launching real setup

3- use the method described in this post (with serialzs's drvz.exe or turbomcp's cmd file) and after the call to DevPath.exe make windows gui setup RELOAD information about devicepath from registry. I am not an expert in registry but I think that there might be a way to make windows refresh values that get written...

Well I'm gonna do some research on thrid point and keep you informed.

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Usually killing explorer.exe will refresh the registry. But since there is no explorer.exe and no taskman.exe during setup this can't be done.

So for now we got rid of the OEMPnPDriversPath in winnt.sif, which is also a good thing. The manual things we have to do when adding drivers (nor serial ata) are these:

-make a new archieve called driverz.exe(containing all drivers needed)

-extract it(on local computer)

-run devicepath.exe on c:\driverz

-copy registry devicepath and paste it to HIVESFT.INF

-replace this file in iso and burn

not perfect but it will do for now

Edited by Bâshrat the Sneaky
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I am under Windows XP SP2 final release, french version. I will retry with the 3 lines in [sourceblablabla] at the beginning and not and the end of the list. Else, i am experiencing the same problem as Keul and the others


Is everyone having trouble on a french system??? Anyway, I don't want to play in my hive files so I really hope new files get posted soon :) Keep on I think you are moving closer to solving this.

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im sorrie for the NEW UPDATE drvz.exe, I see the PROBLEM now... :thumbup

I modify it again and test it...


the others will stay the same...

TRY THIS NEW ONE... :blushing:



We're hoping for the best.... (at least I am :P)

Could you also edit your first post please?

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