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  1. @rickendo i try with resource hacker, but i can't modify ressource IMAGES 3001 How to ? thanks
  2. Hello how to modify or add pitcure in 7zsd_lzma_dialogs.sfx ? i want to add my or replace original image in sfx to my install. thanks
  3. Hello, sorry for my English What is the difference between these actions in autounattend Disk wcm:action="add" or "Modify" ou "Remove" ModifyPartition wcm:action="add" or "Modify" ou "Remove" I have disk 0 with 3 partitions 1=100mo 1= 100000 and the last for data I won't touch my third partition, just delete the 100 MB partition and one 100 GB and recreate them in my autounattend. can someone there help me? thanks
  4. Hello MagicAndre1981 when i clic on ngen.exe after my pc reboot
  5. Hello, sorry for my poor english Net 4 and the update installation is going well, without any error. at the restart when I run ngen, t have this error '0xc000007b' and I am obliged to revive the net 4 installation and repair. do you have an idea for this problem Thank you My setupcomplete.cmd
  6. Hi, as Digital john program does not recognize 'Windows AIK' on my French Ultimate 64
  7. UAC is disable, my account is admin, it's the same for all KB, but the drivers is ok
  8. Hello Sorry for my English. I have a problem of integration of the KB with dism error [hrESULT = 0x80070005 - E_ACCESSDENIED]. I attached my log file. the drivers is integrate without problems. do you have an idea? Thank you dism_log.zip
  9. news updates for Net1 and net2 http://support.microsoft.com/kb/974417/
  10. the language file for Net1 will not install because it missing this line in install.cmd
  11. not work in v3.0 SELECT_WORD=1 SELECT_EXCEL=1 SELECT_PPT=1 replace by REGISTER_ALL_MSO_TYPES=1
  12. PB with net 3.5 sp1 and langpack 3.5 sp1 can't integrate langpack for net 3.0 code error 2728 and you ?
  13. Solution for me with french version open pro11.msi with Orca delete all entry with FM20ENU.DLL_1033 (2 entry in table file and Components) and delete in table FeatureComponents (Productfiles - Global_Forms_CoreIntl_1033) Save and Ok
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